What’s the most useful thing you own?


Man is a complex creature. We need many things in our life for surviving. As a human beings we all need support and love of our parents in our childhood. When we grow up, we need money to buy things. We cannot do many things if we don’t have enough money to buy those things. One can live without money as well but that life becomes very miserable. We all see homeless persons who live on roads and feed themselves by begging. Some unfortunates have to eat food from dustbins. Could one be so unfortunate if he had enough money? Many of us will say that this is true but sometimes money becomes useless.

Some months ago a homeless beggar died in India. When people were disposing off his old rags, they found 10 lakh INR (one million INR, roughly 13,500 USD) there. It is a big amount in a developing country like India. He had so much money. Was he able to use his savings? Could he live a happy life? Certainly not! He had money, but he had no brain to use it. Definitely, our brain is the most useful thing for us. It is the engine of our progress. Without it, neither can we live, nor can we become successful. It can save us in hopeless situations. All things can become useless in one or other situations but if we have a sharp and productive brain, it can turn those situations into our favor. In fact our whole body is just meant to keep our brain working. 

So, the most useful thing I own is my mind, my brain. Without it, I’m nothing. What do you think?

(Image sourced from pixabay.com)


If I'm being honest, the most useful thing I own is my phone, my prized mid range Xiaomi Redmi note 5A. It's basically what I use to do everything that gives me money. A couple of months ago my laptop and previous phone got stolen so I was basically left with nothing and no means of making money, but I had a little spare cash which I immediately used to purchase this phone and since then it's been blue skies and sunny days.

It's what I use to write my posts on steemit as well as participate and mingle in different groups on discord. It's what I use to make calls to clients who want me to help them find buyers for their goods, it's what I use to answer and ask questions on musing!! I honestly don't know what I would do without my phone, especially since I was so lost without my laptop and previous phone when they got stolen.

I honestly don't have a more useful possession, I'm not very materialistic, infact one would say I'm a bit of a minimalist, I had a tab but I gave it out because I couldn't deal with having a laptop, a tab and a phone, it was just too many screens for me. My phone is everything, it's what I use to make money, stay in touch with family, plan my week, entertain myself and so much more. Heck I don't even watch TV anymore, I'm just always staring at my phone.

I plan to get a new laptop sometime by the end of this year, but I don't think it'll take my phone's place, I've literally bonded with it and I'm not sure that bond will be broken anytime soon. You should see my face anytime I reach into my pocket and don't see it. I honestly get a mini heart attack!!

I'm pretty sure that alot of people will agree with me that their phones are the most useful things they own because whether you like it or not, unless you're a core programmer who's always staring at a laptop screen, there's nothing you use more than your laptop.


Well at the current position I should say that my Laptop. I have been using it for quite some time and I have been storing many important information in it.

While I would have gone for Crypto but as of this this moment the information are kind of more important to me now. 

Besides I am being connected to the world through my Laptop and switching from it to other device will kind of affect my journey. So keeping my Laptop in my possession is the thing that I really need at this time of my life.


Not sure if, adter full reflection, I can say with all honesty that I truely OWN anything other than my own personal "now". That self reflective and infinately radiant spark that every once in a while remembers trancend anything that isnt singing with the nowness and with full force of will becomes the singularity that surrounds the rest of the universe.

That and my collection of my Dads paintings.