If you had to live a week without internet, what will you do to keep yourself busy?
me, i would play basketball
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First thing I'll realize is that the internet isn't all bad. And I'll absolutely absolutely definitely miss my friends. Especially my folks here on steemit. Also the internet is pretty much my workspace and I consider myself a bonafide netizen--i.e a legitimate citizen of the internet. So my mind is also going to linger on the fact that every moment I spend away from the internet are moments I could be either on steemit or on fiverr or musing or amazon, doing something productive with my time.

But let's say something really important came up or for my health a doctor probably prescribed staying off the internet, then these are some of the things i reckon I'd be doing with my spare time:

--Reading, Because I love it and I can't do without it and even while I'm on the internet I'm doing a lot of it anyway so. That definitely tops the list and I can do this all week long.

--writing, Because I also love it and I just always feel a certain kind of accomplishment anytime I look back on the day and find that I've gotten something reasonable written down.

Also Like I said I love reading so much and I always find that when I read about something that really resonates with me i find myself always with an irresistible urge tho write something down afterwards.

--chilling with loved ones, because this is one of the joys of life and if there's something I can say the internet serve as a detriment to my enjoying, it would be this. It would probably because i have so much loved ones on the internet too.

At any rate there are a lot of people I love in real life whom I've been unable to really spend quality time with and if I ever spend a whole week off the www then I'd definitely be spending some time with them.

--playing basketball, because I love it and I miss it so much. Sadly at the moment I barely have time for it. Taking a week off the internet, however, i dont see anything stopping me from spending my evenings in the court.

--sleeping, because this is one of the subtle and underestimated pleasures of life. Sleeping so fun and I've been having littler of these nowadays. Without the internet though I'm fairly certain I'll have a lot more of it.

--Watching Netflix. Oh wait this is on the internet haha.

--Thinking of the Internet. To be honest I'll probably spend a lot of time doing this because if i hadn't made it clear earlier I LOVE the internet.

Yes it has its vices and its troll and it can be a distraction from real life and allow one to miss out on some great things in life. But it definitely has its own numerous advantages!

It's an hive if activity where you have billions of people all congragating in the same location exchanging ideas and relating in ways that might not be possible in real life--all in the comforts of your room!

So yes I'll definitely miss our sweet old internet, but thanks to the activities I mentioned above I think I'll very well survive. Who knows, thanks to this question I may just choose to embark on the cleanse.


Hmm... I haven't even thought about this before because it has never happened to me. There are sometimes I may run out of data such that I won't be able to access the internet, but my love addiction and love for the internet will always make me recharge my data and start surfing the internet again. I do feel bored sometimes when I am not surfing the internet and the internet is something I can't do without visiting 24/7.

But what if I have to live a week without accessing the internet? I will just do the below activities for that whole week because I love doing them whenever I am out of browsing data and they are really working perfectly for me by killing my boredom and making me more active.

These are the activities below I will do if I can't access the internet for a week. I have also stated my reasons for taking such decision.

1) PLAYING GAME: There are sometimes I get bored on the internet either because my peeps aren't online or I don't just enjoy the atmosphere of the internet. The best thing I do is that I play games πŸ˜€.

Playing game is one of the strategies I adopt to enable me stay happy and avoid boredom. I love playing mission games and football games with friends. I just don't get bored whenever I play game.

The fact is that anytime I play games, I do forget about the internet at that instant. I am sure there are other people who also prefer playing games to surfing the internet and I am sure this will occupy me for a week without the internet.

2) SWIMMING : There is nothing interesting and more fun than you dipping your body in a large cool pool during the summer.

Swimming relives you of stress and it makes you feel happy naturally because all your body part is cooled with the water.

How will you feel if you have your friends around you playing inside the water with pop music banging into ears and lovely drinks available after swimming? I am sure you will say there is no greater fun other than thisπŸ˜€.

Swimming is one of the activities that can make me forget about the internet for a week because I love swim and play inside the water.

3) PLAYING FOOTBALL : I am a guy and I don't think you should be astonished about this 😊. I love to play football even though I am a lover of football. Majority of the guys have this traits in them, so ladies don't be surprised about this πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

Apart from football making the body fit due to it's exercise nature, football is fun naturally. This means you are having fun and exercising your body at the same time.

I don't mind playing football for a whole week without accessing the internet because playing football is my hobby and I can't do without it.

4) EATING DELICIOUS MEAL :I hope I won't get scold for this point because some people may think I am a lover of food πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Well, that's the fact!. I love food a lot.

I don't mind leaving the internet for a week if there are numerous delicious meals I can eat and drink continuously for that week. Anytime I eat, I forget about anything because I don't want to get distracted while enjoying my delicious meal.

Lols... If you are doubting me, just get me fried chicken, turkey, fried rice, jollof rice, meat, fish, burger, salad, fruits, and Manny other delicious foods you can think of 😊.

5) SPENDING TIME WITH MY LOVED ONES : There is nothing better than staying with people you love. Whenever you are with your loved ones, you are happy with them such that you don't get bothered about anything not to talk of surfing the internet.

I remember when I was with a lady who visited me, I couldn't surf the internet despite the fact that I had my phone with me. Her beauty and chatting was just more than surfing the internet and I don't mind doing this for a week.

6) WATCHING INTERESTING MOVIES: What is more fun than you watching cool and interesting movies that will make you ask for more?

The fact is that I sometimes prefer watching interesting movies to surfing the internet because it always makes me happy. I spend lots of time watching movies and I don't get tired or bored while watching movies. Sometimes, I don't sleep all in the name of watching movies.

I don't care if it will take 1 week to watch movies without accessing the internet, I prefer it because it's something I am found of doing.

7) READING AND SOLVING MATHEMATICS: One of the ways of staying productive is by NY by learning and you can't learn effectively without reading. If you want to gain more experience in life without leaving your doorstep, you can achieve this by reading. Reading is a habit that makes you knowledgeable and adds more confidence in you due to your knowledge.

As a student, I engage in reading motivational books and I also love solving mathematics because I don't like wasting time on irrelevant things. There is no way you won't gain something just by reading or learning something new.

I have ignored the internet several times for more than a week to read due to exams and other school activities to enable the best result in my academics.

Leaving the internet for a week won't be a problem to me regarding this because I am very familiar with this act as a student.

Those are the activities I can do for a week without accessing the internet.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

Well I wouldn't miss it so much, I'm used to being without it for long periods of time. I'd just focus on working out and exercise.

I'd finally be able to make out time to go for both morning and evening runs, I'm either looking at a trade or trying to answer a question or writing a post or attending a show on discord these days so I'm always on the internet.

It's been a while since I consistently hit the gym for some proper weight lifting. I'm pretty sure a considerable amount t of my muscle mass has disappeared and is mostly just fat now so a week of intense workouts will really do me some good.

I'd also try and catch up on some reading, I haven't finished any of Rick Riordan's last 2 installments to the Magnus Chase series and I haven't even started his Trials of Apollo series so I've actually got a lot to read.

Oh and I'd go see alot of movies!!! The Nun and Venom have been out for a couple of weeks and I haven't gone to see anyone, I'd be more than happy to take the time off to go see them.

Despite the fact that I'm an avid internet user, being away from the internet for a whole week would actually do me some good, if not for the fact that I'd probably make a huge loss or miss out on some good money if I did it, I'm sure doing it would actually do me a whole lot of good.

Well it won't influence much.

Read books an ever increasing number of books. Books are the best.

You can enjoy sports exercises like play badminton, cricket, swimming and so forth. Join exercise center.

Cook nourishment. I adore making mainland nourishment despite the fact that I dont know how to make however I would love to learn it. Along these lines you can entice your companions too.

Travel. Most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from lonliness. Feel the nature. Attempt diverse culture.

Invest energy with your folks and kin. Invest energy talking and going with family.

Composing. Most likely on the off chance that you are partial to composing like I am composing on quora , you can take a stab at making your very own blog. Journal composing is likewise best.

Craftsmanship. Incorporates outlining , painting ,inking and so forth.

P.S. I am genuine terrible at workmanship.

Photography. Its the most broadly utilized movement these days. Depends what sort of photography you like. Taking picture of workmanship or nature.

Watching motion pictures or TV.