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What about the opposite sex confuses you the most?

I have been more confused when it comes to dealing with ladies. Ladies are very confusing in terms of some aspect which I will list below.

1) JEALOUSY: One of the habit of most ladies is Jealousy. They are usually jealous whenever they see their crush or boyfriend or husband flirting with other ladies. This is something I have experienced and noticed about them.

2) VERY CARING AND MERCIFUL(COMPASSIONATE) : Sincerely, ladies are very merciful and caring when compared to guys. They usually have this pitiful nature when it comes to helping others most especially the guy they are in love with. They are very caring when it comes to been compassionate. This really get me confused sometimes because not all of them posses this.

3) TOO EMOTIONAL : I don't need to say much about this. Just take your girl to the cinema and watch an emotional movie that saddens the heart, you will notice her shedding tears or feeling uncomfortable.

Another way to prove their emotionalism is when they are rejected by someone whom they love they start to cry. I respect ladies when it comes to been emotional, they are highly emotional when compared to we guys and this always get me confused.

4) GOSSIP : I am sure if this isn't on my list, I haven't done justice to the question. Ladies love to gossip anywhere about anything or people. They love to gossip with their friends or their loved ones. This is one nature of ladies that always gets me confused.

5) FORMING HARD TO GET : I am sure every guy can testify to this. We all know the stress we've gone through just to date or marry a lady. Despite the fact some ladies had already fallen for you at first glance, they still pretend like they don't love you or they don't need you while they are act in love with you.

Ladies please stop wasting our time and effort by the stress you do enable us to pass through just to prove that we love you. If you are in love with us, please help us reduce our stress by accepting our proposal and stop forming hard to get.

6) AFRAID OF MINOR THINGS : This is actually one of the things that get me confused regarding ladies. How can someone be afraid of a small rat or cockroach? You hear them making strange noises when they come across some minor things which can't do anything to them. You notice them getting scared and shouting.

These are actually the 6 things that really get me surprised regarding the opposite sex (ladies).

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


Men!!!! Oh they confuse me so much. What I don't understand about men is their underlying urge to be unfaithful. I know it's a bad thing to throw all men into this category but I think it's necessary(my apologies to all the good guys out there). Ive been cheated on, my friends have been cheated on, heck, my dad once cheated on my mom, it's something that confuses me so much.

The annoying thing about it is that 9/10 times they actually love the women they're dating, but some magical urge or spirit comes over them and they just go off and find some halfwit bimbo to sleep with. I wish I understood the logic behind this, but alas I don't think I ever will.


I see the ladies gossiping even in open places like at the restaurant. I find it confusing because gossips should be in the confines of one abode.

You see the ladies gossiping loudly not giving a damn about who hears them. This shouldn't be so. I can't seem to find a reasonable explanation for their actions.