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What movie, picture, or video always makes you laugh no matter how often you watch it?

Chennai Express, the train scenes of this movie are mind blowing when SRK gets angry & the dialogue "don't underestimate the power of a common man"

                          Chennai Express is a bollywood blockbuster movie, a romantic, funny, family drama, directed by Rohit Settey and released on 9th August, 2013. The movie was narrated & produced by Shah Rukh Khan himself under his film production house Red Chillies Entertainments. The main main leading actress was Deepika Padukone against SRK.

The film was nominated for more than 50 awards and won more than 20 awards including Filmfare.


There was a movie titled “home alone”,the movie is a comedy/family movie,the movie is interesting and so

funny,the first time i watched the movie was when i was still very young and ever since then i still find the movie

interesting whenever i watch it even till i became an

adult,,i always find the movie to be funny and interesting anytime i watch the movie....


Harold and Kumar go to White Castle 😹


Yes, it must be misterbin, because this Misterbin movie is very good for us to watch, and even though it is very fun and very funny.


I think we should spare ourselves some time to watch comedy videos not only do they improve our mood but also have an considerable impact on our health.

I prefer to watch standup comedy ,and I think a lot of free content is available on youtube. Individual content creators are doing a great job and such type of comedy usually appeals to us ,rather than a theme based show or mediocre mockery