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What habit do you have now that you wish you started much earlier?

It is to wish that I joined Musing.io even earlier. I came to musing exactly 36 days ago and since then I have answered hundreds of questions and done a ton of engagement here. In these past weeks it has become a habit and a pleasure to work on answering questions here on musing.

This habit has grown to the point that I have spent hundreds of hours, answering hundreds of questions here. And all I can think of is - 'where was I on the day musing.io was launched?' I wanted to be the one to ask the first question here, or I wanted to be the one to answer the first question here.

The fact is that musing has been a great learning experience for me. The reason is simple - To  effectively answer a question, I need to first read and research about  it. This has helped me improve my knowledge in just the past few weeks alone. I just wonder how much more knowledge I would gain, if I stay here. 

I should also mention that musing.io has been very generous to me with  their upvotes. Obviously, I try to do my best to create  'question-answer' content here, but musing has been a great place get  rewarded for my efforts as well.  


One habit I wish I could've done sooner is "waking up early".

Before, I used to wake up around 9:00 a.m. which ended up with me getting grumpy in the morning and lousy in the afternoon. It feels like the day is not enough to accomplish the tasks I aim to do so. 

Everything changed when I started waking up early. I can plan my day ahead and set my goals. Throughout the day, I am more energized which results to me being able to become more productive. 

The saying, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise" is indeed true.


Habit I discovered is helping hands. I discovered that many needs assistance in one area or the other. After my engagement in Ponzi scheme and I lost most of my income I decide to reason along lost and I came with a conclusion that I need to help people out of this mess.

I decide to sort for information that will help me in reaching out to people in need and here comes blockchain technology. Writing has need be part of me but looking the aspect of reaching I have to build up that area and contributing my own quota to assist people in needs, charity, motherless baby homes and also creating an avenue to teach crypto trading which will help manage to decide way to go on. Investment.


I wish that I should've studied hard in high school before entering college. I have chosen a profession that needs a big background into the basics of math. I studied Engineering and I haven't learned anything in high school. If I was just able to exercise my knowledge and spending time reading math books, learning new topics everyday, my engineering career will not be as messy as it is.

I have been struggling even with most fundamental subjects like Algebra and Trigonometry. I find the topics very difficult because I haven't understood any of it when I was in high school. I wish I had that habit before. As a result, I'm living like a hell everytime I went to school.

To the students out there, never underestimate high school. It is a ticket for having a great life when you enter college. Take the topics at heart and you'll surely succeed when you enter the next phase of your life.


That's patience,

I wished i was able to control my anger earlier than this, i wished i was able to turn deaf ears to people and not response to all their ill talks,  i wished i learnt to say more of sorry even when am not at fault.

I also wished i utilized my business mind earlier than this, i studied business and it's a part of me but i didn't start making good use of it in time.