What scientific discovery would change the course of humanity overnight if it was discovered?
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Warping Technology! 

But before anything else I would like to differentiate first the difference between Warping and Teleportation. 

  • Teleportation involves breaking you down to the atomic level and reassembling you somewhere else. Warp is simply a way to move faster than the speed of light. You aren't breaking down or reassembling anything.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/1ypj5z/eli5_the_difference_between_warp_and_teleportation/)

Now I honestly don't know if that technology is indeed possible but just imagine the wonders it could do to us humans. It would revolutionize the world. Much more if they could embed that technology to our beloved computers.

Just imagine, you want to order some Food online. Instead of waiting 15-30minutes for the food to be delivered. It was instantly warped beside your computer. It looks like you just downloaded FOOD. How cool is that!!! XD

Same goes to going for work. If the warping technology at that time is so advanced that it could warp us humans safely to any other location, then that would totally eliminate traffic which honestly is one of the major blockades of a countries economic growth. And since only a few people would now use Cars, we can drastically reduce Carbon Emission and thus prevent Global Warming. Cool right?

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Again! With Warping Technology we could potentially download FOOD online!!! XD

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For me "overnight" is a short period of time. Something hardware such as a method of generating cheap, clean and abundant energy would take years to phase in to industry. The same goes for teleportation or room-temperature superconductivity.

An example of hardware that might come close to changing the course of humanity "overnight" is discovering a method to move backward in time. Even if there was only one time machine and it could go back in time before the time machine existed; just that alone would make humanity reevaluate the concept of time and cause/effect. People would debate what "history" really is if it can be rewritten. Nobody would ever again say that mistakes are in the past and there's nothing that can be done to fix it.

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Well one would be quicker than-light travel. Fundamentally it would enable humankind to spread to different planets. Colonizing Mars and a few Moons of Jupiter or Saturn and later other heavenly bodies… . I would likewise enable us to have logical missions in profound space, who recognizes what we could find.

Productive Nuclear Fusion: Nuclear combination could most likely tackle the majority of humankind's fiery necessity issues and would be very spotless as well. Actually this isn't a revelation yet rather a usage, yet at the same time.

Or on the other hand another revelation that could prompt clean vitality with high yield and productivity…

Regardless tackling the vitality issues is one of the principle issues for humankind today.

Two things ring a bell:

Conquering maturing so life expectancies will at least twofold. Enormous effect from multiple points of view.

Reasonable and sensible combination control. Almost boundless vitality accessible anyplace without contamination would change such huge numbers of things we do.

I realize that others will recommend things that are philosophical, yet we have had those before without huge adjustments in the direction of humankind. The vast majority of our adjustments in course have come about because of mechanical advancement: steam control, planes, vehicles, microwaves, radio, lasers, et cetera. I'd get a kick out of the chance to see a revelation that kills war, however.

A free vitality gadget that is self supportable with no extra fuel sources. This gadget ought to be little enough to fit inside everybody's home. The motivation behind this gadget is to give self manageable vitality that resolve homes, neighborhoods, green offices, healing facilities, and structures continuosly. Once disseminated all through the world it will end up being a major advance that advantages mankind by nearly wiping out neediness by giving asylum and power to ALL OF US.

After that progression is built up then the general population who are not associated with the world economy can essentially setup cultivates around their home and lower their desires for 100 million dollars for every head of family unit. That ought to kill the reason for violations since every one of the rudiments will be dealt with for ALL OF US.

A thought for a free vitality gadget could be an innovation piggybacked of those new electromagnetic railguns which have as of late changed the cutting edge combat zone.


Travelling at the speed of light safely. Can you imagine travelling from one country to another. The days of travelling on  a plane for 10 hours at a time would be a thing of the past. It would make the world a lot smaller and commuting regularly for business would be possible.

Another would be tapping the electricity from lightning. If we could use that resource it would solve all the electricity problems experienced around the world. No more polluting coal powered power stations replaced by free clean energy.

1) Fusion power.

2) Faster than light travel. 

3) Free energy.