What odd smell do you really enjoy?

It's got to be the smell of rain on sharp sand, freshly fallen that is.

I still have those memories how as I walk back from school, I could perceive the awe-inspiring smell of raindrops. I used to feel like cupping a handful of the sand and gulping it. Only my sanity stopped me then, and of course, people around.

Even now, I'm always pleased to perceive this smell when it drizzles. It fills me with feelings of gratitude while flooding my mind with memories of my childhood.

I never really given much thought as to what causes the smell but now that you've made me remember, I think I'll do it some research.

There are also seemingly pleasant aromas that turns me off but I wouldn't want to deviate. So, that's it. Thanks for asking!


I love the smell of first rain on the ground.

This feeling is really odd. I really don't like rainy seasons especially when it is at its peak. You can't go out even with an umbrella especially when the rain is accompanied by strong winds.

The best thing that can happen to me when it rains is to be indoors. I feel secured and safe.

But just somehow, I can't resist the smell of rain on a dusty earth. I can't describe how it makes me feel. I would even want to lick the dust. Although I've never done that because I'm conscious of microorganisms on the soil.


This is gonna date me a bit, but the smell of a CD-R.  There's something about blank media that I can't really explain, but it smells amazing to me!

And now it's a nostalgic smell,  because who uses CD-Rs anymore?

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That will be the smell generated after the rain hits the ground after a long period of dry season especially on sandy soil.

The scent is so strong that you feel like staying outdoor. 

It is caused by Geosmin which is released into the soil when cyanobacteria dies


I really like the smell of kerosene.

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Newspapers. I love the smell of newspapers.

It probably comes from my fascination with businesses as a child, and wanting to “play Office.”

I would frequently convince my parents to buy me a newspaper and I would read it as best I could.

I also did the same thing with the local classified paper that came in the mail every so often.

We also frequented a restaurant where I always ordered fish and chips. And it was served on a newspaper (you know, the right way).

I guess I just have a lot of odd memories associated with the scent of newspapers.

Weird right?


The smell of a new paperback book.


Image source: https://theculturetrip.com/asia/singapore/articles/8-things-you-need-to-know-about-durian-the-worlds-smelliest-fruit/

Do you know what this is? In South East Asia, this fruit is known as the King of Fruit. This is the Durian. Durian has a extremely strong smell that is either nice or bad depending on the person. To anyone who hates it, the smell can be described as "rotting corpse". The smell is so strong that it stays for a long time. In Singapore, it is forbidden to bring Durians on board public transportation.

But for me, a durian lover, as well as millions of others in S.E.A, durian is the King of fruits. We love the smell and taste of durians. We grew up eating durians. Once you taste it, it is hard to forget. Either you hate it or you absolutely love it.


As weird as it may sound do you know that i love the smell of a burning food especially a cooked beans that

is getting burnt,i just love the aroma that comes with it

and my friends and my family member have noticed it and they find it weird and very funny too,i noticed that

funny and weird habit since when i was around twelve years old and because of that i sometimes intentionally

increase the cooking gas fire so that it will make the food that my mom is cooking to get a little bit burnt so

that i can feel the smell,i have been doing it for months before my mom caught me...lol...