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What fashion trend makes you cringe or laugh every time you see it?

I love change and actually don't mind when I see young people sporting new fashion trends but I do cringe when I see people wearing torn jeans and T-shirts that looks like a million cockroaches have bit it. It makes me sad that people pay a huge price for it when there are people who cannot even afford a single meal a day. 

I know I do sound like a socialist but hope that the fashion industry does not promote crazy trends just for the sake of wanting a huge change. 

The fashion industry may be a leading one but the trends have also helped bring down the moral values of the present generation. people do not think twice about dressing improperly and invite anti social elements' attack upon themselves like the case of an actor in my country who was attacked by a crazy fan when he saw her while visiting a temple. 

Fashion is a great industry to bring out creativity but there are many backstage dramas which prevent original creations from seeing the light even. I hope his will change one day

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The cocked to the side flat brim. Every time. No matter what. Like, I have literally never seen anyone make that look good. It is so, so funny to me. 

Most other fashion trends I'm pretty open to. Not that I don't have a decent eye for fashion; but I mean I'm open to as in I think some people can pull most anything off if done the right way. But there are definitely still some other really bad ones. 

For instance, things like Ed Hardy or No Fear shirts. Like, come on. What kind of person do you have to be to wear a shirt that you think makes you come off as more badass(it doesn't). Really, any sort of that "tough-guy" stuff. Like, I grew up in punk culture and I'm all about that sort of stuff- but the dudes driving lifted trucks with fake cow balls hanging off the back of them and they all look like Dog the Bounty Hunter but are really all just carpenters and pipe layers. 

I think we all know the type. 

I guess that's all I really got for concrete stuff. Most other things I feel like there's always something out there who can pull it off. 

Except I hate when people make themselves essentially look like dolls. And pay tens of thousands to do it. What's up with that? (I'm talking to you designers)