What is the first thing you notice about a person?

That's a really good question. Size, obviously, but that in itself is not very interesting. From their size and other cues, I'd say I'll first notice their sex, their age being a very close second. What will register after that is their apparent health. Then their social status (clothing, demeanor). All that happens in a few seconds.

When I have observed their facial expressions and gaze, I'll have a very rough expectation of how smart they will sound. The first words they utter will further narrow down that estimate. In a pretty short time, I will have them pigeonholed in my mind. Anything turning up later that contradicts the above will register as a surprise and is probably readable from my reactions by an observer.


Aside from the obvious (gender, race), dresscode is the first thing i notice on someone , from head to toe, and from that i get a first impression (not always accurate) but is most times.


Notice is a short critical review

About others it's depends in our think. When we see someone so some things attrect to us.every one notice different things. When I sees some people I noticed first their personality because personality is such thing whos attracts others to us.i like good looking people who has good personality.

I noticed how they wear dress. How was their shoes what the colour of thiers hair what the style of their drees if their dress beautiful I praise them. It's my choice I feel good to saw good looking personality because its impressed me but some people noticed many things like how we speaks, how we lives, how we eats, how we laugh, how we sleep etc.


I don't know if it's just me but I tend to watch out for people's expressions and it's become like a default configuration. I can know if a person is angry or happy, pleased or sad.

It's what I watch out for immediate I meet a person. I used to read someone books on body language some years a go and I can tell when someone is not happy with my presence.

I can even tell if someone is putting up a cake smile.

So, the person's expression and body language is what I watch outbox for. You don't want to stay too long in the presence of someone who detests you and who doesn't seem to want you there. I have respect for people's feelings and wouldn't do anything to spark a rage.


The first thing I notice about a person is their body language. Body language goes a long way in giving away a person's personality. I use to work as an interviewer in a firm where we were thought that body language and reaction is key to finding out about the altruism which a person may be trying to cloak or hide.

Body languages helps a lot in a "yes" and "no" situations when people are suddenly fazed with a question that doesn't end in an affirmation, it takes a little while for the brain to process a quick response and this period of time where the brain takes to respond will definitely change the body language and unease it a little.

The body language matters a lot too in determining the type of people. Sometimes the gait which a person walks with may tell if they're the talkative type, the shy type or the humble or proud type of person.

Body languages gives away capabilities and weaknesses of a person. I look at body languages the first time I see a person before I look at other things


Thanks for asking an interesting question. I often ask this to my family members. Some of them tell me that they notice the size of a person, sometimes the feet or the way the person is standing or moving and all. 

When we first see a person, what is it that first reflects on our mind is what we first noticed about the person. 

Each person will have a different opinion and some may match.

As for me, I notice a person's eyes. The eyes can indeed reveal a lot. Then I look at the face and whether the person smiles or has put on some other facial expression. I have seen people who put on disinterested expressions or even that of smirk and disdain while being introduced to a person whom they consider lower than themselves and this has angered me. This happened during a party where the rich and haughty were invited and one of them was introduced to a relative who was not well off. I was watching this when it happened. The 'poor' relative did feel uneasy and was put off. I hope the 'rich' lady realized later that money is not the end all. 

Funnily, my late mil used to say to me that she noticed a person's size rather than the face. She was also a very good judge of character and often said correctly how the person was with regarding to personality and character.

Remember that when you attend an interview or a social function, people do notice your face and body language and dress. Always be cool and never give away any tension. A good dress does give more confidence to the wearer. 

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The first thing I notice is the facial expressions and eyes. It shows you a tell tale sign whether they are happy to see you or not.

Speaking to someone may not tell you the truth or their feelings but you learn a lot from how they act. I always look someone in the eye and if the person is genuine they wont look away. The ones that look away normally are lying and not being fully honest with you. This sets my guard up straight away and has helped me read people.

The more information that you can read into someone the better you are equipped for dealing with whatever you need to overcome. When i meet a customer for the first time I can tell by his/her reactions if they are serious not and how much work I need to put in to making them change their mind.


Irrefutably the first things you will actually notice about a person is their appearance. How they dress, how their eyes, face, tallness and by and large appearance is, the means by which they style their hair and how their general non-verbal communication is - on the off chance that they are sure with themselves and how they convey their identity. When you begin bantering with a man out of the blue, you first notice their certainty - how they are talking, what are they discussing, regardless of whether they are keeping eye to eye connection or not, how intrigued they are in the discussion, on the off chance that they are grinning or keeping a level face, if the tone of their voice is sweet or harsh, what words and points they pick, how quick they talk, how fascinating or getting a handle on their tone is, in the event that they are fun or genuine ...you can even make sense of their state of mind by simply chatting with them here and there. Be that as it may, as usual, early introductions are not really last impressions... In some cases the genuine nature of a man drops by knowing them profoundly


The first thing I notice about a person is when they look at me straight to the eyes while I am talking or when they look at you straight to the eyes while they talk

First, because when you look at someone straight to the eyes while you talk, it means you are sincere about the subject you are talking about. You are also being able to connect with the person you are talking to on a deeper level.

Second, because when you listen to someone while they are talking while looking at them, it means you are truly engaged in a conversation. I find it odd when people talk and not look at you at all, instead, they look at other things, their phones perhaps. 

Engaging during communication with eye contact for me, defines the personality of a person. 


His eyes in combination with the logic he use, that is the first thing what i notice about a person.