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Do you agree that internet has made humans to become more lazy?

No, I do not agree with that. I think that lazy people are getting better through internet. The Internet has increased the speed of human life. People can easily do any work. The internet shows people the hope of survival. We are able to know the unknown through internet. The lazy people who live in the house have mobilized them. Because they can now work at home.

I am discussing how the human is activating the Internet :

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Job opportunities for idle people are created

The lazy person who lived in the house. Now they are able to do their job on the internet by sitting in the house. So now they can not be called lazy.

Has created opportunities for earning

The internet has now made the road to earning people. They can earn money by using the Internet through the use of the internet. There will be no misuse of time.

Convenience to work anywhere

The internet has now allowed people to work anywhere. So there is no scope for misuse in somebody's time. He can continue his work anywhere on the Internet. In that time, the time is not unused . He is doing some work.

There is a chance to know the unknown

Now people can know the unknown by using their leisure time. Tune that time through the Internet and they are not being wasted. So their lazy roads were closed.

Use leisure time

Now people can easily stop their laziness by utilizing leisure time. He can work from wherever he wants. There is no obstacle in him, he can now work as much as he wants to do

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I would say "EFFICIENT", and I don't that technology is the cause of someones laziness. In fact, "laziness" is actually a choice and it isn't something that is forced to us. A person is lazy because he is lazy.

I believe during the conception of a technology, that goal was to make our lives "easy" or "convinient" and or "advance". If the internet itself is being thought as the cause of our laziness, then I think it would be lame excuse for our bad behaviour.

So te reiterate, I believe that the internet is a good thing and it's a huge help to the development of our society.


Good question about recent life.

First we need to realize good bad uses in Internet.

This conception really right for our recent life.Because we can see that in our recent life Internet make many things so esy.That's why we don't need to go for outside.we can see in our life many peoople so busy for their work or job. And any are here who cant walk or something problem.For them Internet many things good and helpfull.Some people need to use Internet for their work.But in the otherside some people use Internet always for entertainment. Some always use Internet for chat.Also our kids also affected by Internet for games.Its will be big problem.Also about lazyy some.people don't work properly just want to chat in online.For these problem they lose their personal life.

Internet not bad its helpful but we need to use it for good work.

At the end we can say Internet make lazy some people Who didn't using Internet for good and right work.



Yeah. Internet has made most individuals to become lazy is a fact that can't be denied.

Most folks now feel less determines to carry a work or task because of the internet.

Though we all can't deny the numerous benefits the internet has given to us by reducing our work load and giving us the opportunity to do task so easily buy still it's a major source of laziness to most people

I will advise everyone to stay focus and enjoy the benefits of the internet and don't let the down sides gets to one. Thank you


We are made more proficient, technology has enabled us to accomplish things that were once observed as unimaginable. Healing facilities and specialists have utilized specialists to spare innumerable lives and not on the grounds that they are apathetic. Television remotes are utilized to change the television not on the grounds that we are essentially apathetic, but rather on the grounds that it is simpler and quicker to utilize a remote than to get up press the catches on the television a million times and afterward sit down and that is excluding volume. Vehicles once took 8 hours to create a solitary vehicle, however as far back as the mechanical production system, one of the most punctual types of innovation, many autos would be delivered. Individuals purchase things online not on the grounds that they are languid, but rather in light of the fact that it is less demanding and quicker than going far away costing much more cash to get something. Classrooms look fundamentally the same as what they were a hundred years back, the main contrast is innovation. Phones have been made that enables us to converse with companions a long separation away. Mail once took 3-5 business days to traverse the nation and after that another 3-5 to get back. What's more, for business days that can run up to seven days each. What once took a long time to contact individuals, we currently have email (electronic-mail) that does likewise work that takes just minutes. What's more, is that since we're languid? No. It's simply more effective. Indeed we may sit and gaze at PC screens, yet read the inquiry "Has innovation made people more sluggish?". MADE. Innovation does not constrain us to do anything, we as mankind have utilized this innovation in any case. So regardless of whether all that I have said does not adhere to your psyche, recall this, "We are not MADE to utilize this innovation we are given. We utilize it by our own unrestrained choice hence we be lethargic." Technology has done what was once observed as outlandish, when was the last time you decided to not be languid and stand up and turn change that television without utilizing the remote?


I really agree with that,while i was growing up there was no exceptionally developed internet, so on the off chance that I had something not comprehend,

I would ask my companions or teachers but right at this moment in the event that I have something that i do mot comprehend, I simply Google and record it down even if I don't know whats the significance of those sentences.

And furthermore internet makes me check my telephone inevitably, but during old days I just need to check my laptop by the day's end , so I can make an arrangement for the following day, and now consistently the things will be changed, so it's really difficult to make plans as usual so I simply live with no plan . It's tragic .


In my honest opinion. The internet not only make people lazy but it also made people less social with the people around the community. People love to spend time on internet instead of chitchat and socializing with friends. Internet also made the life of people easier.