What are the things we should master in life?

As the question is very generic, I would like to assume the context here is about skills or anything that I we should be mastering as a human being. I personally feel that there are few things that every human being should master in their life. In spite of having any necessity or not, I feel that it will be wise to be a master in few skills. Along with some of the skills every individual should look forward to add some meaning to their life. Based on what the interests are people look forward to be a master on something. But there are few basic things that in spite of the fact that they use it in real life or not, they have to be a master for a better living. I will like to elaborate on that a bit. 


I would like to share my personal opinion on mastering a language. I feel that this is really important. It need not necessarily be English, but every individual should master one particular language. They should be able to communicate fluently in the language both verbal as well as written. The reason is because, if they are not master even in a single language, they will not be able to completely enjoy the beauty of a particular language. I have seen people mastering more than one language. That is really great. They will be able to survive easily in many places. The idea of mastering a language helps in survival as well. Apart from the beauty of the language that we enjoy, knowing a language is also important to understand the culture and tradition. Our thinking and thought process is also closely associated with a language. If we are not very strong in a language, our thinking ability and communication, both will be affected. 

Learning a skill for survival

Every individual should really be a master of one particular skill. I have heard an interesting quote "Cultivate as many hobbies as possible, one day one of your hobby will become your profession." For people who convert hobbies to profession, life will be very beautiful. They will really enjoy the work they do and they get paid for doing something that they really like the most. Mastering one such skill is really helpful for survival. If we are lost in our life and if we really don't know what to do in our life, we should be able to somehow move on with the life. We cannot be dependable on others. In such cases only our skills will give a helping hand to us. Without skills we will not be able to survive in this world. 

Money management

There is no escape from the financial world. Every individual who is born in this world is going to deal with money throughout their life. They have to be a master in handling their money. They should know the right path to make money and the right path to spend their money. If they are not going to be good in financial management, there is a high possibility that we will end up becoming a fool and losing all the money that we learn in our life. Money management is definitely an art. Every individual should definitely be a master on money management. Even if they are not going to manage the money of any big institutions or any organizations, they have to be a master to the level they can manage their own income and expenses. 

Defining our life

We have to definitely be a master in defining our life. We have to be very clear on what we are and what we are not. Only then we will be able to live with lots of self-motivation. We should live a self independent life with full energy. Our decisions for life should not be made by others. We have to be clear on the decisions that we make in our life. Only by being a master in defining our life, we will be able to understand what we really want in our life. Without knowing our path of life, we will blindly follow what others are saying and we will not be able to accept the fact that we are unique. Getting suggestions from multiple people is really good but ultimately the decision should be made only by us. We should take enough time to enjoy our own life. If we don't like ourselves, we will not be able to like others as well. At the same time we should also be having some meaning in living this life. To be more specific, I always wanted to be unique from the crowd. I always try to stand out from the crowd by expressing the skills that I have mastered. At the same time I'm also flexible to the changes happening around me. I do everything in my unique way. 

These are few things that hit my head when I think of mastering. I completely understand that there are also few other areas where a person should definitely be a master. But we will know about it only when we are in a situation where we cannot say no and when people cannot go to anyone else than us. 

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I think one of the things you should master in life is how to stay calm in front of adversities, confidence, how to speak your mind, and how to love.

Just because I love to I'll take them one after the other.


AKA not losing your head in the face of troubles and adversaries, trials tribulations and adversities. This is of course one of the toughest things one can aim to master in life, But it's all to a great end.

Things will come to frustrate you, what do you do? Be equanimous.

You will face challenges that seems taller than a freaking mountain, what do you do? Be equanimous.

Even sometimes when things are going your way and the whole world seems to be bowing at your feet, It is advisable to be equanimous.

Because this gives you an edge over everything and everyone. It gives you a sort of mysterious advantage. No body knows what you're thinking because you're not showing it. They don't know your next move. Even if you're riled up and all fucked up inside; Nobody knows. Because you are the embodiment of EQUANIMITY and thus are not showing it.

Then again facing a challenge with equanimity is an important step in making sure that you are able to tackle that problem. Because it shows that since you're not hysteric and you're calm you can face the problem with a cool and level head and thereby are not prone to making such mistakes as might hinder you from successfully overcoming that problem.

2. Confidence

This is another very important thing to master in life. You see, confident people they have this attractiveness, and it is mainly because of the aura of control that the exude.

When you find somebody thats confident, even if that person deep down don't know what he's doing the mere fact that he's confident enough to take a step or to step up and take action automatically gives them the advantage over all the other people in the room.

And then joining confidence with intelligence is probably one of the most attractive trait in the whole world. Seeing somebody that is not only confident but intelligent at the same time is a joy. Sadly there isn't a lot of these class of people. But my God what a joy they are when found.

3. Love

Because love conquereth all things. And what are we without love anyway,--savages. Nothing but plain worthless savages.

With love we find that everything works. If you love the next person you're never going to want to hurt this person. You're going to have their best interest at heart and guard it jealously as if its yours.

Now imagine if every body in the world had this kind of strong germane love for each other. Wouldn't three world be a much much better place?

And even as it is now, with the world as cruel as it is, wet can all learn to master the art of love and be the shining light. A sage once told me to cultivate the act of charity and love towards all. And in case you don't know, charity IS the biggest form of love.

And the outcome I found was nothing short of terrific. I had three most genuine happiness I'd ever had all my life. To be in love with the sun and the star and the darkness and the light and the ups and the downs--you find that you gain a sort of equilibrium that makes everything else worth it.

Love is a reward and itself.

And finally, 4. is speaking your mind. Lords know how many ideas did just because they never found expression. The art of articulation is something everyone should master.

I suppose a part of this also reflexes back to confidence. But not all. Having the confidence to speak up is one thing, being able to articulate and enunciate whats on your mind is another.

Both are important things to master.

Cheers and have a nice day.


Life is the name to control yourself and your emotions. This is the main difference between man and animals. Man is superior due to his wisdom and better control. Animal can't do so.  So, for successful life control your self, your feeling is inevitable. If you control your anger and tongue there is no way you live happy and healthy life. Control tongue and control anger is just like a tonic which makes you society favorite. It also keep you happy. The other things to be master is time management. These two things helps to achieve lot of success in life. 


@Ebeneseri, According to me and in my opinion we should learn the art of Love and Kindness and that only in true sense means, not occasionally but it should become part of our life because, no matter what, at the end of the day, few words of love and kindness gives the warm and so much healing essence to life. And just think, if the whole world learn this art then the whole world will going to live as one big family and like one humanity tribe and there will be no tensions and worries.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Basically, there are two things that you must master in life.

1. Religion or belief

You must have a religion or belief. Religion will guide you to do positive things such as helping others, respecting parents, loving friends, being honest, respecting others, and so on. Religion makes us not give up and motivate us to do our best as long as we live in this world.

2. Skills

To survive in this world, we must have skills such as language skills, computers, internet, cooking, etc. You can make money by having skills. Other people will also respect you if you have special skills.


I will be brief and straight to the point on this. There are thousand of things one needs to master but then it's impossible that one can master them all at ones,. I will list few things I think is most essential that one should master.

1.financial management

2.To be optimistic

3.Taking reasonable risk

4.Learn to take 100% responsibility for his actions

5.setting and accomplishing goals

6.master looking beyond the present

7.learn to love and also love one self

8.Master Maximizing little

9.master to handle offences

10.one's gift or skill for survival


Your body

Because we are always with. The education of the body seems to me notably insufficient (postures, breathing, digestive system, cognitive biases ...)

Your impulses

Because we remain a civilized animal and we must be able to maintain the balance of the good side for a pleasant life in society.

Some foreign languages

Because traveling opens the mind and the heart, even more so if we can really exchange with all the locals.

Your language (spelling, grammar, vocabulary ...)

Because it is an incredible force to express precisely his ideas and to receive those of others; Because it's the main social discriminator (even more so than money).

(To master his tongue, the lingual muscle, his babelle, is also a beautiful quality)

Your budget

Because otherwise, it's crap.


1... Your time - Time truly is cash. In the event that we sit around idly and tarry, besides, we will in general think twice about it as we become more seasoned. Straightforward model. You are 20. You squander 1 hour of time. You aren't squandering $10 or whatever the lowest pay permitted by law is in your nation. You are likely really squandering more cash than a multi year old who makes $30 60 minutes, in light of the fact that your time as a multi year old is progressively significant because of exacerbating. 

2. Your wellbeing - on the off chance that you aren't sound, you can't do anything. You can't be profitable. It is significantly harder to simply be content and glad on the off chance that you are deficient in vitality 

3. Your correspondence and association with others - connections are one of the keys of life and business. Need more customers in business? Individuals work with individuals? Notwithstanding with regards to companions and life accomplices, openness is absolutely vital 

4... Your cash - You needn't bother with a great deal of cash throughout everyday life. Be that as it may, you do require enough to feel security, feel safe, be sound, etc. 

Cash gives you decision and security on the off chance that it is utilized in the correct way. Utilized in the incorrect way and it can even make you less upbeat. 

5....your thoughts....


I actually have a list of things I think one should master in life. And they are as follows:

GIVING: It is advisable for one to have the spirit of giving as it is even written in the Bible. You stand a chance of receiving blessings from God when we give. We should not give to people because we expect something from them, but because we want God to be happy with us.

KINDNESS: We should not necessarily be kind to people because we know them. We can also be kind to people we have never met. The greatest rewards come from God. So when we are kind to people, we are being rewarded by God.

FORGIVENESS: Most people find it so difficult to forgive those who wrong them. No man is perfect. As so long our creator forgives us when we wrong them, we too must try to be forgiving those that wrong us.

LEARNING: We learn everyday so long we are alive. Even the most learned person still learns daily. We stop learning the day we give up the ghost. Since no one is the wisest person on earth, then we must continue learning everyday.

PATIENCE: People miss a lot of things due to lack of patience. When we possess a patient attitude, good things don't easily pass us by. It is very advisable to possess a patient attitude.

HAVING A HUSTLING SPIRIT: Having a hustling spirit is what has helped most humans succeed in life. In order to be able to provide for one's self, family and the society at large, Man must hustle.

TRUTHFULNESS: Being truthful always can take you a long way, as you will live a smooth and happy life, and also people can stand in for you even when you are not around. People can trust you and can speak on your behalf because they know and are sure of the things you can and cannot do.

LOVE: It is also advisable for a person to always possess a loving spirit. To be loving and caring to family, friends, fans and even the ones you have never known. Love is a Universal language. And as such, Love is capable of taking you to places you had never thought you could be.

I think with this few principles of life. One can say he/she lives a happy life.

Thank you.