What is the best method of family planning?

The best method should be what suits both partners in the marriage. in my opinion, condoms should be the best as there's rarely any side effects. I'm assuming here that the both of you cannot afford to stay away from each other. If you can , then abstinence is definitely the best method. If neither of you can exercise self-control, then condoms are the next best thing.

It doesn't require you injecting anything into your body that could leave side-effects. the issue though is if your partner would want that. Many men prefer to have sex 'skin-to-skin' and may be vehemently against the idea of using condoms. The issue though is how committed the both of you are to keeping things as planned.

Oral contraceptives have damaging side-effects from the light ones such as weight gain,HBP to the more severe ones such as  heart attack, stroke. breast tenderness, reduction in none mineral composition and the likes.

It's good thought that you want to consider family planning. The world is already densely populated and couples should start considering having less children. This would help them save money in the long run and also help the world conserve space. It may sound hysterical but it's actually the truth.


Well,there are many methods to family planning, while some may be best for some couples may not be best for another couple.

But in respect to this question am going to give my own opinion.

Firstly, family planning is very important in marriage to avoid unplanned pregnancy and also helps to regulate population.

The best method to me is condoms, because it has no side effects and also medically speaking it's the best option medical professionals will give.

Also there are drugs you can take to avoid pregnancy but let it be a drugs that was prescribed by a doctor specifically to you because some of this drugs have side effects which may be dangerous.

Family planning is important in our society today because the population of the world is increasing and there have to be a balance and also with family planning couples can save more money for their family future and also avoid the stress and burden in taking care of many children.


Something you should talk over, with your life partner, and your Physician. We here at Musing.io ought to never, be every one of, that closes all, prompt, for such an individual choice.

This ought to be you, your family, and your doctors exchange. At the point when all is said and done, with this information, you and your family, will touch base at an all around educated choice. This, is as it ought to be.

I trust you will embrace family Planning, along these lines. It spares a considerable measure of heart throb, on the off chance that one of you, shares an alternate view. I have dependably figured, this ought to be, in a prenuptial understanding.

Continuously better to go into a marriage, when you know how the, prospective life partner, sees regenerative issues. This is fundamental, if religion is in the condition. Be that as it may, once more, the lady, is a definitive decider. For it is her, that conveys the tyke. She ought to be placed in the first position, with regards to "the choice."