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Are people more friendly on Steem than on other social media?

No i think it's quite the opposite. Some people here are acting like little children bullying each other. But not everyone is like this, only a minority. For the biggest part i like the Steem community.

Imo part of the problem is that there is money involved, unlike on other social media platforms. So people tend to fight over how the reward pool should be distributed. 

Communication on internet is also different than in real life because you are safe behind you computer. And it's not really personal, you don't even know the other person. People say thing on the internet to others that they wouldn't tell in someones their face. 


Firstly we need to understand the nature or character of some people and this principle applies to both Steemit and other social media platforms. There are some people who don't just like making friends online naturally either due to some past bad experiences they had encountered or other reasons known to them. This is just part of their lifestyle but they tend to make friends physically other than digitally.

We also have some people who love to make friends online via Steemit and other social media platforms but they feel timid or shy to make friends physically. I will say these set of people are the shy type of people. They feel very confident chatting with you online such that you can be very close to each other online but when it comes to physical interactions, they feel very shy and timid.

We also have some people who are very jovial, nice and cheerful. They tend to be more friendly both online and physically. I fall into the category of these set of people. There are lots of Steemit users who fall into this last category of people who tend to be more friendly both on Steemit platform and physically.

I have actually made lots of friends on Steemit and I am still making more friends on Steemit compared to some other social media sites because most people on Steemit tend to be very real and true unlike some social media friends who aren't genuine such that they may want to scam you or you just feel insecure around such people . There are lots of people who can testify to this claim because it's something that is happening.

I actually prefer making more friends on Steemit to other social media platforms because of the past experiences I had encountered with most of my Steemit friends around the world. Sometimes I meet and make friends via some discod channel group and we tend to communicate verbally and have fun with each other just like we do on @wafrica discod channel group. #wafrica discod channel group consists of many people from different backgrounds such as Nigerians and other people from different countries and we tend to communicate with each other like we are brothers.

Another sound evidence to back up my claim is that most projects developers and owners, investors, business men and women, programmers and others tend to build strong relationships on Steemit which makes them work together to solve more problems. They tend to brainstorm a work hard in hand with each other to achieve their goals despite the fact that they may he far from each other in terms of their location but Steemit brought them together in trust and friendship.

This also explains why some community like @steemjet, #airhawk-exchabge , @steemcafe, and others tend to organize physical meetings with people from steemit in a form of camp depending on the location. Some Steemit users were able to travel to other places due to the camping program organized by such groups and they were also able to meet other steemit users physically including the whales on Steemit and from there they tend to make more friends.

In conclusion, Steemit is a platform where you don't only make friends online but you make friends both online and physically. You make friends who can add more value to your life by exploring and brainstorming together in any field you may find interesting. I am actually a beneficiary of this and I am proud to be a Steemian.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


There are two aspects which makes steem social media as a distinct one from the other social media- it is decentralized and it has a reward pool which rewards to the authors and curators and this is really unique on part of the steem blockchain as a social media. I personally feel quite friendly in steem blockchain and over a period of time I have learned to engage in steem blockchain productively and I got the opportunity to engage with some good people to the likes of my interest in this community.  But I am not going to compare this with other form of social media because they are all established one and have a huge user base and that covers the main stream social media. So it will take time for steem social media to come to that stage. But one thing I am sure about is that, this form of social media is going to be the future form of social media for sure and the future form of social media will be definitely tokenized. 

I also feel that the quality blogging and socializing is happening in steem blockchain(although there are some kind of spam and shit contents also exist there), but overall I can still see a lot of stuff which really adds to value in day to day life. More information and quality dapps are really adding value to steem blockchain and if steem price will be back to 1 usd at least or if steem will be able to consistently remain above 1 usd at least, then I can see more potential authors to remain in this blog and will make this place a better social place and in that sense I think we are inching close with the latest development. I also feel that the community and the steem blockchain both are excellent in their characteristics, so it has a great potential and it will definitely factor in at some point of time.


Yes, the threat of downvote really makes people mellow

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It's probably two things: one, everything on here is permanently stored on the blockchain, so you have to be extra careful what you write as you can't delete it; two, there's the financial incentive from the upvote feature.


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