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What's an easy dish to start cooking or baking in an oven?
I've been cooking without an oven for 30 years. Bought one two years ago, unpacked it last week, but I don't know what to do with it.

Interesting question!

Cooking does not only use gas stoves, you can also use other appliances such as aluminum ovens, slow cookers, and rice cookers. However, the easiest to use is the oven. There are various types of ovens that you can choose from: aluminum ovens, electric ovens, firewood ovens, and gas ovens. Because the oven's heat can be adjusted easily and quickly, many people start using the oven to cook food everyday. Here are some foods that can be cooked easily using an aluminum oven:

Bolu and Cake

The main ingredients for making sponge are wheat flour, eggs, margarine, granulated sugar, milk, and baking powder. All ingredients are mixed into one using a mixer. Then the mixture is poured into the mold pan. Heat the oven to 1800 centigrade and enter the pan into it. After that, cook for 30 minutes. Occasionally check the sponge by sticking sticks into the sponge. If there is no dough attached, the ingredients are cooked.

Grilled chicken

Who says making grilled chicken is difficult. There are recipes for grilled chicken that you can make for just a few minutes. The only ingredients needed are a few pieces of thighs, soy sauce, chili sauce and pepper. To make smear ingredients by mixing soy sauce, chili sauce and pepper to taste. Then apply it to the chicken evenly. Bake for 20 minutes in a 1900 celsius oven.

Baked Potato

Baked potato is served with a variety of toppings. Usually toppin used is smoked beef, sausage, cheese and vegetables. Apparently, to make a baked potato ala European restaurants is not as difficult as imagined. Just prepare a few potatoes and toppings. First, boil the potatoes until done. Then split the middle part, but don't cut it in half. Crumble some parts in potatoes until they break. Add toppings according to your taste. Finally, bake the potatoes in a microwave oven for 15 minutes to remove the water content.

Cookies or Cookies

Snacking cookies in the afternoon feels great. Especially if you cook your own cookies in the oven. Maybe in minimarkets there are various choices of cookies that can be bought, but if you make your own it will feel more satisfied. One of the cookies that you can easily make is butter cookies. Simply prepare melted butter, flour, sugar and vanilla extract. Mix all ingredients until smooth. Then form the dough to your liking. You can decorate the top of the cookies with some sweetener such as liquid chocolate, chocochip, or cheese. Then bake in the oven at 1900 Celsius for 15 minutes.

Make Roast Steak

Eating steaks outside will definitely be very expensive. Alternatively, you can cook your own steak using an oven. There is no need for various materials to make it. You only need meat, salt, pepper and instant barbeque sauce. Baluri meat with salt, pepper and sauce. After that, heat the aluminum oven to 2200 Celsius and bake the meat until cooked. Every 5 minutes, the meat must be turned back so that it is evenly cooked.


You can buy pizza dough at the supermarket. There are already shaped bread, in the form of dough and some are still in the form of flour. It's easiest to use pizza bread. You can simply smear bread with tomato sauce and add toppings on top of it such as sausage slices, smoked meat, peppers, onions, and sprinkles of mozzarella cheese. Then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes until the mozzarella cheese melts on it. Besides being practical, you can also choose the topping yourself and determine how much cheese you want to use.

Roasted Vegetables

Healthy food can also be cooked using an oven. One of them is baking vegetables in the oven. You can use any type of vegetable that you like for example carrots, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, asparagus, beans, and other vegetables. Give a little oil or olive oil so the vegetables are not too burnt. Don't forget to sprinkle salt and pepper so that your roasted vegetables are not bland.

Scrambled Egg

The last menu that is easiest to cook using an oven or microwave is scrambled egg in a glass. Usually you make scrambled omelet using a stove and pan, but you can also make it using an oven. Prepare a heat-resistant cup then break the egg into the cup. Add a little salt and white milk. Beat evenly. After that, enter it in the oven for only 2 minutes and you can enjoy scrambled egg.


Well it's a difficult thing when we start something for first time. Similarly baking is not a piece of cake for beginners. You have to take care of the flour and the baking powder. It should be proportional and shouldn't exceed as its prescribed in the recipe book.

You should try baking with simple cake recipes, if I mention some, you can try butter cake.

Add butter, flour and baking powder in a bowl and put it in ore heated oven. When its baked add cream and fruits in it and you are good to go.

I hope you will try it and will find it easy to get started. You can find the complete recipe on internet. I am sure you will like it.

You need to do as much practice as possible because its the only thing which makes someone a pro in his job.


 A cake is the best option for me to baking in an oven. I have tried once and that was the just an amazing experience for me. I never imagine how I make a cake so easy. Well for me cake is best to make it in the oven. Beside this a fish and pizza good to make in the oven.

I'm not much good at cooking but I would love to try out anything in my free time. An oven is an easy way for me to make the cake or baking anything into it. So good to go there where you feel easy cooking. Cooking is the most interesting part of your life. So I must say that everyone needs to learn how to cooking.

Just we need to be careful during cooking and always take care of quantity and measurement of ingredients.