What would happen if the bitcoin ETF are rejected?
I have had this question for some time which is what would happen if the SEC rejected bitoin ETFs that would happen with the cryptocurrency market
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What has happened has already happened.

In July SEC rejected the ETF proposal by Winklevoss brothers.

> The Securities and Exchange Commission rejected on Thursday a bid by the Winklevoss twins to create an exchange traded product for Bitcoin, citing the potential for market manipulation and a lack of liquidity.

> http://fortune.com/2018/07/26/bitcoin-etf-sec/

I am not sure if you understand what ETF means but I am assuming that you are asking about if SEC decides to reject all ETF proposals in the near future. If that were to happen, I don't think the Bitcoin market will dump any harder than it already has.

The fallout of ETF decision is a large dump of Bitcoin which crushed the price to about 6100 dollars per Bitcoin. I don't think BTC will go below 5500 dollars. Since alt coins are kind of pegged to Bitcoin price, I don't expect much price movement in the alt coins in the next few days.

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It has already rejected yesterday only.

The first proposal was sent at the month of July but SEC rejected the ETF proposal by Winklevoss brothers.After that new date has given on the month of September new proposal will be added and we are waiting for that.

Today we see a bad dump in a crypto market and the price of the Bitcoin comes down to 6200$ from 7500$ ,so we realize the importance of ETF because the news directly came that ETF proposal has been declined the market suddenly goes down with only Etf rejection .

I think that Bitcoin price has a good support of 5400$ so I believe that Bitcoin price will not go below the support point and from that it will recover the market.we see a alt coin are also going down due to Bitcoin price is manipulated.So if we all keep patient and not sell any amount of Bitcoin we will see a huge spike up again in near days or months.
After the Bitcoin ETF was rejected by regulators from the SEC, many digital currency investors were still waiting for the debut of this asset on Wall Street.

But how long will Bitcoin go to Wall Street? And will this Bitcoin become mainstream on the market later?

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As a result of the SEC's decision, many industries assert that rejection is like an insult or accusation. They argue that the bitcoin market is not yet mature, so the product cannot be offered to retail investors at this time.

The SEC is actually an institution that ensures that investors must be protected, observers stress that investors and consumers must be protected in the bitcoin ecosystem.

"The SEC considers that the bitcoin market does not have the structural protection and controls needed to support ETF products."
"SEC nightmare scenarios if they approve Bitcoin ETFs, there will be a flood of money and then there will be another very big hack event where millions of Bitcoin will be stolen or something happening on one of the Chinese market exchanges," Mark T Williams, a professor at business school Boston University and a former bank examiner at the Federal Reserve.

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Given the rapid rebound in bitcoin prices following the ETF announcement on Friday, another question regarding Bitcoin's approval on Wall Street will eventually become an important role for bitcoin's legitimacy later.

Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro, voiced the same sentiment in the bitcoin market, confirming his belief that cryptocurrency does not require SEC approval to gain legitimacy.

"Even though bitcoin was unstable when the announcement of bitcoin ETF from the SEC was published, the increase in Bitcoin prices showed an increase in confidence in assets," he said.

Observers believe that success in this operation could potentially be a better bridge to Bitcoin for the wider community.