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What do you think if there any additional of ads on steemit.com like It did by scorum.com in their platform ?
Advertiser may pay some steem amount to steemit.com (Inc) and then steemit Inc could use some percent of these amount to fund their operation cost and some another percent could be burned through promotional mechanism that owned by stemit. Advertiser can buy steem in exchanger and by burn some steem through promotional mechanism, it will decrease the liquidity of steem and increasing the value of steem. It will be a win-win solution for all.

I would highly appreciate it if Steemit would stay free of adds. That is actually a good thing here...not to be pestered with adds like in other social networks and the whole internet. There is already a vast amount of advertisement everywhere and to be honest...it sucks. Please Steemit stay adfree!