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If someone delegates a lot of "Steem Power" to you, what would you do with the Steem Power delegation? Will you help new users?

I will make use of the delegation to build my account up, and help other users. I am thinking of these things if ever that will happen.

1. Of course, I will support myself as my account builds up, I can support more users whenever the Steem Power would be undelegated. Remember, delegations can be removed anytime.

2. Help my friends as many of them stopped Steeming. That way, they can reactivate their accounts

3. Help new users. I know what it's like not getting support being a new user. I remember when my introduction post only earned 9 cents, and my preceding posts earned nothing. I don't want that to happen to new users. I want to welcome them by supporting their posts.

4. Since delegated Steem Power cannot be delegated to others, I can delegate my owned and earned Steem Power to projects suchs as @dlike (being part of the team) @actifit @musing @steemhunt and @ulogs. If delegating is not possible, I will join their curation trail.

5. I will support @steemph which I am a part of by joining its trail to support Filipino users. Our community is in need of help as many members do not get so much support from the platform.

6. I will establish a curation team which aims to encourage users instead of looking down at them. I know some people (curators) out there who feels entitled to underestimate and trash talk other users. I would build a team that looks for quality posts, with a heart.


With a delegation, you really don't have a ton of options.  The main thing that you are going to gain from a big delegation is your upvote is going to be worth more.   This means that you could try to play the curation game and only upvote  posts that you think are going to make a ton of money so you can maximize your curation rewards.  

Beyond that, your only other option is to spread some of the larger upvotes around to smaller users whom it might benefit.  I think the most logical answer to the question would probably be a little bit of both.

I think anyone would be foolish to not try to take advantage of the windfall they have been given.  At least to some degree.  If you are getting to the point where all you are doing is upvoting whales and dolphins because you want to get as many curation rewards as possible, you are missing the point.

I would absolutely help new users.  There are several that I am following right now that have been struggling for quite some time.  I would love to be able to give them a monster upvote here and there and just make their day.

I remember the first time I got a decent upvote from a whale.  It was quite possibly one of the greatest days I have had in a while. 

Of course it was just a one time thing and it didn't last.  I would want to be able to give someone something that lasts longer than one time.

It would be awesome to just upvote someone every time they post for however long the delegation lasts. It could be totally life changing for them. 

I know it sounds like a power trip thing, but I seriously would just love to be that benevolent.  The saying that it is better to give than receive would really hold true if I had a large delegation of SP.  Do you have one that you are looking to give out?  I know a couple of users that would totally deserve it if you were (and I am not talking about myself). :)


I'm going to support a lot of users and projects. I'm going to be honest, I'll be helping those I know and projects I believe in.

Here's a run down

Curation projects




Community projects








All of my friends

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I would support new users and existing followers with my increased vote.

I wouldn't delegate to anyone as the person who delegated to you could be offended. The politics on Steemit are similar to everyday life. If someone helps you out they wouldn't expect you to just hand out their help to others.

I know if I delegated SP to a user and he or she then delegated I would be not happy and would most likely take it away.

Delegation is given to users to help them grow and they need to do just that. If a user is going to waste it then there are no guarantees of keeping it

I received delegation a while ago and have been very careful on what and how I use my increased voting power. Remember delegation shouldn't be abused and should be appreciated. I would ask first the person who delegated to you what you would be expected to do with it.


I would help new and old users as well. Planktons and minnows in general. Just as I am already upvoting various posts and comments (including Musing questions and answers), and I am getting some very low curation rewards,  but I could also use some help, because I currently (2018.12.04, 13:45) have less than 100 Steem Power, and my upvote doesn't even worth a single cent ($0.01) nowadays. I currently have 92.051 Steem Power.