How can I get support on my post on Steemit?
Is there a way of getting support on for free on your posts on Steemit?

This is one of the most commonly asked question and everytime I do hear this question I give the same answer.  

Heard of the term "Giver's Gain" ? The basic fundamentals of steem actually works as such. You have to support others first either by comments, upvotes or even just helping out within the community before you should even think of receiving any sort of support. 

There are guilds out there which are willing to support your posts at its initial stage however if you do not reciprocate the help you receive, you yourself does not grow and do not gain support from anyone else. 

"Give without remembering and receive without forgetting" are the words  which I always place in my head first. 

Some of these guilds which is able to provide supports like these :- 

  • The Alliance
  • Steemitmamas
  • dTube Snap
  • OCD
  • Share2Steem
  • Tasteem
  • Steemxp
  • Qurator

There are so many others... so do checkout which one suits you the most and get engaged in the community.  

Have a great day ahead !


The number one way to get support on Steemit is to engage with others and get to know people in the community. This can be done through curating content that you enjoy - and writing meaningful comments on peoples blogs - and getting into healthy discusssions. There are also loads of great communities on Discord which you can join and meet people.

Apart from that there are a few other ways of gaining 'free' support on your posts.

- Using busy.org - if you use busy,org as your platform and use busy as one of your tags then you get an upvote from busy.

- MSP (Minnow support project) - if you join the MSP Discord then you can get a free upvote every 30 hours by posting your link in the upvote channel.

- Community bots - there are many community bots that offer upvotes to people from a certain community or sometimes from a certain country - you would need to investigate this yourself.

- Steem basic income shares - these are gifted as shares from other Steemit users, and are often run as competitions. Each share entitles you to 'lifetime upvotes' on your posts - and the more shares you own the higher the upvote you will recieve.


There are many ways to get support on steemit.

First minnowsupport is the first supporter for beginners. İf you join and register their discord group , you can get upvote every 30 hours. And registration is free. First you need send 0.001 SBD to minnowsupport with register memo in the discord channel and after that they will return . You will get lifetime subscription. Bot is upvoting about 10cents.

Second and one of the best support is steempress. You can send posts from your website to blockhain ( so publish on steem ). You can open a free website with free hosting service and after that you need to download steempress extension . They will upvote your posts if your website and content is qualified .

Another lifetime subscription based voter is quora. You need to send 4 steem and you will get upvotes from lifetime. There are some perks in there. İf you upvote their posts or delegate your steem power , you can get bigger upvotes.

You can get good support with these. You can get upvotes and resteems from bots after you saving some steems. Smartsteem is one of my favourites. Because they sent much upvotes and this is not a bid bot. You can easily buy votes from their websites. And you can chance the settings of the upvote sizes.

Apart from these, there are many discord groups that support Steemit users. Some of them have an upvote bot. Others are manually selecting original articles and voting.


Well for now there are few ways that a user can get support without paying 

  • Engagement 

Be active with Steemit users and engage in their posts and give valid comments and by doing so you will be able to come in their attention and at some point they will support you with their upvotes and suggestions as well.

  • Be active in Discord Servers

There are servers where most of the Steemit users is often active and  getting in touch with them in the servers are way easier and by doing so you will meet other users and you will find wise contents and you will be able to learn from them as well.

  • Use dapps

Esteemapp/EsteemSurfer: Post through it and use esteem tag if your content is of good quality than you shall receive an upvote from them.

SteemPress : It connects wordpress blog with Steemit and if you get whitelisted than upvote will come to your blogs regularly.

Busy.org: The UI is quite different with few additional feautures compared to Steemit  and use the busy tag while uploading contents and get an upvote from their bots.

These are the few ways that will help you GROW, Support in your Steemit Posts.