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Where is @hardaeborla?
I am sure every consistent musing users will know @hardaeborla on Musing as he can't do without providing quality answers to people questions on Musing everyday. It actually been long I have seen his post or answers on Musing. Is it that @hardaeborla is has quited musing or what? Does anyone know about his whereabouts? Or was he banned from Musing? Because I actually loves the way he answers people questions on Musing including some advice he always gives when answering questions.

Definitely, he is the one who adds value to this platform. He is very consistent regardless of what rewards he get in return. In musing the crowd is very less and even in a bear phase he has kept the hope alive. This platform really needs muser like  @hardaeborla. I hope because of weekend he is unavailable but soon, hopefully we will see him musing in this platform again.