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Is it true that happiness lies in treasures, thrones and the like?

i don't believe that, happiness to me is inward, doing the things you can do best, been loved and of course treasures will come in but what does it profit a man who has all he wants, all the girls he liked, the money, the cars and yet has no good reputation.

 In psychology, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. 

happiness is knowing your God and being able to do the  things you never thought you could do.

 If happiness is defined as a mood, then self-reports are all there is.

you can have the treasures and not be happy. Feeling happy is what we mean by being happy, so happiness is defined subjectively. there are treasures that make you feel happy but may lead to a state of unhappiness so be positive, do what you are best at, learn to love and give then you will see that the treasures are not all that defines your happiness.


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@Edymunawar, it's a definite no for me.

The reasons why I think so are simple: 

1) Even if you possess treasures, throne and the like, you may not have the capacity to enjoy them. The possessions you have may actually create more problems for you, instead of the happiness you crave. For instance, you may have children fighting over your treasures and throne - just take a look at the the Chinese dynastic monarchs. 

2) Even if you possess treasures, throne and the like, and may (let's say) have the capacity to enjoy them, you may still be unhappy. Why? Because the issue is with your mindset and not your actual possessions. After acquiring treasures, thrones and all things, you may still be unsatisfied and feel that you lack something.

Nothing external can give you happiness.

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The short answer: No.

I believe happiness comes from serving others, not yourself.

It’s something that comes from inside you, organically, when you are loving in harmony with a core set of values that really resonates with you. It’s the values and standards you know are right, even if sometimes you try to ignore them. The ones that always nag you when they are ignored.

I believe that unhappiness results from doing things that go against that value set. Things you know are wrong, as well as things you might not realize are wrong at the time but are wrong for you nonetheless.

I think happiness is something you find along a very long and sometimes difficult journey, where the grass gets progressively greener as long as you’re on the right path.

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No. Happiness is a fleeting state of mind. Pursuing it is folly. It makes much more sense to strive for a purposeful life lived in accordance with one's own values. Peace of mind is a more achievable and more valuable goal than happiness. Knowledge and acceptance of oneself is key in achieving peace of mind.

Treasures, thrones and the like have nothing to do with happiness. Pursuing them at any cost is most definitely counterproductive in terms of happiness. World literature and religious and philosophical texts are full of cautionary tales.


a happy life is already in ourselves or around us. Happiness is something that needs to be found on our own life's journey. The point is we need to see and respond to this life's journey and what is around us and thank it. Happiness is found and felt with gratitude. What we feel when we feel full after a big meal or eat sweet candy on our tongue. There is usually a sense of pleasure that arises when ingredients sometimes happily arise when we eat food that we often or normally eat, when we are hungry.

happiness is a subjective good, because happiness is the side of positive psychology or relative positive emotions in each individual. But Happiness can be spread to people around through positive things.

Happiness That will also bring you peace of mind and the passion of living the world until the hereafter. Happiness is always there for us, God knows everything, he knows what is best for us or not, don't be sad, because happiness is always there with people who are always grateful, sincere, and patient to live life whatever the obstacles.


I definitely disagree.

actually happiness was a real mysterious to all of us and it was said that happiness differs from every person. Some might think that way but some might not

For me, happiness depends on a human's contentment

No matter how many treasures they have, no matter how high they've become, no matter how far they go, no matter how glory they are if they are not contented on what they have they can't be truly happy.

Happy comes from our desires, our wants, our needs. Depending on how we expect something will be our happiness.

I think for us to live a happy life, we should lower our expectations, we should be contented on what we have, we should be grateful on the blessing s that we are getting. This will make our mind at ease and eventually makes us happy