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Will Launch of SMT automatically make steemit withdraw their steempower delegations to Dapps?

There are no current plans for that to happen, Steemit delegates to dapps to accelerate their growth and attract new users to help them growth until they can fend for themselves or do something stupid like dlive did.

In a way you should consider Steem and SBDs as the first SMTs and the repertoire will eventually expand wildly when users are able to create their own tokens, we might even see a Musing token that you get for interacting around in the dapp and I'm pretty sure other dapps will do the same, like dtube being able to reward users after the 7 day payout period, some SMTs will work via upvotes, staking, commenting and just being a nice member of the community will probably earn you many tokens.


I can't see that happening.

When the SMT 's are launched Steemit Inc will help as it is in their interest to make it work.

If we take musing as an example. They launch a token in March next year valued against Steem and Steemit remove the delegation. What will musing upvote with as the token may have little value at that time.

To make the Dapps grow the delegation needs to stay in place until they can fend for themselves. I think it will be more long term delegation depending on how they all do.


Delegating STEEM to Dapps is akin to loaning a tank full of gas to a friend since they are just starting out on their first week of job , hopefully in due time they can accrue own capital ( SMT sales similar to ICO) so that they don't need to rely on borrowed tank of gas .

That would depend on case by case but certainly a succesul SMT outcome should mean that Dapps like Dtube don't need STINC delegation in due time.


Many of Dapps already have their own token and

steemit do not need to withdraw the delegations

delegated to the Dapps,also you need to understand that many of the tokens can be bought with steem after

the SMT is launched and that itself would lead to an increase in the demands of the steem,,and many of

Dapps would be able to sell their tokens and even raise

enough capital to invest more on steempowers so steemit do not need to withdraw delegations...


Steem will not withdraw the steem delegations from Dapps if SMT goes live,infact steem would want to

encourage more Dapps so they will even continue to

support Dapps platform because they know that their platforms would make steem to be a cryptocurrency

that can be more utilized and when that happens it would make more people to buy steem and that would increase the value of steem...

Dapps has attracted more users to the steem blockchain and that is a positive development for the

steem blockchain,more users can lead to more investments and more investments would bring more value to the steem blockchain...


No. The delegations are determined by who ever is delegating the steem power. I do not believe steemit will pull any delegations when SMT come out.