What are some things many people do but they do not admit doing it?

There are so many things people do but will never admit to doing it. This is either because they have an ego or reputation they're trying to protect or because what they are doing is not right.

Few of those things include:

Lying: Of course, after telling a lie, you will never admit to lying, if not, the purpose of lying has been defeated. A lot of people lie and they will still lie to deny the fact that they lie.

Sex(Fornication/Adultery): Nobody will outrightly agree to the fact that they have sex. Although I know a few persons who admit though. But just very few people will admit that they have sex. The rest will deny that they don't even know what sex is all about.

Porn: Okay, this is one thing I know a lot of people strongly deny. They have these videos even on their phone yet they claim never to be addicted to pornography or have even watched it. Like, there was a day I was going through a guy's phone and stumbled on these porn videos, I asked him about it and he said..... "I have never even watched it self. I just downloaded them. I then asked him to delete them since he's not watching it but he refused.


There are so many things people do, but do not admit doing it. Sometimes it's because of fear of the unknown, they can't tell what would happen to them if they admit it.

Some of these things are:

1.) Cheating: No normal person admits that he or she is cheating. They wouldn't want to lose their partner, so they lie simply. Except on rare cases, where the girl or the guy admits to cheating.

To some, it could mean, they don't value the relationship they are in, and wanted a breakup very fast. Or maybe they are just trying to be more transparent, by opening up to their lovers. But often times, cheating is not always admissible.

2.) Laziness: Most people don't admit to it that they are very lazy,they always will be on the defensive side, trying to convince anyone that they are not; yet they can't anything done in no time.

3.)Corruption: Some folks don't admit that they are corrupt. Instead, they try to paint their corrupt minds with good colours. They collect bribe, but they will never admit that they are corrupt.

There are lots things they don't admit to.

Sometimes, they don't admit, because they want to, but because they don't want to get their loved ones hurt. And some are always scared to face the consequences.


I guess those things are the things we are embarrassed about. Humans have this protection mechanism to play safe. It is important to lie sometimes as the truth would yield a really different result. Imagine that if we were to steal some things from a supermarket, and we manage to get away with it. There is a risk of getting caught and humiliated or shamed. So knowing that being honest in this situation isnt at all beneficial to anyone. The best is to keep it hidden.

I guess this is what made survival possible. Imagine if everyone admitted everything they have done. Everyone is glad to be honest. I don't think police have any jobs to do but swat flies instead. Another thing is that, it makes like great. Don't you feel great to have this mystery of whether the person did something or not but you don't know what the answer is? It's like being Sherlock Holmes and doing investigative work. I am sure everyone has done something that is not that evil but isn't right and not admit it.

Casinos and lotteries won't be in the money if they were so honest as to tell us that they are actually ripping us off and they are making tons of cash for those in power to benefit and buy those big mansions. Haha happy weekends.

I guess mostly people lie to get around things. The only question lies then, Are we to believe what we should believe or we choose what to believe?


i think all things that are socially unacceptable, people will not admit to doing it even when they are. people will try and say they have personality traits that help them get positive feedback from society - people will say they don't lie, they don't get jealous, they are humble when they have egos and get jealous at the second someone does better than them. you will also find people who say they eat healthy, don't pollute but do the opposite. Its all about appearances for most of them, and therefore people worry more about how they look that how they are.Β 

if the world doesn't want you to be racist or express concerns about immigrants, you'll have those thoughts, you won't rent out your flat to certain communities but will say otherwise. One may be greedy or money minded and will resort to corrupt practices but say they don't specially CEOs, politicians. Corporations will have CSR depts that are just the face of them doing great stuff and to hide the acts of crony capitalism they indulge inΒ 


1.) Watching of pornography

2.) Stalk their exes via web-based networking media..

3.) somewhat self-bragging....

4.) Eat a substantial supper, at that point take a gander at yourself in the mirror with self-hatred. We've all been there!

5.) Biting of your nails..

6.) Become somewhat envious when your dear friend makes sudden progress. Be that as it may, it's actually a phase and is washed away soon by your affection for him/her.

7.) Picking your nose...

8.) Peeing in the shower/swimming pool....

9..participate in masturbation

10.) Mentally judge an individual, in light of first appearances (principally looks), without saying boisterously!

11.) Talking to yourself in the mirror. Also, obviously, valuing your body as well.

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