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What are you actually going through in life?

Right now I am experiencing the following:

1. Making decisions for my career. That is, I am currently seeking for the right job for me that will help me grow as a professional. Finding work is really difficult, finding a suitable job is more difficult. I am in the process of finding the one wherein my skills will be put to use and will help me improve and grow as an individual.

2. Cleaning all the clutter. Literally. My room has been a mess ever since I stopped studying. Books are everywhere. My notes are disorganized. I am still in the process of organizing my life. Throwing out things that are no longer needed. Recycling those that I can still put into use and arranging the ones I still need.

3. Rest and relaxation. I am in the process of taking a good amount of rest. By that I mean sleeping with the right number of hours. Eating healthy and moving to help me exercise. For the past few months, I have been having a very unhealthy lifestyle. To redeem myself, I am practicing self care by taking care of my body physically and mentally.

4. Learning. I seek for more knowledge in my chosen career so I am currently learning how to use certain software that might help me in my job. I still have plenty of time available because I still do not have a full time job so I dedicate it by learning instead of doing unproductive things.

5. Planning for the future. I am no longer a child, I am an adult so I need to face my responsibilities. I am planning for my future, financially and career wise. Making smart moves that will help me become a better individual. Planning includes making realistic timetables that I wish to achieve step by step.

2018 has opened up a plethora of opportunities for me and I do not want to waste these opportunities. I will grab them and make use of them. My primary objective right now is to grow as an individual and a professional. I hope my answer helps! 


Here are a few things I am experiencing 

Reclassified my needs beginning with wellbeing, at that point connections then innovativeness and fun and afterward vocation. Placing vocation last had the illogical impact of me being more occupied with my work and finding things that appeared to be less similar to work or a profession and more like fun. 

Re-imagined achievement. In the wake of perusing the exploration on self-assurance hypothesis by Ryan and Deci I attempted to center my endeavors around things that brought test, dominance and reason and continually think about these in everything I do 

Drop objectives. I abhor objectives. I contemplate how I invest my time or considering my vitality a measurement. Rather than concentrating on yield measurements like cash, "security" or wellbeing, I attempted to find that I cherished doing - which was just - making, understanding things through composition and associating with others, recounting their accounts and help them do things that make a difference. I attempt to just do these things. 

Reevaluate cash. Beginning with the inquiry "what completes a decent life cost?" I could cut my average cost for basic items by $20k and say no to numerous things to such an extent that I could make, compose and associate regardless of whether it implied I wasn't profiting from it. By carrying on with a basic life and not being connected to things, I currently can invest significantly more of my time like I need, which prompts positive input circles of vitality, energy, human and strong connections. 

Make a move: I am simply endeavoring to make a move and shed the corporate attitude of arranging, checking and arranging some more. All that I am putting out there isn't impeccable, however I'm learning at a quick pace. I've propelled a digital broadcast and made a few instruments for individuals exploring their vocations and am finding that such a significant number of surprising chances and different connections are rising all of a sudden!