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Do you think humans have the rights to use animals as they want?

Animals are not a commodity and human being does not have any rights to have such a claim. Just because human being are powerful does not mean that they are authorized by God/Nature to use animals in whatever way they can. Just think about this nature...there are trees, birds, animals. so many types of living creatures including human being with human being as the most powerful creature. 

With the great power comes the great responsibility. In balancing the mother nature and its ecosystem, human being should play a whole hearted role but the ground reality is just reverse to that. Human being are abusing the nature and the animals in particular in whatever way they can. If you really look at the torture human being is inflicting upon other animals it will be even more painful to describe those in words. Therefore the best way to restore rights for every creature in this earth is to live by the principles of veganism. Just practice veganism and adore it in your daily life for 30 days at least and then write a note on your experience, I am sure by the end of the 30th day you can really realize the essence of how true and natural the vegan way of life is. In this nature everything has been gifted by God and we can beautifully lead our life without harming any other living creature and scientifically also we should rely on primary food source not the secondary source. One thing you must note...the secondary and tertiary food source give more complexity to your health as per the research. 

Therefore live and let other living creatures live peacefully and we should all join  together to make a resolution against the abuse of animals.

Thank you and Have a great day.


@Egovina, No, every life hold the equal value and it is also an creation on this planet. Inturn we have to become protectors of these creations because we are superior when it comes to all aspects, so we have to understand and have to hold the right actions towards animals.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


From a religious stance, I trust God put creatures on the earth for us to use as we have to endure. 

That being stated, They shouldn't be dealt with inadequately, Unnecessary enduring in any sense isn't right. 

They ought to be utilized just for survival purposes (counting logical testing) and at times can be kept in bondage however just whenever treated well.