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What is the major purpose of life?

“Are we, perhaps, here just for saying: House, Bridge, Fountain, Gate, Jug, Fruit tree, Window—possibly: Pillar, Tower?”

The above quote was made by Rainer Maria Rilke. He is one of the countless philosophers throughout history who has wondered the exact same question. What is the real purpose of life?

If you ask me there is no definite answer, and judging by the numerous amount of philosophical schools that exist based on this question, I would think that history also agrees with me.

In the end purpose varies from individual to individual, and it all depends on each person to figure out what he or she wants to do with his or her life. Thankfully, though, like I said there has been various philosophical schools established on this, right from the classical period and even before then till now, so I'll be touching on a few of them to see if we find any to which we belong:


Stoicism is a philosophy that originated in the classical period in Athens, Ancient Greek. It was founded by Zeno. It is based on the teachings that VIRTUE is the highest good a man ever can aim to attain in life, and that the main purpose of life is to attain this virtue.

And how can this be done? by living in harmony with our surroundings and being unmoved by the ups and downs, pleasures and pains of life-- hence the name "stoicism", which naturally means to be stoic strong and immovable in the presence of external forces.


This is also a philosophy that originated in Athens, founded by Epicurus; it is kind of the opposite of stoicism since it advocates, instead of being unmovable and unyielding, to yield ourselves to the pleasures of life. To an epicurean this is the main purpose of life from which great joy can be attained. The highest joy being the one obtained from the mental kind of pleasures --higher than the physical pleasures--and freedom from an anxiety.


Existentialism is a more radical philosophy that originated in the 18th century with the writings of søren keikegaard and was perfected in the 20th century by writers such as jean paul sartre, Albert Camus and co. It is basically saying that there is NO PURPOSE to life and anybody searching for universal purpose, probally in the book or in religion will end up frustrated.

They call this "the absurd"-- looking for meaning in a meaningless word. To them any meaning in life that could be obtained would be obtained from every individual by his or herself. It it is up to us to determine any purpose there is to our lives and nobody will find it for us; nobody will tell us THIS is the purpose because there is no general purpose. IT Only depends on YOU and what YOU do with your life.



what are we here for? What are we endeavoring to accomplish? These inquiries regularly strike a chord. So here are my two pennies from my creative ability

.I don't think we are here to satisfy our wants. We are here to set ourselves up for our next voyage.

The universe appeared about 14 billion years prior and earth came into picture nearly 4 billion years back. You may see there is a tremendous contrast of 10 billion years. Imagine a scenario where we are not the only one in this universe. Assume life began on a planet following 1 billion years of the production of the universe. So they are around 9 billion years ahead from us regarding everything. Consider the possibility that I say we are setting ourselves up for our next voyage and experiencing a test in the meantime. On the off chance that we breeze through this test then we could join that best in class civilization(I think this is the paradise that we have heard of,right?).

Presently Earth appeared somewhere in the range of 4 billion years back. There is a plausibility that some human advancement on some other planet began billions of years after us. We would be much in front of them as far as improvement.

Assume in the event that we flop in the test, than there are two potential outcomes. It is possible that you get another opportunity or in the event that you bombed hopelessly then you will be sent to that immature planet(read it HELL). Nobody thinks about the test. In any case, we can connect it up with old compositions. In the event that you do great deeds in this life you go to Heaven else you get a restricted ticket to hellfire.

So we are here to get our ticket for our next adventure. These are my own contemplations. Don't hesitate to impart your insights also. Expectation we as a whole will breeze through the test.


I tend to agree with existentialists that life has no objective purpose. Life is a biological process given rise to by the laws of physics.  Life forms are likely to exists because they're better than non-living formations of matter at turning forms of energy capable of driving processes into waste heat, that  is, increasing entropy. 

What this means is that the purpose of life is something each of us has to figure out for ourselves. Therein lies the source of a certain low-level anxiety most of us tend to become aware of from time to time the cause of which is difficult to put a finger on. Religion or social causes are examples of man-made purposes of life many subscribe to in order to keep existential anxiety at bay.

Jeremy England's theory of the origin of life based on statistical physics:



Wow, this is very interesting question to talk about.

Firstly we must understand that we are created by God and the life we have now belongs to God.

Everything we see on earth has a purpose and reason, nothing we see just exist for existing sake.

Based on my believe as a Christian we are born for a reason and purpose,we are here by accident or mistake and God put us here to fulfill his purpose.

There is a specific thing that God wants to achieve that makes him create the universe and put man in it.

Irrespective of what scientific or philosophers think,we cannot deny the fact that there is a supreme creator God who lives and his creations are evidence for all to see.

So no matter what people say about life, that we came out from one place or another,it can erase the fact that God exists and he is the owner of the world and he has put us here for his own reasons and wants us to fulfill our divine purpose.

Everybody purposes are differs from each other and it's our responsibility to discover our purpose and fulfill it.


The meaning and purpose of human life in general can be illustrated as follows; Before starting the journey it would be nice to first determine the direction of the destination where the stop point will be from the journey taken. When we are at a terminal, we can see on the notice board the bus departure schedule to a specific destination. Likewise in human life, the direction of the journey that will be taken must be equipped with a knowledge base where we are going towards the intended destination. Departing from here, people will tend to make a life purpose pearl to represent the purpose of the goal they want to achieve.

The purpose of human life, will always branch out, even though when a person steps to determine the direction of the goal, it will be displayed in front of new goals. Today has become a vocabulary of wisdom that is inherent in the dictionary of our lives. Not also as a series of words of life that require interpretation. If only the interpretation of the meaning and purpose of human life is different, then the differences can be compromised through giving meaning to every event that occurs in human life. The transliteration process of the true meaning into the mind frame will eventually form a different meaning from the concept of life. This is the rail that will bridge the concept of purpose and human life. By sharing this writing, I invite you, let us set aside a moment, how to interpret and determine the direction of our lives in general. Hopefully this article can please the hearts of all readers. May be useful!


The Purpose of the Human Life solely to Serve God

That is the primary and foremost goal of human life. we tend to as servants should acknowledge and notice ourselves. That this life could be a gift that God provides US. each breath and body movement could be a gift. therefore with the angle of acknowledging this may cause feeling that then manifests within the variety of devotion or worship.


In my opinion, the major purpose of life is to enjoy and live it to the fullest. Create good memories, spread love and share happiness to your loved ones. 

Make a difference in this world, have fun outdoors, appreciate what nature can offer. 

Be good and life will be good to you ;) 


What is the major purpose of Life?

The expression "Life" is broad to the point that it can't be clarified under one basic heading.

Diverse scholars have clarified it flawlessly in various behavior.

I endeavor to clarify essentially to discover the motivation behind life:

The understudy seriously told his Master that he would lead an exceptionally important life.

- "How would you intend to live it?" - Asked the Master.

- "I'll go to college!" - Replied the Pupil.

- And then what?

- Get hitched.

- And what next?

- "I'll buckle down and gain everything for my family!"

- And next?

- "I'll experience my life encompassed by the grandkids"

- And after that?

- "I think, I'll pass on"

- And what next?

The student thought. "I don't have a clue". He murmured profoundly.

- "While you didn't answer this last inquiry to yourself, different inquiries and answers are not all that critical".


"Close your eyes, think profoundly. On the off chance that you discover the response to this inquiry, it's your motivation of life"

(despite your religion, ethnicity, instruction, - it's unquestionably the reason forever).