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What mistakes have you made in term of finances?

I have made a lot of financial mistakes and some of them so embarrassing/stupid that I cannot even discuss. Nevertheless I am going to discuss my biggest mistake till now.

I got into the Crypto action In October 2017. I bought most of my Crypto soon after it and have been HODLing since then.  

My mistake was to not sell my crypto in January so that I could later buy back in at a lower price. I say that this was a mistake but it was a learning  opportunity for me, more than anything else. Not selling then hurts now but at that time I thought was doing the right thing. 

If  you are a mere trader, then I can tell you this in all honesty that it  is time to sell your crypto when the prices are going astronomically  high (like they did last December). I know that I am going to catch a  lot of hell for saying this but truth needs to be said. 

You will  notice that the the selling pressure has evaporated gradually over the  period of last few months and now is the time to buy. The opposite of  this will happen too. At the end of a bull run the buying pressure will  eventually taper off and then the selling would begin. A smart trader  would sell before that happens. The fact is that it is time buy when we  are oversold (like now) and time to sell when we are overbought (like last December). That being said, it is important to remember that panic selling is much different from a calm and calculated selling decision. 

As  always, I will also say that a person needs to be sure of what his  position is. You need to decide whether you are a trader or an investor.  A trader would take his profits where he can but a smart investor is  not be concerned with just the profit but also with the quality of the  product he has invested in. An investor who believes in his investment  would rarely sell. 

Crypto is such a new phenomenon that we do not  even fully understand its potential but one thing is for sure - crypto  would change the way of how the world understands money. It is my  personal opinion, but I think that crypto is going to change the world  and if you have invested in a good project than the only good time to  sell is perhaps after 10-20 years.


I have made some financial mistakes in the past and one of them was that i spent more money on liabilities

instead of assets and that really affected my life negatively and made me to experience alot of hard time during some particular moment of my life...

another financial mistake i have made was that i spend more and save less,yeah i did have savings but the

savings was little compared to the amount which i spend,imagine earning 1400$ monthly and saving just less than 200$ in a month and spending 1200$ at that

same month??to me i felt that is a bad savings because even the 1200$ was spent more on “wants” instead of “needs” and that really made me to later become broke when the company i work for had some issues and they

were forced to shut down....i am happy they all happened in the past and i am now a better person but i also learnt alot from my past mistakes and i want others to learn from it too...


Prior to being married, I made many mistakes with my finances.  

While working while attending college, I thought my money was everlasting.  I didn't say anything I made and usually spent more than I made.  Using credit cards to live is a poor way to start out financially.   I also didn't pay my credit cards off each monthly which lead to bigger balances that I couldn't afford.   On top of living beyond my means, I wasn't saving any money for the future or any emergencies.  

As I have gotten older and more financially stable, it has been a goal to live within my means.  My credit card is paid off monthly and money goes into saving.  This makes me feel more secure in my future.