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Who created bitcoin?
who created bitcoin?

Some say that Bitcoin was created by the Satoshi Nakamoto Working Group which was made from American Intelligence Agency members and its allies, but mostly peopel from CIUA FBI NSA and private Sector, notably Lockheed MArtyin, where @dan Larimer creator of Biuutshares Steem and EOS, worked, and Dan larimer also did work at SAIC with his father I believe, as you can see from these links

> " “I’ve never gone into battle with this much ammo in all my time atLockheed Martin LMT +0% and SAIC ,” says Stan Larimer, a 40-year veteran of the American aerospace industry and President of Cryptonomex Inc., a US software development firm whose engineers have built what is touted as one the “most advanced blockchain architectures” and platforms on the market - OpenLedger.

The system is said to be capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second with an average transaction time approaching one second. And, while confirmations can take many seconds - by contrast on bitcoin it can take an hour according to Larimer. So we’re talking here about a system that is pretty damn fast by any standards with high volume throughput.

Mr Larimer, who served with Boeing BA +0% and has taught rocket science at the US Air Force Academy no less - contributing on 17 different R&D programs for air, ground, sea and space systems - reveals a new development is on the cards. "




also Dan Larimer was the FIRST to talk with Satoshi Nakamoto on a Public Forum as you can see here:



Also read this post by @stellabelle about the talks between Dan Larimer and Satoshi Nakamoto back when that was still possible..... Imagine if this was Dan Larimer talking with himself, his dad or someone else in the Satoshi working group


and who ELSE has created blockchains? If you break it down to occams razor, Dan Larimer and his Father @stan are most likely part of Satoshi nakamoto group... it explains why @stan is so arrogant and weird while he posts on steem.... its like he is a little TOO proud of his son, which makes me think it was Stan and his son and their friends in the public and private sector who helped create Bitcoin.

Honestly I have heard this slip while listening to debates on discord between whales, people have hinted at this and it is more than just a marketing tool for steem and eos.... WHO ELSE has created blockchains that work FASTER than Bitcoin? Vitalik Buterin has already made tit very clear he is not Satoshi and everyone in crypto knows this.... but Dan larimer? Well he seems to be the MOST likely candidate...

And I believe Dan Larimer and Ned Scott were told that STeem was going to be invested in as the NEXT Big Facebook, using the government InQTel program to invest DARPA money into Steemit inc and Steem Blockchain just like they did to Facebook Google Bitcoin and Ethereum..... and when Steem had issues they broke off and Dan made EOS and now EOS is the chain that will receive the massive government backing..... Golos is the chain that was supposed to take over Russia but  the Russians themselves sabotaged it from the inside out LOL, making golos economically inert just like the soviet union.... ok ok thats a stretch but still, Golos is now moving over to EOS... and EOS is popular in China, and threes a debate to get EOS held by more Non Chinese......


SO in relation to the recent trade war,  If Trump can be made to see that "He who controls the EOS controls the Galaxy" i can totally see Trump ordering the Treasury or asking private investors to buy EOS tokens to ensure that the Chinese dont own a majority share in the future of the internet....

So i hope you can see that the secret government InQTel and DARPA money is going to be very important just like it was in growing Google Twitter facebook etc..... those companies were invested in by a lot of old people, baby boomers, many of which worked for the government and have these pension plans... and a lot of pensions invest in stock market, and a lot of stock market is just buying facebook and google stock like pillars that hold the stock market up, the FAANG Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google ..... the tent Posts... soon we will see a great decentralization in the stock market as it morphs into crypto....


Ten years ago since the appearance of Bitcoin for the first time and until now we still don't know exactly who the inventor was. Where does Bitcoin come from? Who created it and for what? What is the purpose of Bitcoin made? Did only one person create it?

The questions above are some general questions about the history of Bitcoin that are mostly submitted in the crypto community, and also by those who consider themselves to be conspiracy investigators and theorists. To get to know the history of Bitcoin, we decided to discuss the origin of Bitcoin, share what we know about the author, and explore some logical reasons behind their anonymity.

When was Bitcoin Created?

The first appearance of Bitcoin in public was in January 2009, when someone or a group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto launched the open source code for Bitcoin software. The first block of the Bitcoin blockchain that was launched can be interpreted as a statement, a clue, or just as a marker. Nakamoto could only choose the first title they saw in the nearest newspaper. However, loyal followers of cryptocurrency agree that this is a statement that has special meaning. At that time, the 2008 financial crisis was still ongoing and the possibility of Bitcoin was a form of angry reaction and disappointment at the current state of our financial system.