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Does musing.io plan to add different languages ?
I thought that it would be cool if people are able to use musing.io would be able in multiple languages. Also questions should be filterable by language. Is musing.io planning to add something like this in future ?

This actually is a good idea but one I don't see will happen this year.

At the moment, there are only a few users on Musing.  If people start asking in a different language, then you are basically cutting half(or even more than half) of the possible answers you will get. Others will also just "Google Translate" an answer they found in Quora or Yahoo Answers as this approach is hard to keep track.

There is also the issue of hiring many curators (one for Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, French, Malaysian, Japanese, etc..) which requires a lot of trust between the curator and the one who made Musing. 

With English as the main language being used in this platform, a lot of people could ensure and visibly see that questions and answers upvoted by Musing are all of-quality and not plagiarized.


There are some users that are not good at speaking english language but they are good at speaking their own languages and there are some questions they

might want to ask but the language barrier will mot make them to be able to pass their message well because of their poor english

i believe that if musing.io adds more languages to this platform,it would enable more users to come into this platform especially for users that prefer to ask

questions in their own languages and also answer questions with their own languages,,

the idea of adding language to this platform is not going to be easy though because it means musing.io would

have to employ curators that can speak those languages and can be able to know answers or questions that deserves upvotes or not...


I have seen some answers written in foreign languages already. If you want to write a question in your language i am sure it will be accepted. 

I am sure this feature will come in time as different communities join Steemit. Already there are at least half a dozen who write posts etc in their language.


Well i know that there are some people who would really love to ask questions or answer questions in their own languages and I think musing.io should have plans to add features which will enable people to ask or answer questions in any language which they want in other to make sure that everyone benefits from this platform.