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What does a good Sunday morning breakfast include for you?
Time for a cosy breakfast. What has to be part of it?

Actually Sunday Morning is always kind of boring here because everywhere is always silent due to the fact that some people are preparing to go for church while some consider it as a resting day after the whole stress from Monday - Saturday.

It is sometimes difficult for me to buy readily made food because no restaurants will open by that time. But guess what, I must eat something every Sunday morning because I won't be energetic to perform my daily tasks.

Today, my sister prepared Jollof rice and egg with fish and I really enjoyed it. We just had to make use of the necessary ingredients we had at home to come up with something very delicious and I must say I really enjoyed myself this morning. This is why I am very active in answering this question on musing because if I haven't eating I will be very weak to type.

The astonishing part is that the food we eat every Sunday morning varies depending on what is available. Just make sure you eat breakfast so that you can be ready for the whole day.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


A full Irish which is 3 sausages , 2 rashers . A black and white pudding, a poached egg, mushrooms , beans , waffles toast and coffee. You will not need a lunch !!


Eggs, bacon, sausage links, sourdough toast - heavy on the butter.

And a nice cup of hot tea.

Pretty much my standard weekend breakfast.


A good Sunday morning breakfast is one I and my sister make in the university when we feel like going the extra mile for breakfast.

It consists of fried potatoes, egg sauce made with fresh and dried pepper with onions. The potatoes will be fried separately and the egg sauce separate also. We would then prepare beverages with a lot of sugar and milk. Its always a joy.

I'm craving for it as I write this answer and is bringing back memories of those enjoyable mornings. Yummy!


I always have few different cereals mixed together, with hot milk. So Sunday morning breakfast is no different as any other :) But in sundays (in afternoon) I like to make myself a milkshake with lot of different fruits, honey, and little bit of cinnamon 


Egg and bacon! That's a great way to start the Sunday. 


I have never been a breakfast sort of person and my normal day would just be a cup of coffee.

Sundays however we normally have a special mid morning breakfast which would include coffee and fruit juice. Eggs ,bacon and sausages with toast is our normal Sunday breakfast catching up with the family. It is one of the only meals of the week that we are all together these days as our lives are so busy doing other things.

Family time is important and should make the effort at least once or twice per week. We are not getting any younger and having family in the same town let alone the same country is rare these days.


There are plenty of things we do in morning including breakfast as I am not able to get time in morning for breakfast many time as I am a lazy persons and cannot able to get up on time and I get late for my college and I miss some days my morning breakfast. Some day if I got up early and then I prefer to have a light breakfast in the morning due to sleep. I often eat some pasta, Maggie, Bread jam or some fruit dish. I prefer to eat this dish at morning between 9-10.

The breakfast I eat is less in weight because there are plenty of reasons behind it, One is sleep. As we prefer light weight breakfast we get our day a boost and we may work some more time because heavy food may get us to sleepy whole day. It from our precious time we lost out one day because of some food. 

Some day when I am traveling somewhere early morning then i eat some fast food as my mother is not able to wake up early morning and cook for me so i usually prefer some dish like Samosa, Vadapav, Dabeli as my morning breakfast.