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Why everyone complains about money, and after they have money, are they satisfied?
Human lust has no end, after having this and that there are other needs and using money without realizing how much more they want money to spend money without any benefit.
I guess its because man's wants are insatiable; as soon as one is met, another rises to take its place and since there's never enough money to meet all these wants/needs, there will always be complaints.

The best thing would be to try for contentment and happiness, no matter what and you'll find you'll have far less reasons to be unhappy.
People are very much attracted towards money as money can no a day buy anything we want. Today even love is been bought by money so money plays a vital role in our day to day life. Money is everything of people who are working very hard in their field.
Money is a word where it comes there are no relationship between this word only we can have regular feeling otherwise there are no feelings.
People are not satisfied even they have lots of money because they see what other people are earning and starts regularly earning and never enjoy their life with family.
Today there are marriage which are been happen from money also with some kind of giveaway we can say so money is very important in one life but people are still not satisfied with this.
Money doesn't give satisfaction. Although it bring momentary satisfaction. I think, happiness can bring satisfaction. As humans, there's always a quest for more money.
Nice question regarding money.Money is a important part in our life ,we cannot live a life without money so money is the important source to live on earth .If we do t have money no one will noticed us.if we have good amount of money people will become friend with us and live us when money is not there in our pocket.

There are so many cases we see in a police station regarding money like the thief takes the money,the person is not giving the money back,he/she is not paying the bill and so on various ways people are having cases in police station.

The person who had good amount of money then also he will try to have more money and so he cannot enjoy the life which the good had given he only works for the money only.

The people are not satisfied even they have good amount of money.so the people who are having money they obviously think about that how they utilize the money so they get huge return in few days or weeks.
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Money is not everything in life and money is also not the number one most important "so no need to complain about money

There is a piece of truth in this sentence, that money is not everything

Having money is not necessarily happy for yourself and your family
Having money does not mean that all problems can be solved immediately
With money, we can only buy pleasure, but not happiness
Under certain conditions, money no longer means anything, there is a split in the family
However, don't forget, that the truth that appears in plain view is not an essential truth. There are other things, which need to be understood, that: "

Everything in this life needs money "

Like it or not, this is a fact and reality, Facts are not always in harmony with the flow of the human mind, even facts sometimes collide with ideals that are ingrained ,,

This is where maturity in the way we think and behave is demanded, to be discerning and wise to distinguish, which things should be used as guidelines, which need to look at the situation and conditions.