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If you could see your future, but in doing so, change the opposite for good or for bad. Would you dare to see it knowing the consequences?
Example: In your future you are a millionaire, but to see what your future would be like automatically will change the opposite, therefore instead of being a millionaire you would be poor.

I wouldn't do it!!! There are certain things in life which you just aren't meant to know until the right time. Everything on the planet has a flow to it and although I don't have much belief in predestination, I know for a fact that knowledge of the future can only do more harm than good, I mean hasn't anyone seen the flash?

I know the temptation of being able to see all that you'll become and what kind of life you'll be living is great, but if it means jeopardising all of that then knowing what you become doesn't sound like a very good idea to me. If you happen to look into your future and you see that it's not so bright then it stands to reason that you could actually do something to change it.

But then again, you also have to take into consideration the fact that your actions after you see your future may not necessarily make you have a better one. So I think not knowing about your future would be the best thing to do.

Well there are actually two schools of thought when it comes to messing with timelines, the first one suggests that no matter what you do, even if you find out about the future, the timeline won't change because you finding out about the future is part of the timeline itself. In this case then knowing about your future won't change anything.

The second school of thought suggests that once you gain any knowledge about the future whatsoever, you alter the timeline and create another timeline entirely and there's no telling what to expect from it.

As far as your question your goes, I'll definitely stick with NOT knowing the future, no good can come of it!!

I hope this helps


I think we all have the curiosity to know our future! That's why fortune tellers have always existed. Man, in his thirst to know everything, will always look for the way to know more, to decipher the mysteries that life has in store for us. The fact that, knowing the future that awaits us, there is the possibility of changing it, will surely make us think a little about the decision. But surely, even if you choose not to know, there will always be curiosity, and now twice as much because you had the opportunity to change your life and you didn't do it. Knowing what your future is going to be and living with that knowledge must be a very heavy burden. 


Wow!!! What a crappy superpower it is to have. But a super power nonetheless. I am going to reshape the future with this power. Ok, So my answer is based on the fact that it is not mentioned anywhere that you can use the power only once. and if the future gets changed, It can change again. Nothing is set in stone.

So people, Behold as I present you the guide to crappy superpower.

Step 1 - When life gives you lemon, Make sure it's actually a lemon. I would go in my devil's workshop and test out the super power. I would see a near future and try to work out the pattern in which it works. Know the rules before you start playing with it. Draw the lines. Or as my wise friend once said make some mistakes and learn from it. How the outcome changes from previous results. To what degree that outcome has changed. 

Step 2 - Ask life some more lemon and test them too. Double check the theory that you have designed. Make sure that you can anticipate the out come with very less margin of error. Check how of you are in control of power. How can you manipulate by seeing the outcome again and again.

Step 3 - Sell the lemons and ask life for some more lemons. Repeat the same experiment, But this time try getting it in your favour. Start small see how the powers are working in the real life (Production environment for the IT peoples). Don't be afraid of your powers. Go after the worst possible situation where the changes can only go towards the good side.

Step 4 - Brand your lemon and sell for fortune. Go in the deep waters with the power where you know the exact outcome of the event. And then go all in. And when everything is said and done. Cash in your chips ;-)

Step 5 - Make lemonade of the remaining lemons. When you have used the powers to your content hang the cape and enjoy the rest of your life. Do whatever you want. You can go and reboot the entire DCEU and nobody will question. Although it may have its consequences. But still you will rock ;-)

To put thing in simple terms, Use it to predict crypto market and make fortune. 

I may appear cold, calculative and soulless person. But I am actually a warm hearted, gullible type person. Can't say anything about soul as I have watched movie of kind like 'Movie43', 'Mortal Kombat' and 'Race3'... so you may be right about me being soulless. 



PS : Remember when life gives you lemon, you can be sure that you ain't gonna suffer from scurvy. 

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