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What language would you like to learn to speak fluent in addition to your native language?

Which language I would like to learn? What language I need to learn is an appropriate question. 

I already speak English fluently, on the top of my native Polish, so I already fail this question. 

I actively chose to pursue English speaking skill, so that's nice.

I did go through 12 years of German at school, never liked it.

I guess, you could say, if I want, I could master German. 

I have some knowledge of Japanese, I know I can master that one.

I considered moving to Norway, so, if I were to. I would absolutely learn Norsk, and most likely will.

My fiance and all of her extended family speak Mandarin. I will have to, at some point in time, learn Chinese. 

Yeah, that's my list I suppose.

Norsk, Mandarin, Japanese, German, and let's throw Spanish in there as well, why the heck not! 


I have about two or three of them that has really been on my mind for a while now. I'll tell you the story behind each of them as briefly as I can.

First is German. I first fell in love with German, REALLY, fell in love with it, when I saw the movie Fury by Brad Pitt. The movie is about WWII and it is set in Germany. In the movie Brad Pitt had to speak German, and my God did he speak it beautifully!!

The way it just rolled smoothly off his tongue and how beautiful that language was, was just everything to me. But I never really had it in mind to really learn it until I became very curious about Hitler. And then Franz Kafka.

Both men are of course influential, and what they have in common is they've both written books that are worth reading and studying. And that is one of the reasons I get obsessed with learning languages: to read the books that have been written in that language.

I know you might say, that there are translations available. And yes you'd be right but the thing about translations is that they're not really like the real thing in essence. The act of translation would have surely taken some stylistic excellence out of the prose. And I found that to be very true in Kafka.

I'd really love to be able to read all of Kafka in the original. And to read Mein Kampf--by Adolf Hitler--in the original.

I made move towards this two years ago and I already begun learning Ferman. It's been a challenge and I've not been really consistent but i'm getting somewhere.

Second is French.

Because French is just absolutely beautiful isn't it? Honestly I dont think you can hear a Frenchman or anyone fluent in french speak it and not fall in love with the language.

Lucky for me we were taught French in our schools during the primary and some secondary level, but unlucky for me we had terrible teachers so now i only know tads and bits of phrases like a layman.

Still id very much like to improve my knowledge of French in the near future.

And lastly we have Spanish.

Because recently i fell in love with someone who spoke Spanish and has it as her main language and I'd love to learn to communicate with her in that tongue.

Plus there's also a bit of Spanish curses in Ernest Hemingway's novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and they were just epic and hilarious and made me like the language a bit more.

So there you have it, languages I'd love to learn and be fluent in.



I would definitely want to learn German language to be able to speak fluently. A matter of fact I speak some German but not fluent. However I would like to be able to do that fluent.

I lived in Germany for more than a year and I had the chance to learn at least the basics of the German language and I could do pretty well, but not enough...

The reason that I would like to do that is because it's a tough to learn language but a good one once you learn it. It even has some beauty in it. A sort of beauty of the precision of the words if I may say like that.

With the German language you can live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland because in all of the three of them people are speaking German. In Switzerland not all of its citizens are speaking German but many of them do. The rest are speaking French and Italian.

The funny thing of learning German in order to live in these countries is that you can't without doing that because none of them accepts speaking English with foreigners on a daily basis.

BUT not only that German language would help me to integrate myself in any of the above mentioned countries but with learning other foreign languages also. English language is not my native language, but I speak and write pretty good so if I could learn German fluent also I would be able to learn then pretty easy Dutch also and even Norwegian or Swedish.

From what I noticed with my modest knowledge of German language, the Dutch and the Scandinavian languages are somehow a combination of the English and the German language so mastering these two it could help learn even more. 

It's such a coincidence how this question came from because for a couple of weeks I started to review some German language courses on youtube to improve my German performances because I plan on moving in Austria next year.

Bottom line the German language is not an easy to learn one but for sure is worth learning it. At least for me and I really feel like it's worth all the effort. I am curious also what foreign language would you like to learn .

Hope you found my answer interesting and wish you a great day!


Chinese/ Manderin Would Be My Preference.

China Has Been Very Influential World Player of Late, Especially In Commerce, Technology and FDI. This Tempo Is Likely To Be Sustained Into The Distance Future.

This Will Make The Chinese Language To Be More Accepted Worldwide As a Language of Commerce and Diplomatic Communication.

The Very Best One Should Do In The Midst of These Positive Projections Is To Be Connected To This Positive Train Through Learning The Chinese Language!!


I would learn German because it's among the most common languages in Europe. Learning German can help to find new business opportunities, ideas. Besides if l know German l can travel to German speaking countries Germany, Australia, Belgium etc.


I respect and admire all the languages. Even though I'm  not a linguist, I really enjoy to learn many languages. Now I know Malayalam, Hindi and English. Actually it is difficult to learn any language completely in short period of time. I am too enthusiastic when I listen or able to communicate with people who speak different languages. I feel crazy when I speak different languages other than my regional language.

Now coming to the answer. 

My regional language is “Malayalam” . In addition to my language, I would like to learn “Tamil” ( தமிழ்) fluently. From my childhood I'm so excited to learn Tamil. I like to speak Tamil always because the way of usage and slang will be good. It's been my aim to marry a Tamil speaking girl. By the grace of the god it is going to happen as my fiancé was brought up from Tamil nadu. It will be more easy for me to learn Tamil fluently.

Why I like Tamil ? 

Tamil is easy to learn as it is similar to my regional language. Pronunciation and slang of these two languages are the same. I always like to watch Tamil films . The actors like Rajnikanth, Vijay and Vikram are legends for me. The action, dance and styles of actions are quite different from that of other industries. I too got a chance to work with a Tamil teacher . Who turned to be my buddy. When I spoken with him , my interest to learn Tamil also got increased.

More about Tamil.    

Tamil is a Dravidian language probably one of the oldest language in the world. This language is spoken in Indian state Tamil Nadu , Singapore and Malaysia. Tamil is written in a non Latin script. In the year 1996 , it was the 18th most speaking language ( spoken by 74 million people) in world wide. Tamil is the earliest known inscription in Tamil date back to about 500 BC . Tamil literature started to upper in 300 Bc. 


Japanese then Korean 

I am a self-proclaimed Anime Lover and as we all know Anime comes from Japan.  Most if not all Anime are dubbed in Japanese and I want to experience watching Anime without needing to read on the subtitles. To just really focus on the scenes happening and not 50% subtitles 50% the show. In all honesty that is the main reason why I want to learn Japanese, to be able to watch Anime without the need of subtitles. 

Also if I could add one more language that I would like to speak and understand fluently, then Korean. Lately I have been hooked into Kdramas after recommendations of some friends and I honestly start to dig it. 

So yeah! My major reason really is kinda silly but it is what it is! Lol


I really love French. To me, the language is not just romantic, it's also strong to both the audience and the speaker.

It leaves me craving for more, I just want the speaker to continue talking even though I don't understand it.

Its not among the top five most spoken languages in the world but I'll love to learn it anyways.


Most definitely Italian! I can understand the language very well, I have no problem watching movies or documentaries in Italian, can also speak and read but I need to learn to write and also need to learn grammar properly.

After English, which is not my first language by the way, Italian is the most beautiful language! I love it.

I also speak Romanian and that's why it's easier for me to learn Italian, both languages derive from Latin.


My boyfriend is fluent in Spanish, since his parents were born there and taught him to speak both English and Spanish when he was a baby.

So I'm going to take Spanish lessons soon so that I can speak with him and his parents in their native tongue. 

Aside from Spanish I want to learn Chinese (Mandarin) while at University. I want to study International Business so learning a Chinese language will really help with my career, and is a requirement for the degree anyway.

I love languages so I'm really looking fo learning both of these languages. And knowing more than one language can really do wonders for your career and opportunities. There's nothing but positives when it comes to learning languages. 


Mandarin Chinese or Arabic are the obvious choices for me.

Mandarin Chinese comes the first because, as others have also pointed out, China is gaining more and more importance every day in the world. As China's economic and political influence grows, the value of Mandarin speakers increases as well. Another aspect is that Chinese has more than a billion speakers (even though a considerable number of people speak one of the dialects of Chinese, such as Cantonese, nevertheless, I assume that Chinese is still one of the most widely spoken languages). Even though it is true that not a lot of people can speak language as a foreign languages, you can still see a lot of native Chinese speakers in the whole world.

My second choice, Arabic, is because of my native language Turkish. Turkish has been widely influenced by Arabic; there are countless words in Turkish which have Arabic roots. I have the impression that learning Arabic would make me understand my native language better. Furthermore, it is also widely spoken.

One of the reasons I chose these two languages is also the fact that they do not use Latin script. Considering that all the languages I speak have Latin script (Turkish, English, German, Spanish [not advanced], and Polish [not advanced]), my desire now is to learn a language that is totally different.


Well I am from Bangladesh and apart from the native language I can speak in two more different languages which are ENGLISH and HINDI.

I do prefer English the most in from these two languages and this language kind  of helped me go a long way in my life and it still is giving a lot of support in my Steem Journey as well.

Note: I do like to learn French at some point in my life, if I ever get the chance to do so.  While after watching the movies of France  and  they kind of attract me quite a lot and I really do not watch those movies with subtitles if possible and  I always wanted to visit Europe France mostly because of the beauty of it and if I ever get the chance to do so it sure will be helpful indeed.

 The thing about Hindi language is that I learned it by watching Hindi cinemas and basically was  an addict of Hindi movies past in the back so was able to grab all the things and I can speak now in HINDI but I am not that great at writing it though. Count me as in a fluent speaker of Hindi. 


I would love to learn to speak French because

then i can go to France to work and gain money as they have so many online business but I can't do that because then I would have to learn the French language need