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Alright prefer to be respected or feared?

I prefer to be respected than to be feared.

There is no joy, favour or gain for me in being feared. I know some people will prefer to be feared than respected. But when you analyze it logically, you will realize that being respected is better than being feared. Here are some of the reasons I'd prefer to be respected than feared.

Respect comes with prestige: There is a kind of prestige that comes with respect, you don't get that kind of prestige being feared by people around. It only comes via respect. 

Respect makes you loved/feel loved: When people respect you, it is because they love you. On the other hand, when they hate you or talk bad about you, it is because they fear you. 

Respect makes you for the people: A person of the people is one who is well respected. They respect you because you are for them.

Being respected is well and more dignified than being feared. When you are feared, you are a bit far away from the people but when you are respected, you are more close to them than others. They listen to you out of love and respect for who you are and what you know. But when you are feared, they may listen to you but it would be out of fear of what you might do negatively to them, they do it out of compulsion and most times, they do it with disdain.



Anyone who’d answer “feared” probably has some issues.


But nowadays, sometimes being feared is a shortcut to being respected. I mean, we often do the hard way just to be respected by everybody and by all means, we cannot avoid of being feared by doing so. Though the two are totally different, the two could support each other. Take for example a boss-employee relationship where the boss gets the respect he/she needed from the employee while being feared because of his superiority. Being feared could have both good and bad feedbacks, and I am sticking to the good one.


I think everyone will answer "respected".

If you are being respected, it means you are being loved. Your presence is valued. You are approachable. Being respected is a reflection of your character. You are respected because you deserved it for showing respect to other people as well.

If you are being feared, people will prefer your absence. You are being feared just because of your power. If you lost that power, people will stop fearing you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who prefers being feared. Consider politicians who are only up for power, and being feared. If people will realize they don't like them anymore, they won't vote for him, thus losing his glory.

Parents should also realize this because some of their kids are fearing them instead of respect. It might be they're overly strict. So when they're parents are away, they can feel freedom, so as the saying goes "if the cat is away, the mouse will play".


Like most things in life, the answer very much depends on the context.  For the most part though, my preference would be to be respected rather than feared.

I don't particularly go out of my way for either outcome though. I tend to be who I am and treat other people as I'd like to be treated myself. I know the saying is that respect should be earned, but what about when you first meet someone?

I hope I would respect everyone enough to be polite, courteous and helpful. This is the only behaviour I am in control of. My own. What another person then does with this is their choice. I don't feel beholden to go out of my way to build up a situation where someone gives me respect. Respect for what? 

As to fear. The only time where I would possibly hope I could instill fear in someone else is if I needed to protect myself or someone else from them. I'd hope if another person was being aggressive that the fear of hurting me (possibly because they respected me) would be enough to calm them down.

Like so many questions, there is often no right or wrong answer, but one that depends on the context of a situation.


The perfect & ideal answer to this question is "respected".

But what I have so far experienced in reality, this world is filled with the people who has very different behaviors from each other and sometimes they should be feared of you for their own good. Subordinates should be under some pressure and fear to keep the discipline. Sometimes an employee can ignore the loss of one day's wage in case of being absent, but if he would think twice to make his boss angry if the leave is not necessary.

Nothing works hundred percent, neither hundred percent respect nor hundred percent fear.


I prefer to be respected than feared. When you are being feared, there are things one might ordinarily want to interact with you about but cannot because of the way the person looks at you, and because of the thought of how you might react to the statement. But if you are being respected one can interact with you but with calculative questions or statements. We never can tell what we might gain interacting with someone either older or younger than us.

When we are feared, we might have just a  or no people hanging around us, and I don't think anybody will like to live that kind of life except the person is one who loves to isolate. But when we are respected, we have a lot of fans and friends that are happy to be around us. Even though it is not advisable to trust people but being respected makes us to be social and have more friends who confide in us and we also confide in them. They are happy to share their life experiences with us, and so do we too.

In my own view, I rather be respected than feared.


I preferred being respected than being feared. Actually for someone to be respected is an indicator that one is intellectually, morally and culturally sound. Respect comes from how well people have judged ones way of life and intellect which has proven to be of great impact to the society at large. People respect doctors, lawyers , engineers, politicians, business gurus etc not because of their wealth but because their activities has proved them worthy of being respected. One earn respect, it doesn't come out of luck, it comes from dedication of services and the act of being specially different from the rest.

While being feared comes from being cruel and partial in ones way of life. People whom are feared doesn't have real and faithful followers, they keep around them men who praises them to avoid being penalized and help boost their ego which lead them down to destruction. Their are many disadvantages of being feared, which are

1.One looses friend

2.The truth is hidden far from them in fear of being questioned and rejected

3.The are easily led to their destruction

4.They maintain bad reputation.

So, if I was to choose between being respected or feared, I will and always will go for being respected. Because being respected is expensive


I prefer to be respected instead of feared. Give respect and have respect is the simple rule to earn respect and love healthy life. So, we should follow simple rule. People respect you from their heart due to your kind behavior. Fear only created respectfully in lieu of your high position. When your position becomes over. People simply hate you. So, it is better to treat people in a way which we like to be treated ourself.


I would prefer to be respected and not feared.

I wouldn't know why anyone would like to be feared unless your a gangster ir a bully. Little do they realise.that having the respect from people is something that is hard to do.

Respect from others around you can take years to build and seconds to lose. Respect is the highest accolade that anyone can have for someone.

Your actions are what gains you your respect whereas fear could also be acroons but it is totally different. Being feared is not something I would ever want.


I always prefer to give most kindly respect to others. Because If you give someone respect than you will also return back respect. So I want to give to advice to all humen on this planet they should do respect others with honestly. 

Giving something good to others is a good habit than people do love you and will help you in your good and bad time.

I never hurt someone because If I do then in the future they can also do the same thing with me. If I was wrong I prefer to excuse with that person, So i never thought to didn't do respect someone. 

Sharing and caring is best if you do with others. 


Here's my answer: https://musing.io/q/golddeejay/p3bnsl795


I prefer respected. Seems like people use fear to gain respect as a side effect but I like to get along with people not fight with them.