In case I'm short, is my vagina short, as well?
I am 18 and around 4 foot 8 inches. I am moderately short and frightened that my sweetheart's penis won't enter totally due to the length of my vagina. Does my tallness influence my vagina's length?

In artistry they suggest proportions or scales to drawing the human body.

However. The human body in the terms of height to the relative size of body parts is not so true. The body portion of the human in terms of size are generally the same, Taking out the extreme of comparing someone of 6 ft 6 in to the of some 4 ft is not a good comparison.

In most cases of some inches in difference the body size difference is not noticeable. In the case of intercourse the human body is flexible in ways that might amaze you. When you take into account the average size of a penis is 7-8 inches. The female human body would have the same %'s for intercourse. 

There are variations to the human body to all of us, A tall woman can easily have the same variation in body parts. Height is not the only factor.

At the end, The motions felt toward each other will determine the satisfaction gained from making love. Not the size of each others parts, But the feeling each get from being close.

I guess it only matters if the intercourse is for an emotional closeness or the pleasure which can be gained from intercourse. 

There are other forms of sexual pleasure which can be gained without full on intercourse.

Do not worry too much on size.


The average size of genitalia is relative to persons height.

However, it is not a rule, averages can not tell you anything about an individual case.

An average vagina depth is about the same as the average erect penis length, which is around 14.5cm.

You can just take your toothbrush, oil it a little and take a measurement yourself.

Simply insert it as deep as it feels comfortable and you will know.

However, even if it is more shallow than the average, do not feel discouraged.

Upon arousal, the depth of vagina can double. Effectively makes it the size virtually meaningless.

I do personally know a person around your height, who have a very shallow vagina. They are just fine.

Very satisfied with what they have.