Do you have a book that changed your life?

I like the 10x rule from Grant Cardone. You can follow him here on steem: @grantcardone 

The book is about taking 10 times as much action to get to the next level. To get exceptional results you can't be average. I think that's true. (Unless you participate in a ponzi scheme or something like that, but that type of fast money never lasts.) 

Most successful people that i know personally work very hard and are talented at what they do. But talent is a consequence of working hard because on average you have to put 10.000 hours into something before you become an expert.

Do you want to change your life? Then work smart and hard. 

There is not really a magic secret to getting rich but this book is special in some way because it's very motivational and inspiring. When you are at a low point in your life and you read this it can give you extra motivation to keep on going. It's kind of a drug.



Yes I have and I am glad that you opened a thread about the topic because it is the most important book for me that I have ever read and that I recommend every time I got the chance to do that. It's the book of Nisargadatta Maharaj that is entitled I am that and for me reading it was simply mind blowing. I read not once but three times in a row and I simply refused to read others many years after that. The first time I read it was in 2012 and it was a time when I was very interested about philosophy and spirituality in particular. I was into yoga, meditation and very often I tried to understand what I am meant to do in this life, what is God why do I feel this and that and all sort of related questions. I was in a soul's search that really got cleared and enlightened by this book. It would be very hard to summarize shortly in this comment what is it all about but I can point out that it is not actually written by Nisargadatta Maharaj and it's the recordings translated from his numerous talks that he had over decades in his small apartment in Mumbai with people all over the world. The topics are generally spiritual and in relationship with the Self or our ultimate reality and essence as the master wouldn't accept to discuss on other topics. Nisargadatta Maharaj was an Indian spiritual teacher that attained Self realization and became a guru to thousands of people all over the world who seek for his wisdom. He used to point out in simply words how our mind works, how far can it go and understand what is actually or identity and sense of being how are we in relationship with God and very often also about why are we suffering and chasing unfulfilling dreams. His teachings were very similar to the ones of our contemporary Eckhart Tolle. For me this book was simply as an answer that I was waiting for years to all of my spiritual questions and I would just agree with his words by any page read. Probably that's why I read the book three times in a row. I just wanted to fully understand and live according to his teachings. It is a books that I encourage anyone interested in spirituality and non dualism to read and very important for me. Definitely life changing. 

Hope you found my insights interesting and wish you a great day!


I'd say eat that frog


“Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Unless PLAYBOY counts. 😈


 Quiet by Susan Cain 

Around 2 years back, before I turned 30 years of age I had such huge numbers of unanswered inquiries concerning who I truly was as a man. I was burnt out on being misconstrued and I didn't comprehend why individuals thought of me so abnormally. 

Well one day I was in my most loved store, Barnes and Noble and I ran over a book with a fascinating title called Quiet. There was likewise a statement on the cover page "The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking". Quickly I began to peruse the book and later bought it. 

Discuss an eye opener! This book was right on target. The majority of my unanswered inquiries were being replied. 

Here is the thing that I discovered: 

It's called Recharging. I never comprehended why in the wake of being around many individuals, I felt depleted. All things considered, it was on the grounds that as a thoughtful person, I require alone time. It energizes me and it's alright. 

In the event that there is a gathering of individuals having a discussion and I don't naturally toll in… it isn't so much that I'm not intrigued. I get a kick out of the chance to think before I talk. Be that as it may, I additionally incline toward one-on-one discussions to amass exercises. 

Indeed, there are times I would preferably be covered in a decent book over go to a birthday festivity. Why? Self preoccupation is an inclination for situations that are not overstimulating - Susan Cain 

It's alright to "not leave your shell". Numerous individuals neglect to understand that a few creatures normally convey protect wherever they go and a few people are only the equivalent. 

Thoughtful people, for example, myself have remarkable powers in initiative. I as a rule plan more than every other person, calm yet firm talking style, infrequently talk without considering, and being unassuming causes you sound sensible in forceful or solid positions. 


So yes in the wake of being at a conference or gathering for a hour I want to be home in my night wear. 

I would preferably spend my excursion perusing on the shoreline over celebrating on a voyage transport. 

I like to dedicate my social energies to dear companions, associates and family. 

I listen far more than I talk, might suspect before I talk, and I think I convey what needs be better in composing/messaging than in discussion. 

I detest struggle. My greatest dread is casual conversation yet I appreciate profound dialogs. 

I am not reserved, the word you should utilize is "specific". 

Loner? No, yet I require that by itself an opportunity to revive. 

Be your identity. Society will dependably endeavor to place you in a container and impact you to resemble every other person.


  For me, it would be the Harry Potter series. I still remember the first time that I read the Philosopher Stone, I was completely immersed into this magical world and it was the perfect escape form mundane reality as a child.  I would also add "Around the world in 80 days" which captured my imagination right from the first chapter. With Phileas Fogg and his companions, I embarked on one of the most epic adventures. These books really shaped my values as a human being and my perspectives in general.  Now days many people often look for self-help books to transform their life, I would suggest them to also look for the fictional stories, because they also contain valuable lessons on life and other things.


I would say " the true nature of God" by Andrew Wommack


 Yes im now 41 year's old, but when i was 25 did i discovered the Nag Hammadi scrolls, and then i studied the teachings of the gnostic.
And then one line changed everything..... im the truth and the light, follow me and il bring you back to the source. What latterly means that in everyday life everyone get choices, and in those choices it was needed to search for the truth, and then chose that. And if you do that then you will follow the path of the truth.
When i read that, i thought they are correct. The only way to understand our reality or to find the truth, is by searching for every truth in every choice we get. This means it changed everything about work, relationships, friends, family and even how look at the society.
I became a enemy with friends and family, for the only reason that i had chosen for the truth, because i did not do what they wanted me to do or what they aspect ed from me to do. While the truth was, that i wanted to do something different, then what they wanted me to do.
Or i started to do research in different religions, like the bible, the Koran and the Torah, because others told me to believe, and i was forced to do research into them. Because that was my logic, believe nothing and research everything what comes on my path.
Or when i look at the news, then i do research into what the news was talking about. And i did lot more, but basically it all started with the Nag hammadi scrolls. Who invited me to understand the teachings of the gnostic, and that could only be done if i had walked the path of the truth.
Compare it with, i got invited to climb a mountain, and the higher i get, the further i can see. Until i reach the top of that mountain, and then i can see as far as the horizon. But i would see more than others who do not climb the mountain. And others who don't climb can never see what i saw on the top, even if i explain what i saw. Because they will only believe what i saw or dismiss what i explain them. And the only thing what i can do is, explain to others how they can climb the mountain, to reach the top.
This is a metaphor for finding the truth, climbing a mountain is like searching for the truth. The more you find is like climbing higher on that mountain, and believing in a story or book is like not climbing a mountain at all, because you are already there where you wanted to be.
That saying there are two ways believing, one is the belief in something what you don't know of, like believing in a concept what asks from you to believe in a spiritual or godlike entity.
The other is the belief in what you did or what you know for 100%, because it was proven with evidence., and that is the path of the gnostic what taught me to follow the path of the truth, and only to believe in what was proven with evidence.
So yeah the gnostic teachings of the Nag Hammadi scrolls changed my life for ever and brought me on a path what awoke me! 


1. Make sense of how to help the torment you've picked. When you pick another regard, you are displaying another kind of misery into your life. Relish it. Value it. Welcome it with open arms. 

2. Life is about not knowing and after that achieving something regardless. All of life is like this. It never hints at change. Despite when you're happy. Despite when you're farting pixie dust. Despite when you win the lottery and buy a little task force of Jet Skis, in spite of all that you don't understand what the hell you're doing. Keep in mind forget that. Likewise, totally never expect that. 

3. Achieve something. Start fundamental. Make it a target to check out someone's worry and give a bit of your chance to helping that person. Complete it once. Or of course promise yourself that you will acknowledge that you are the base of your issues next time you get irritated. Just endeavor on the idea and see how it feels. 

4. Travel is a wonderful self-headway instrument, since it expels you from the estimations of your lifestyle and exhibits to you that another overall population can live with totally one of a kind characteristics and still limit and not scorn themselves. This introduction to different social characteristics and estimations by then obliges you to reevaluate what shows up extremely obvious in your own special life and to consider that perhaps it's not by any means the best way to deal with live 

5. To truly esteem something, you should keep yourself to it. There's a certain level of fulfillment and suggesting that you reach in life exactly when you've put decades placing assets into a lone relationship, a singular claim to fame, a lone occupation. Furthermore, you can't achieve those seasons of endeavor without expelling the decisions. 

6. The normal for an unwanted relationship is two people who endeavor to deal with each other's issues with the true objective to such as themselves. Or on the other hand perhaps, a strong relationship is when two people deal with their very own issues with the true objective to like each other. 

7. The individual being referred to, if he to a great degree revered the saver, would state, " Look, this is my worry; you don't have to settle it for me. Basically support me while I settle it myself." That would truly be a presentation of love: expecting risk for your own special issues and not thinking about your accessory responsible for them. 

8. You are exceptional. Starting at now. Notwithstanding whether you comprehend it or not. Notwithstanding whether some other individual recognizes it or not. Additionally, it's not in light of the fact that you moved an iPhone application, or finished school a year early, or got yourself a sweet-ass barge. These things don't describe hugeness. You are starting at now inconceivable in light of the way that, in spite of wearisome confusion and unavoidable end, you continue picking what to give a fuck about and what not to. This inconsequential sureness, this clear optioning for your own one of a kind characteristics for the duration of regular day to day existence, starting at now makes you awesome, starting at now makes you successful, and right currently makes you revered. Notwithstanding whether you don't comprehend it. Despite whether you're resting in a deplete and starving. 

9. It's not tied in with giving a fuck about everything your accessory gives a fuck about; it's tied in with giving a fuck about your assistant paying little personality to the screws he or she gives. That is boundless love, newborn child.


Yes, it only didn't change my life but it also changed the way I think. No wonder people say "readers are leaders". Here are books I read that actually changed my thought, life and transformed me into a better man.

1.my poor Dad and my rich dad

2.How to get from where you are to where you want to be.


This books did a whole lot of good to me