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Between Ladies and Men who is more likely to succeed on steemit?

THe ladies and men who are smart are more likely to succeed on Steemit. 

It is quite apparent in the Steem blockchain that most of its users are males. However, very few of them have more than a thousand tokens. Less than a thousand Steem users have reached the reputation level of 70. 

If we consider that those who reached the 60 reputation as successful (since that requires earning a lot of Steem tokens) then we will find many women and men in that category.

It doesn't matter what gender you belong to. Above all you, you need be smart enough to create high quality content. If you consistantly make good quality stuff, you will eventually become successful.

Some Steem users have become successful by using dishonesty. But even that requires you to be smart. There was a bot called bellyrub which went rough and scammed the money of those that invested in the bellyrub bank.

The reason he was able to scam about 30,000 Steem is because he was pretty smart himself. I guess the people that sent money to him were dumb. 

He wouldn't have been able to scam people if he wasn't able to operate moderately complex software. And of course I wouldn't recommended anyone to try it. The bellyrub scammer actually got doxed, so I assume his scamming operation wasn't so smooth.

So, your gender doesn't really matter. You need to be smart.


I don't think it should make a difference.

I tend to follow and chat to more men than women on Steemit but it hasn't made a difference in my thinking.

I think it will be an even split as it all depends on the person. You need to be resilient and consistent. Someone who doesn't give up and just keeps going. Character is key so it is not about what sex you are really.

If I had a guess I would say there are more males on steemit than females but who is succeeding is probably an even split.


Gender has little to do with one's success on steemit. Sexuality rarely plays a role in the steem blockchain except in the case of explicit materials.

What people look out for is the quality of content, willingness to engage and grow the community.

A person who is determined to grow in influence, worth and popularity on the platform must have these qualities and be resilient in the pursuit of growth


Well basically it does not matter if one is a man or a lady to get success in Steemit.

What matters most is that one need to creative and should get to know how this awesome community of steem Blockchain works.

While the next step that any user should look out for is the specific groups in Steem Blockchain. As alone growing in Steem blockchain is rather difficult and hard as we speak.

So choose  the niche wisely and go search for those users who uses that niche and they will guide you in here.

Join Discord app and make friends and there are different groups join there as well. As the more friends one has in here the more visibility one ill get in here. Thus more success as well. 

Well this are some basic things that any user can do and get to success in Steem Blockchain does not matter a lady or a man.