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Do you think women empowerment is taking over male power?

Isn't it quite obvious? Men in general tend to have an desire to protect and provide for women. Women are instinctively valued as the gender that gives birth to children. Whatever women want men will try to provide. There are areas in which women's and men's interests contradict such as family and divorce courts. In much of the English-speaking world at least, I'd say the scales are clearly tilted in women's favour. Affirmative action favours women at the expense of men in hiring for jobs in some areas. 

Society has lost a degree of tolerance for dissent and difference of opinion because the general sentiment is that expressing any opinion that might displease women can get a man in trouble. The former president of Harvard, Larry Summers, was smoked out of his job because he dared suggest in a speech of his that women's under representation among the very top of intellectual achievement might have something to do with the fact that the standard deviation of women's IQ distribution is smaller than men's (note that this has nothing to do with suggesting that women are, on average, any less intelligent than men). James Damore of Google got sacked and became a persona non-grata in the corporate world because he wrote in an internal memo that pointed out the fact that there are fewer women in tech positions at Google because the STEM fields are less attractive to women on average. 

So, yes, there is a certain tendency to even hysterically pander to perceived women's opinions and preferences in society. The average life outcomes of boys and men have been getting worse in society. For example, boys do worse in school than girls nowadays. It will be interesting to see where we will end up at this rate.


Uhmmm well female empowerment was never meant to take over "male power" as you call it, it's meant to give women an equal footing where men are, that's all. I take it that by male power you mean gender inequality which favours men in higher positions than women, well if that's what you mean then I don't think it's taking over.

Now the thing is for female empowerment to take over, that would mean that we'd end up creating the reverse of the present situation we're in right now and that means that we'd see things like "masculinism" and the advents of masculinist and that defeats the purpose of female empowerment.

Women are fighting for equality, at least that's what the sane feminists are doing, not the radical ones, they aren't fighting for superiority, no, that would just create a war between the sexes. I feel like with each day that passes men and women get closer to being on equal footing so if it's a matter of whether or not female empowerment is gaining ground on men in terms of gender equality then yes it is.

Concerning your question, I think that it would actually set women and female rights movements back if they actually succeed in taking over and relegating men to the same position they were before because it'll do nothing but start a cycle which they tried to end. Moreover, it would make folly of all the efforts of all the women who fought for gender equality because they'd be perpetuating the same acts that they've been trying to kick against.

Women empowerment is for equality and not superiority.

I hope this helps.