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If The Markets Fluctuate Wildly. Why Invest Then?

Reason why it is called investment is because it is for future purposes people do not invest now in order to end the words now they actually invest now in order to secure a positive futuristic response or outcome for example people who invested in bitcoin in 2011 didn't do so because they were going to start reaping the rewards immediately but we all know that people who invested in bitcoin in 2011 became billionaires in 2018 so this is the mindset of an investment.

In actual sense the market fluctuates but a person who is not an investor will not see an opportunity I accept the fact that investments are risks sometimes your graphical analysis may not even cover it or it may be that you may be a potential loser in the future but investors are risk takers and they do not actually mind how many times the market fluctuates in order to invest, they see an opportunity, they take it and invest so this is the mindset of an investment.

Investments are futuristic which definitely means in the long run and not the short run so my friend the market fluctuations are not even a consideration for people who are investors because this isn't one of the characteristics and features of a potential market to check out for before making investments, investors have a strange kind of mindset so different feature of the market do not make them stop buying.


Personally, I see investing in crypto currency like playing the lottery or going to the casino.  I don't plan to invest more than I can afford to lose.

You will hear many people tell you that all over the Internet and Steemit.  It is just some good sound advice.

If I have say $50 and I would be okay going to a casino and spending that $50 and losing it all, then I think it is okay to invest that $50 into crypto currency. 

Even though I believe in crypto currency and I have some high hopes for the future of it, I still don't think it is something that I would be comfortable investing my life savings in.  

Likewise, I think a lot of us have gotten in pretty late to the game and unless you have a large amount of expendable income to invest, you are not going to see huge returns like others have that were holding into this time a year ago.

I like investing in projects that I believe in more than I try to invest in projects that I think are going to make me money.  I just know the returns are not going to be that huge, so I like to follow and support projects that I think have a lot of potential to change the world and make it a better place.

Steemit is one of those because it gives people from all walks of life the ability to earn an income.  If you live in a certain area, it might not be worth as much as it is in another geographic location, but the possibility is still there.

I invest for fun, as a hobby, and to support the great groups and projects that are out there.


In hopes of large gains, of course. Without sufficient volatility there cannot be large gains. But you shouldn't invest anything you cannot afford to lose completely in highly volatile markets.


If the markets fluctuate wildly-----then why not invest to make some quick profit !!!!!

We all invest with an aim to make some profit when the market will move in favor of our speculation and every investor invest to make a profit out of it, its a separate thing that not all make profit, some make loss also, but that is the reality market. So it is up to you to decide how much risk you can take and invest accordingly.

But one thing I am quite sure that if one is patient enough and can wait and have a long term plan, then there is always something for him and the long terms investor always get their profit and all the short term profits are like noise and it provokes you to put more money and lose. So the ideal way of investment is study and research properly about the asset before putting your hard earned money, set a goal, make a long term plan, I am sure you will succeed  this way.

Disclaimer- It is not an investment advice

Thank you and Have a great day.


Nah, interesting question.

Investment  is created and can benefit only if there are fluctuations that occur.  Therefore, it is normal that if without significant price fluctuations,  people will not be interested in the type of investment. 


on the contrary , why would invest in something that just stays put ?

You can make money going up or going down , if you know what you are doing ( I don't) so actually a fluctuation marketing is heaven for day traders.


Because you can make a lot of money by buying in the dips and selling at the high points. If you are buying for the looooong haul and just want to sit on the investment then the regular stock market may be a better course of action for you.