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Why people want easy money scamming other people?
Why are people behaving unfairly? Why do you think people don't want to earn money fairly?

Well I believe most of us wants to have easy money, but may not chose the way 'Scamming'. It is few people who wants to get money that way. Most of the human being are helpful, passionate, feel sorrow for others and fair in there life. 

People may get corrupt, or hurt others by their behaviour but not always want to hurt others and take money from others by scamming.  

But I have to approve many of them want to have money unfairly. They used to chose scamming, giving threath to others. That's why we can see so much bank robbery, online scamming etc.

I think the reason behind this is-

> Some people are lazy for their life and don't have ethical standard. They don't want to work for their fortune but want money.

> There are some short coming in our laws, infastucture system and governing. So people find the easy way to have money. 

> People these days have less empathy to others. How hurt other people will be, is their second thought. They always think about their portion. 

> People are becoming more connection less with the society. So they don't feel the responsibilities to the society and to other people of the society. So they easily choose the path to get unfair money.

There are some other personal and social behavioural perspective, which affects these kind of attitude of some people.  

I wish my answer helps you. 


People behave unfairly and try to scam other people of their hard earned money or properties because they are selfish, wicked and evil. They have no feelings for their fellow humans and enthrone money to be ultimate in their hearts to the extent that they can do anything to have it. Such type of people have no human sympathy or morality.

Wickedness, greed, selfishness and love for money are some of the reasons why some people choose the path of scamming others of what they laboured for.


Fear. Greed. Laziness.

Basically, scarcity consciousness.