What have you learned in your teens?
I think the most critical being a high schooler is time the board. I should be best of the time in my day constantly. I wake up various, go to bed extraordinary, and eat diverse ordinary. I have to know how to manege may time better to have less difficult schedules.

You know, seeing as I was a teenager earlier on this year, I guess I can take a swing at this question. Teenagers have a strange sense of importance. As an early teen you feel like the entire world is revolving around you. You feel older than you actually are, and as such, try to do things that are actually beyond you. Coupling this with puberty and menstruation in the case of girls, the teens are a really bumpy ride.

But majority of this comes at the beginning of the teen years. My dad says that if you don't die as a teenager, then you have no reason to not live a long life. What he means is that teenagers tend to do the wildest stuff but once you begin to move past that age, you begin to get wiser and make wiser decisions.  When I was a teenager, I was unruly, arrogant and an all-round pain in the ass. It wasn't anyone's fault, I thought I was the center of the universe and so I misbehaved. But with time I learned how big this world really is and how small I am in it and it had a kind of humbling effect on me. The closer I got to twenty, the more understanding I became because I began to actually listen to what other people had to say and I learned a lot as I did. I'm twenty right now. By March next year I'll be twenty one and I think I can call myself wise. Or at least wiser than I once was. So that's what my teen years taught me. Through mistakes and experiences, I became wiser and I think its going to be an upward slope from here on.


My teen stage was one of the best stages in my life which I have acquired more knowledge and experience because I have learnt lot of things during that stage. A scholar once said the knowledge acquired during the teen stage is like a strike or mark which is applied on a rock. This implies that the teen stage is one of the best stage of learning easily and effectively.

What have you learnt in your teen?

I have learnt lot and lots of things during my teen stage even though I won't be able to list them all. I will list some vital things I learnt to enable other teens and adults learn from my experience.

1) COMMUNICATION IN ENGLISH: I was able to learn how to read letter A, B, C.... Z during early stage. I am sure most of us learnt this when we were very young as a kid. The English Alphabets is the foundation of all English communication both orally and in written form. I developed my communication skills in English Language during my teen stage and this has really impacted my life positively because I am able to speak with other people using English Language.

2) PLAYING FOOTBALL: As a guy, it is natural for we guys to love anything that has to do with football. I played football with other teenagers who were also lover of football like me and ever since then, my love for football kept increasing.

3) PLAYING GAMES: As a teenager back then, I am more chanced or opportune to do some certain things because there were lots of free time back then unlike today such that I am just too busy because I am now an adult. During my teen days, I used to follow some of my friends to game centers after school period is over. My first day at the game center developed my interest towards game because the graphics were just too lovely. My friends taught me how to play it and I became a very good player till now.

4) USING THE INTERNET : I can't do without visiting the internet everyday because I became addicted to the use of the internet when I was still a teenager.

5) MATURITY:. Most of my friends today do tell me I am very matured and they wish to be like me. My maturity began when I saw different things and experiences during my teen stage and ever since then, I noticed I am becoming a new person entirely when it comes to thinking, mode of dressing and many other features.

6) RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCE: I was also able to add more to my experience when it comes to engaging in both love and friendship relationships with people. During my teenage stage, I used to have different girls and male friends I do mingle with which later add more to my relationship experience when dealing with people today.

7) 40 BOYS CAN'T PLAY FOR 40 YEARS : I never understood that word not until I lost a very close friend of mine. My teen stage taught me that not everyone of us will be together forever and ever. I now believe that 40 boys can never play for 40 years.

In conclusion, what every individual might have learnt during their teen stage surely differs from each other and I am proud to tell you that I learnt some of the listed things I made on this post during my teen stage.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps

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I really learnt a lot of things in my teens,I grew up in a kind of environment that was so notorious and it was not very easy to survive such environment but I was glad that I was able to survive it even as a teenager,some of the

things which I learnt in my teens was that a person can reach any height that they want to reach in life if the person is well determined and focused to succeed,I also learnt that respect should be earned and should not be

forced,another thing which I learnt as a teenager is that you should learn to have the ability to adapt or cope in anywhere you find yourself,never loose faith in your

abilities,always be confident and ensure that your self esteem is well grounded and also I learnt that health is wealth...