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How to improve education in rural area?
What reforms to apply in rural areas for better education?

There is an apparent reason behind why you must have asked this question. Almost all of us would agree to the fact that the quality of education in rural areas is not up to the mark when compared to that in cities. It is true to a large extent and this truth remains universal..!

No matter which country you are here referring to, regardless of the developed or underdeveloped nature of it, there exists a large gap between its rural and urban areas. This gap can be found in various things including culture, language, quality of living, quality of education... The list longs forever! We can invariably conclude that the people living in rural areas are entirely different from their counterparts in urban areas!

Here in India, this gap is so vast that in some rural areas, people still show reluctance on coming out of their 1950s mindset. Believe me, they lead their life as if they haven't touched 19the century yet! They teach their children to follow the same path as they do and also the education they receive from schools there often fails to overhaul the young minds! This is where I do think of the necessity of a massive purge!

The fundamental problem that the education system faces in rural areas is the attitude of people living over there. Unless educating elders, it is going to coninue to be an uphill task for teachers to properly incorporate suitable values in children; no matter how good the facilities are in the school..!

And one more thing I find disturbing is the complete apathy of authorities towards making the good use of modern technology. As far as I know, this trait remains pretty similar in almost all rural areas. Educational institutions, including the school where I work in as a teacher, show a total untowardness on making use of new technologies. This emerges from the common notion of people to regard mobile and internet as something very bad. Don’t you think that this kind of thinking is bad?

The facilitators of education in rural areas must understand and inculcate the importance of technology and must show no negligence towards implementing it.

I can sum up the entire answer essentially in two factors-

  1. Educate the elders of the importance of adapting themselves to the new world.
  2. Do not show apathy towards implementing modern technology based education system, thereby we can overcome the people’s thinking of technology as something bad!


I agree with some other commentators about the universal disparity between rural and urban areas, not only regarding education. You add health, technology, transportation, employment, security and social services in general. This does not have to be always the case, although I am fully aware of the economic causes of the disparity. This is ironic to me. Many companies refuse to invest in rural areas because they assume there won’t be a market or profitability for their investment, when in actuality the fact that the areas are pretty much pristine should guarantee companies great revenues once investment translate into increase of population, mobility, development in many areas and the promotion of the company’s contribution to that development, which in turn should translate into more capital for the company, at least in PR and more development for the area.

All this is necessary if we want education in rural areas to be on a par with the rest of the country. There is in Latin America a pernicious tendency under some pseudo-philosophical banner according to which endogenous development is achieved by addressing the needs and potential of the regions. This may sound promising, but in a fishermen village the chances of the average kid to develop intellectually at the same level as any kid anywhere else will be null if school authorities assume that the village kids should only aspire to become fishermen because that is their area’s main source of income.

If school curricula is designed attending to the so called local needs then what we have is a perpetuation of inequalities.

In order for education in rural areas to be up to the national standards we would need all the factors involved committed to giving the rural kids the same learning opportunities the city kids get.

School infrastructure should be more than adequate. There is tendency to give the rural areas just enough, because they do not need much. A big school with all that can been needed, even if it serves a small populations an indication of faith and hope that the population will grow and everything will be ready when that happens. A rural school should also have labs, sports facilities and big libraries. That will make the rural kids feel that they have nothing to envy form the city kids. Self-esteem is an important factor in education. 

Teachers should be up to the task. Preferably teachers should be from other areas. Speaking from experience local teachers tend to allow their own vices contribute to the perpetuation of rurality instead of the promotion of development and aspiration at all costs. Well trained teacher, with experience in other areas bring fresh ideas and impetus to the rural areas that can invigorate whatever initiative to promote fast development and educational quality.

Public infrastructure must be at the national standards. It will be impossible to improve rural education if teachers can get there because the roads are bad, because no buses or trains cover the route, because telephones or internet services are poor or non-existent, etc. etc. basic services such as electricity or water must be available in order for all educational activities to be carried out without the common rural excuses.

School authorities must be committed to development. Usually we have excited students, committed teachers and parents crashing against a wall of school bureaucracy and politics. If schools authorities are not willing to fight for the implementation of measures, plans, projects in benefit of rural development, there is little individual agents can do.

School curricula. If we can good teachers, knowledgeable and committed to giving their students all they got in their training, plus the inspiration to help them fly over the stigma of rurality, educational contents should not be an obstacle. Kids in rural areas should learn as much as city kids. From my experience there is a significant disparity between rural and urban schools in the kinds of courses and the contents of those courses. If that disparity is erased, then the sky is the limit for what those kids can do.

It will be up to individual differences to do the rest. Teachers, parents and authorities will have fulfilled their duties and the quality of education will not be contingent to geography or any other demographic accident.


In rural area if need development about education we need to concern about many things.


In rural area if we want to increase education. Then we should make more school and college.We know in rural many area we don't have enough school and college for their study.That's really bad feeling when we know they don't have enough school and college in their village. For increase education in rural area we need to make more school and college there.


For improve education in rural area every countries need to increase government facilities in rural area.Government need to give more free facilities for student.need to arrange for more free scholarship. That will inspire lot student for study in rural area.If government will give more facilities for rural student then in rural area education will increase.


In rual area we need to inspire people for study.In every rural we need to select one eduucate person who can inspire them about study. That will work lot for improve education in rural area.

We hope these many things will help to improve education in rural area.



Rural education is one of the key for development. We all know the importance of rural education. But still some government fails to serve it properly. There are some steps government as well as the community should take to improve the educational system.

> The first thing is empowering the local community. The local government or leader should have some sort of power or financial capability to help improve the educational system. 

> Raising awareness about the importance of education to the community will help in long run. If they could understand the importance they will impose the government to give them what they need to develop the education.

> Give allowance to the rural areas for educational infrastructure development.

> Insure proper nutrition for the children in the school besides of education. It will motivate them to come to the school.

> Raising the allowance of the teachers and train them for a quality education.

> Develop other parts of the society. If the community is underdeveloped, not aware of the importance of education, full of harmful cultures; then only educational system development will never gonna effect them.

> Identify the reason of drop out and work on it.

> Total infrastructure development. If only educational institutions made and no proper roads, water sources made to access that. It will never see the light.

> Continuous help and support from the government is much needed.

In my country government took some tremendous steps as I stated above and the educational quality become much better in last decade. 

They also add e-education to the system. So in some relatively rural areas where teachers don't want to go, made it easy to educate them.

I hope my answer could help you.


So good question


I will say about government . in every countries government need to carefull about this matter.They need to develop everything in rural area for good education. Also government should give free education system for rural life Because we can see in rural area many poor family cant give proper need element for their children.Because of their low income.Government need to do many things free for them.Then they will get inspiration for study.


In village or rural are we can see in many poor countries some.poor family they give marriage their girl. That's we need to stop. For their low income and poor mentality they think girl cantwork.outside.That's why that's type don't want their girl do study.In our recent life people need to change this mentality. If people can change thisis mentality in rural area education will improve.


In rural area so many people's have difference thought about study.Some think its bad some things s good.Some people have bad concept about study.First people need to change this in rural are.Then in rural area education will be improve.

At least, Government need to do support lot about this matter.Then.In rural area Education will improve.



At first I want to say that improving education in the rural areas is very important. There are still many rural areas who can not take education because of various difficulties. All of us can try to improve their education. If they can improve education, we will benefit all the people of the society. It will improve the society. So we should improve education in the rural areas.

I have been discussing these as a possible way to improve education in rural areas in different ways

Have to give inspiration

In order to improve the education system in the rural areas, they have to be encouraged first. They have to understand that the importance of education The good aspects of education have to be highlighted to them. They should imply that education is the backbone of the nation. We all know that the people behind the spine are like animals. So they have to show them how important education is for them.

Interest creation

Their interests will be created on education. If they are not interested, they will never learn and can not improve. So first they have to create their interest

Establish the institution

They need to establish a specific institution for education. So that they can take education there. By establishing this institution they will easily improve education. So it is very important to establish institutions, to improve education

The importance of education

They must be understood about the importance of education. They should understand how much of their benefit to education The importance of their education will be highlighted. They have to understand that if they do not receive education their lives will be in vain


Better transportation, better web-based educational materials.

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The eagerness to learn especially at the rural areas is actually genuine and then only thing that I can think of when it comes to the deterrent are the lack of infrastructure and facilities that the students need.

There are certain areas where students excel on things like logic and mathematics even though they don't have exposure to technology which I think is a valuable component to the learning of a student.


For improve.education in rural area we need one good Government. That will create srtict rules about study.Also for rural area study government need to do many things for their help.In rural area.need to make.many school for their study.also Many people need to inspire rural areas people for study that's kay be help for imorove education in rural area...

But need to o also many matter for solve this m.