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What is your best time for studying?

I think the early morning is the best time for study and it has been observed that those who wake up early in the morning and study, they tend to be more productive than the person who do it later in the day. The reason is that when you wake up early in the morning not only you are fresh but also the surrounding, the atmosphere at that time is fresh and full of energy and that is why you can be able to concentrate properly at that time and whatever you read, you can catch it and understand it properly with minimal effort.

Now what if you do the same thing later on in the day, say in the afternoon or evening time. If you try to study in the afternoon or in the evening or late night, first of all, the energy of your body will not be that efficient by that time and you might be feeling tired by that time. Do you know that from the moment you wake to the moment you go to bed at night there is a constant depletion of energy. This depletion of energy is not just due to physical effort but it accounts for everything like due to your thinking, watching, sensing or when you talk with someone, so every time some amount of energy is being depleted, that is why you need to utilize your time when you are full of energy and in addition to that during early morning your surrounding is also full of energy and relatively calm.

Later in the day if you study then not only it will take more effort from you for the same amount of work but also the surrounding around you will not be that conducive as so much of noise pollution and a different surrounding atmosphere altogether at that time.

Therefore a for student it is always advisable to study and make use of the early morning as much as possible and that way one can optimize his study with more efficiency. 

Here early morning means 4 AM. So one should plan his/her study from 4 AM to 10 AM as much as possible.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I think the best time is in the evening when everyone else has gone to bed. It is quiet with no disturbances and you can really concentrate.

I find during the day there are too many distractions and things going on. I can get far more done in a few hours of serious studying when there is peace and quiet.

There is never really a good time for me as I hate studying but late at night seems to work best for me.


Early morning

At that time, the brain is still ''fresh' and opened to suggestions. Plus, you're yet to take on the stress of the day so you're not tired. Even more, you'll have the advantage of the energy your body would have produced by digesting food while you sleep

Environment wise, everywhere is usually quiet, especially when you stay alone. If you don't you might have to explain your early morning reading routine to your flatmates

The only issue with morning reading is that I sometimes want to sleep for longer. Usually I get up by 6am but sometimes I want to stay in the sheets till 7 or 8 am

Overall, I still believe that early morning is the best time for reading and studying


In the mornings. I discovered that I am more relaxed in the morning between 3 and 6 am. I understand better and I'm able to assimilate very easily during that time.

Apart from my own reading pattern, it is much easier to assimilate better immediately after waking up from sleep. This is because your brain is refreshed since it has duly rested and can assimilate whatever it takes in.

I learned this in high school when we were taught that the best time to read is after waking up from sleep. It doesn't really matter the time. It's just about giving your brain a good rest so you can read and understand.


My best time of studying, at the morning time when my mind is totally fresh and I feel like to peaceful for study. I like to read book at the morning time because, this time is perfect for you, when you wake up after a peaceful sleep. When you feel relaxed your mind and body, than you can store enough your book reading with your mind. 

Basically it's the time when you realize you prepare your mind for having study. Then you will give up your mind to store enough knowledge. Well for me morning time is the best. 


I find myself the most productive at the time when almost everyone is already sleeping, from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am.

When studying, I prefer the time when there is less noise from the environment and even my house mates. It is only then that I can focus on my studies and also I feel less distracted by any other thing like TV, noise, and other things.

Although some might argue that sleeping late at night may not help us when it comes to memory retention. It maybe true to other people, but not for me though. So how do stay awake at this time? I don't drink coffee, instead I eat apple. In fact, coffee only makes me uncomfortable or acidic, so it doesn't really help.

So that's it, let's just say that I'm a night owl   : )


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In my opinion, there are some of the best times to study, especially when our brains are in a fit condition. Let's sort one by one.

3 to 5 am (best time to study)

Well,  ranking first as the best time for learning is just as early as 3  o'clock. I have felt the real benefits of learning at this time.

Anyone is aware that this is the best time especially for memorizing lessons. A quiet atmosphere plus a fresh brain after a break is the reason why many people like this time. Even if you are still sleepy, if you force yourself to memorize then the results are far more maximal than other times.

7 to 10 am

In my country and almost all countries in the world use the morning time to start school activities. There are special reasons behind it.

Because at this time the brain is still fresh and not many activities have been done before. You who have entered school at noon (moving class) certainly already feel the difference. If you enter in the afternoon, you will find it difficult to focus because in the morning there are many activities that you do.

7 to 9 pm

This is a time commonly used by school children to study at home. Although it has become a tradition, not many know the reason for choosing this time.

Because after learning later we will rest fully. It  is expected that after the brain is drained, then we sleep, the next  day the brain is able to refresh what was learned last night. Unlike  the case if after learning you are still doing other activities, such  as playing games, watching TV, even staying up late at night, making the  results of your learning not optimal.

In addition, it also reduces brain memory the next day. So, try after learning to rest immediately (sleep). 


In order to study effectively, it is important to determine when in the day you are at your best and when you are short of energy. We must discover its natural rhythm and exploit it to its advantage. It is best to study for your most demanding classes at times of the day when your energy level is at its highest. So if you are at your best in the early evening, you can study for your most demanding course at that time. Thereafter, you can study for the courses where you have more ease or those which you like the most.

Try not to postpone work in the most difficult courses. Start with the toughest classes at times when you are most available.


Actually it depends on the type of topic you want to learn. If you want to absorb and memorize new material, then morning time is the most appropriate time, because at that time, your brain is still in maximum mode after a break, so its ability to work is still high and focused.

If about analysis and planning, the evening or night is the right time, because at that time the brain is in working mode and quickly connects if you learn things related to analysis and need deep thinking.


On the off chance that you have any exam drawing closer and you need to begin adapting today morning. Just rapidly skim the substance the prior night. When you wake up you can straight away bounce into learning. This spares you the past morning time accessible and makes you mentally arranged to begin with a preset arrangement of where to begin and where to end.time is precious" an adage that everybody knows except only from time to time esteems its extravagance. Yet, a man who realizes the key to time the board just esteem the preciousness of time. 

In the event that you adore and make the most of your instruction, Every time will be the perfect time. On the off chance that you truly need an arrangement to cover certain objectives or hours, I would propose you to, 

Wake up at 5 toward the beginning of the day finish your every day needs warm up a bit, clean up and begin examining subject which requires memory control. Proceed for 3 hours or thereabouts and must take short breaks after each 1 hour and take some outside air. 

Do your morning meal read the daily paper a bit and after that return to think about. Presently accomplish something calculative like material science or maths in the event that you are from science. Proceed for 2hours. Try not to enjoy reprieve this time since its only 2 hours and you have to give bunches of spotlight on counts. So breaks may go astray you. 

On the off chance that you have school , I figure you return home at 5/6 at night take some rest get revived eat something and begin considering from 7 to 9:30. This is an essential 2.5 hours. You have to overhaul all the subject that you adapted today in school or training inside that brief span. Plan it well 

Do your supper and stuffs and come back to your investigation table by 10 and proceed till 1. Amid this 3 hours accomplish something moderate, science for example. 

Modification is an unquestionable requirement thing for progress. Use your sundays legitimately. You can include some additional 2– 3 hours in your timetable for modification of the week. 

And furthermore make week by week focuses for better outcomes. 

So in ends of the week 12– 13 hours and weekdays 8– 10hours. I believe that is the most ideal way you can use time.


When is the right time to study?

This question is indeed still an endless debate among students. Learning during the day is better or learning during the daytime is better? I am sure some of you have said that learning during the day is better and some of them say learning at night is better. Okay, it's okay, I don't mind how you each perceive.

But the reality is that there is no scientific explanation that can determine when learning is better because the conditions for each person are different. There are some people who feel more effective when studying at night, while others feel better studying in the morning or evening. Once again I say, I do not mind the perceptions of each of you, hehe. But, let's look at my explanation about the benefits of learning at certain times.


As a rule the best time for powerful examining would be Morning (5AM to 10 AM) and Evening(5PM to 9 PM) . 


Early morning is a period when there is less development of any frame. You would be the just a single wakeful in the house and there won't be any diversions. 

You venture outside of your home and learn stuff encountering the cool morning breeze. I discover it as an impetus for quick learning. 

You are in front of everybody and you for the most part have an edge over them. 

Awakening early doesn't have any antagonistic consequences for wellbeing. Then again, remaining up late in the night could break down your wellbeing. 

Tips on the most proficient method to consider in the wake of awakening early 

Your brain would be prepared to absorb data easily 30 minutes after you wake up. 

You complete your every day schedule in that 30 minutes and press a touch of light physical action to siphon up the adrenaline. 

Learn for 30 minutes and take 10 minutes breaks in the middle. Proceed till your mind can get contributions absent much strain. 

Stop when you cerebrum achieves its immersion point. Do some different exercises like tuning in to melodies , perusing a few books or some indoor game which would loosen up your psyche. 

Rest is demonstrated to enroll substance somewhere inside our memory. So take a short rest in evening. 

Again keep learning at night. Rehash indistinguishable strides from referenced for the morning session.


Maybe at night, yes night is the right time. Because at night we can use our time to read books, write and activities that are useful after the day we work.