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What gives you the most pleasure?
Is it food , like I do love food more than many things :D

Seeing the life of a person change for good - When I converse with any of my clients or anyone I see around me and they have a change in perspective, their life turns out astounding, or they just educate me concerning how extraordinary they feel… To me this is one of the best joys of my life!

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What gives me pleasure the most is certainly seeing someone been appreciative of me.

I always try to be friendly with everyone that I come across. I would always go extra miles just to help/support those in need of my help/support and what I would expect from them in most cases is their acknowledgement and appreciation.

Like I always say, HUMANITY is my religion and it gives me great joy to see someone point me out for my good deeds.

Cheers and do have a great weekend!


Singing for sure. That is the only thing that gives me unimaginable pleasure and the only thing that i can think of whether in a good mood or not. The feeling even heightens when i am leading my local church in a worship session eith the back up singers and choir coming together to give me the perfect response. At that moment, i feel like i am on another planet or a diiferent realm.

So many other things give me pleasure too but if you mean that one thing that does everytime, it is singing.


Amongst other things....Cuddling my purring cats, reading good books, taking photographs - heaven!