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What comes to your mind when talking of Japan?
I think the fast trains and the culture of people

Funny enough I was reading about Japan today and is my post for tomorrow.

What comes to mind is the problems they are experiencing now with the negative population. Normally I would say technology like bullet trains, but not after reading what I read today.

The problem is their imbalance in population ages and a quarter of the population is 65 or older. What this has done is left millions of houses abandoned and empty. The government predicts that over a third of all houses and apartments in Japan will be empty within the next 10 years.

The children inheriting them don't want to register them in their names as there is little chance of selling them . There is also the problem of paying extra taxes on owning more than one property. It sounds as though there is a huge problem and they cant fix it .

There is going to be a shortage of workers soon and they need to change their labor laws. This is a problem that will take generations to fix as they need a baby boom to sort this out.

Japan is not on it's own with this problem and other countries are heading in the same direction.


A lot! There are alot of things about Japan, good and bad. Whenever I heard about the Land of the Rising Sun, there's this main thing that came into my mind first - anime. But that's just one thing out of many. They also have this manga thing, a counter part of a comic or doodle. Japan is also famous in terms of culture especially sex. They have their ever growing porn industry. They are also considered as one of the powerhouse countries of the Asia because of their economic stability and growth. I got a chance to work on a Japanese owned company which is really time conscious and very particular to their rules and regulations. No doubt, Japan is the most deciplined country!


The first thing I think of japan is that it's the future. Imagine traveling from one country to the next. Going to Japan feels like going to the future. It has one of the highest and fastest development of the world.

This is the most advance city in the world. I can think of japan as the creators of sushi and the Sony ps 4 and the survival horror genre. Japan also i guess is known for its adult films despite it being a very conversative country. It is the country which also has lots of earth quakes.

Other than that, i guess Japan is one country which is also known as the land with no resources but has been rich enough due to innovation. This is also the country of all my childhood memories. There is ultra man, power rangers. In America there is marvel and DC comics, in Japan there are gorilla's, ultra man and many more. These were important to my childhood.


What comes to my mind when talking of Japan is its citizens discipline. Actually, I have not been there yet but I have siblings, cousins and friends who have worked there. Everytime we talk bout their experience there, the discipline of the Japanese will always prevail. They say that Philippines is the exact opposite of Japan. 

  1. In Japan, people wait for the vehicles to stop so they can cross the street unlike here where we like to play patintero with the vehicles. 
  2. In Japan, they use the zebra crossing when crossing the streets and the vehicles will wait until everyone had crossed. In the Philippines, we cross even if it is not the proper crossing. If we do cross on the pedestrian lane, vehicles will honk at us or worse, park on the pedestrian lanes.
  3. In Japan, their canals have fish swimming but in the Philippines, trash and garbage are floating with matching foul smell.

There are many good things that is in Japan and I hope to experience it first-hand.


I just recently read some manga online and I am currently watching one of my favorite anime shows when I was younger.

Reading this question, what comes to my mind about Japan are manga and anime. I have several favorites including the Slayers, Ranma 1/2 and Dragon Ball Z.

Japan is well known with its very popular manga and anime series. Another thing that comes in my mind about Japan is its sakura or their cherry bloosoms. I would like to see it someday.

I could think of some of their popular foods as well such as ramen and sushi.


When we speak of Japan, what immediately comes to my mind is the phrase "Dream Country". Yes, it has always been my dream country since I was little. I grew up watching anime, so I guess it's not really surprising. I am inevitably in love with its subculture!

As time passed by, my feelings towards Japan strengthened as I discover more of it than its subculture. It is a country so rich of natural wonders and traditions. There are a lot of places to visit in Japan that a normal 2 weeks 7-10 days vacation wouldn't be enough. 

Japan is also known as a homogeneous society. For that reason, they are very much strict with laws as well as in their way of living. I don't think it's a bad thing, though. However, recently, the country is trying to adapt globalization as they welcome workers and visitors from all over the world. I guess, part of it is because of their declining population. 

All in all, Japan isn't a perfect  country... but as an admirer of Japan, it's the closest to perfection. The people and their food are also really awesome... so, yeah~! That's what I think about Japan. I might be a little biased, though.. haha


Extremely high population density. Very strong conformism. High tech. Insanely long hours at the office. Dedication to perfection. People expressing themselves indirectly, sometimes hard to decifer what they mean. Low crime. Strong need to maintain face. A lot of suicides per capita. Lots of concrete everywhere. Earthquakes. Fish and seaweed. Fugu. Swords. Vending machines for every conceivable and inconceivable thing. Salarimen. Grass eater men. High quality cameras. Robots. Anime. Manga. Bullet trains. Mountains. Oceans. 


When I think of Japan, I think of a lot of things.  Their arts (manga, anime, music, kabuki, etc) are immediately recognizable, and often imitated.  The country is rich with history, from the Sengoku period, through the Meiji era, and even into modern times.  There's political intrigue, love, betrayal, and a nation with a tenacity that few can match.

It's not without its problems, though.  The value of the Yen has been artificially held down by the Japanese government to encourage tourism.  Fukushima prefecture, especially near the power plant, is all but uninhabitable due to radiation.  The nation's population is in decline due to decreased births and a rapidly aging population.

And yet, I love it.  Japan is like a second home for me, even though I don't live there. 


I think of anime first and then those documentaries I watched on National Geographic series.  Anime is the one that introduced me to that country but I stayed for the abundance of culture. I mean,  there are a lot of folk lore and traditions that country has that helped me expand my viewpoint about nature, philosophy, and the world. 

Japan was the first country I studied during my hobby reading. I still love anime but the difference now is that I'm disillusioned about the beauty and harsh realities that country has to offer to the world. 


Three things that made me think Japan is so much amazing.

Technology | Discipline | Attitude

- Discipline 

I saw a lot of Japanese people, read a lot about Japanese culture, and see successful companies/people from Japan and one thing I all notice about them - They are very disciplined. They follow rules and they find discipline as part of their lives. You can see it in all of the aspects.

- Attitude

Most of the Japanese people are having good attitude. In terms of handling themselves, career, or even on other people. They have an attitude that is really commendable. That's part of the reasons for me why Japanese people are wealthy.

- Technology

Japan is considered to be a country that is so much innovative and organized. You'll see amazing inventions and innovations made and all of them seem to fall into place. Well organized, I can say. They have amazing technologies that everyone enjoys and what I find amazing about them is that they're really organized.



Bear with me in that childish answer, even though I know that there are also other interesting things about Japan and its culture, Anime has the greatest impact on me.

I watch or read a bunch of it when I was young and even now (once in a while). And I really enjoy viewing it - it's funny, it's cool, and really interesting.


Manga 漫画


Sushi 寿司


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Mmmm.... sushi.... 🍣


I am an Architect working in a Japanese company for few years now and one thing that my Japanese mentors, collegues taught me is being such a “Perfectionist” isn’t always a bad thing because I can get to be really liable on what

I do, what can I do and what “more” can I do. The phrase “I can still do better” always pops up into my mind everything I am near on accomplishing a specific task at hand. There is and ALWAYS be a room for improvement...