Is money the root of the evil?
Money superficially affects our general public nowadays so it tends to be utilized to follow malicious deeds. right me in case i'm mixed up?

Money is good. Money is beautiful and it is obviously not the root of all evil.

The love of money however, is the root of all evil. 

Having money isn't bad and it is actually a good thing, but when you love money so much that you would do anything just for money, it means you love money so much that you could even perpetuate evil just to have money.

When you love something, someone, you could do anything, go any length, just to have it.

Same goes with money, when money becomes your top priority, you don't mind perpetrating evil, as long as you'd get money in return. 

And that's why people kill their fellow brother, sister, or friend just o have money or cheat someone just to have money.


Money enables us to support a style of living and provide for ourselves. Money is currency that we assign value to but its what we choose to do with it that matters. Look at lottery winners for an example. Some of the winners go crazy and buy everything they can think of or party as much as possible. Others use the money to support charities that they are passionate about. Money is not the root of all evil, its the love of money that is considered to be the root of all evil. Money is paper and metal coins that has no will of its own. 

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Having money is truly a necessity, and one can be able to sort out a whole lot, and live a very comfortable life, when one has a good amount of money.

But money isn't the root of all evil, it's actually the love of money that can lead to the root of all evil.

I have heard a lot on the news, where people kill a fellow human for money or to get rich, and painfully I've even heard and seen in the news where a person even killed his own mother and sacrificed her body parts in order to acquire riches, really sad you know.

Every human love money because it's a necessity, but if one takes this love for money to a negative angle, it becomes desperation, and at that point one can do ANYTHING just to make money, and this is what brought about the saying of money as the root of evil.



It was never annotated that the root of evil is money, infact the root of all evil is pride. It was just later on, that some people stated about the connection of money to sin/evilness of man. It is because, man is considered to be greedy. He doesn't feel the contentment in life especially in financial status. And that's where money puts itself in place. Along with every man's dream about luxury and wealth, money is always associated branding it as the root of sin(which is greediness). Hope that helps!



Money is also the root of many more good things. Without money, we could only barter. Our lives would be incredibly difficult as getting anything big done would be completely impractical. All we could do is barter on a very small and local scale. We'd literally be living in mud huts. Every single civilization that has ever existed has used some form of money, the oldest form of which is commodity money such as gold. What money enables us to do is replace a record of a favor we owe someone with a number carried by something like a gold coin in a primitive society or literally a number on a computer hard drive like in an advanced modern society. You can combine and transfer numbers over vast distances and time scales unlike information like "Ug owes Og a stone axe" making it possible for networks of millions of strangers to accomplish incredible things together like sending people to other celestial bodies and bringing them home safely.


I don't think money is the root of all evil. How evil a person is usually depends on what is hidden inside that persons mind. Usually I don't think money causes those evil.

Money can be a contributor to evil deeds as it can be used to do evil deeds. But money has more good than evil. Poverty is the root cause of a lot of evil sins. When a person is poor, it causes a person to think of ways to get paid for them so they could stay alive. If these people had money, I don't think they would want to do anything that is evil to the society or the world.

Even if there wasn't money, humans would still do evil stuff. Serial killers like Ted bundy or even Jack the ripper weren't motivated by money but it's deep inside their minds that they had these deep dark thoughts.

Money however, could create some problems in the world. With money, there is corruption, it is easier to hire someone to kill, collect ransom and many more. It all goes to the root of the human soul.


I often heard about the statement that money is the root of all evil. I strongly disagree with that and I believe that the real root of evil is not money itself, but the desire to acquire more.

Aside from our basic needs, water, air, shelter and clothing, money is also very important. We need money to do almost all transactions. We need money to travel. We need money for leisure. We need money to buy our basic needs. We need money to cover every bills .So on and so forth. So basically, money is good. Of course, if we have little money, we try to find ways to have enough to cover all our expenses. We tend to try every available opportunity to earn to add more food to the table. I myself work during Saturdays and Sundays to be able to earn some bucks for emergencies.

But, the desire to acquire more money is different. Wanting to have more when you already had enough can be considered greed. And greed leads you to do evil things just so you can get what you really want. How many children killed their parents because they want to takeover the family business? How many siblings fight over inheritance? 

People cheat each other because of their desire to have more money than his brothers, or sisters, or friends, or neighbors. But, we forget that money is temporary. even if we own all the money in this world, when we die, we leave everything. We do not carry even a single penny to our final destination. So, instead of investing for material things, why don't we invest on unearthly things?

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A lot of a beautiful question you presented to us is very good and your question is very important and it is an important issue and playing an important role in our daily life money money is something that we must take.


Did you question the meaning of the evil of the evil? Of course this is a very important question. If we have a lot of money, then we can use that money if we do not do good work, then it is certainly the root of the evil. And if we utilize that wealth resources for good, then it will certainly get a good result.

If there is a lot of money that he will be a good person, he will not do anything that will run in the right way. Money is the only thing that brings bad things towards the bad. One thing to note is that the more money you have on the head, but there is more tension, how much more can I do. In this way, one day he becomes impoverished.

So I would say it is better not to have money or to have less money and not to get good money in our daily lives


Not money, the excessive love of money is the root of the evil.

Because of the love of money people have gotten involved in so many activities that are not morally right. For example, in some parts of Africa, people get involved in money rituals. They use family members, friends and other loved ones for sacrifices. Just because of the desire to be rich they kill these ones.

It can be said that these one have stabbed themselves with injurious things. As Newton would say, for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. These people that have engaged in nefarious activities to make money, will also face the consequences. There have been instances were some of these ritualists went mad after some years.

In some parts of the world, rich businessmen are not free from these practices. They get involved in occultism. They steal from the masses. They control the political movements. All these leads to chaos, and eventually can be said that it leads to evil deeds.


Thoughtful question

Money is not bad .Also money dont have life like people.They dont have heart .Its currency for exchange for buy anything.Money is not bad  or evil .We just need money for complete our every days need. Money give us power to complete our every days wish .Money its one paper that people for use. Money make for help people not destroy people.But in world some people make money evil .They use money  for create many bad things for their excessive need .Some people want money so much for their because of greedy mentality.Some people do anything for money because of their  stupid thought.Yeah i know for money people can do anything.Its not moneys fault .also we need to think money help us lot for do everything  thats so helpful. .If our family members are ill for any big disease we need so much money for save their life .So we need money also for our .Money help lot for our life .Because of money we can buy any medicine from abroad .

Money can   help us lot for our every days life we cant think its destroyed life .i think it can give one life for new start.Because of some peoples greedy we cant think money is the root of evil.Money have power to give  give one good life.because money todays life so easy using money people make many things thats so helpful for our every days life .Money cant be evil.Just we need to use money for good work .And we need to careful that no one can use money for destroy life .Money is not root for evil.Money is  the root for give one new birth and happiness.Just need to leave greedy mentality.

Thanks for you question 


No! Money is not evil. You can gain advantages from it. You can use them to provide food for your family, shelter, and clothing. You can even help other people by means of it.

It's not money which is evil, rather how humans view it. Others become materialistic, thus we call it greed. Others can sacrifice their relationship with their family, friends, and relatives just for money.

People are misusing money like how you misuse a gun. Once it was misused, it would be disastrous. So use and view money wisely.


 Ignorance is the root of all evil, money is just a tool what can be used in a smart or stupid way. That depends on the ignorance or knowledge of the person who is using it!

The one who is ignorant can be fooled by the feelings he gets, who persuade him to buy this or that, or to do this or that, or to search for this or that. 

They can be fooled with brand clothing, which is nothing more than a brand on clothing. Or can be misled by delicious food, which are most of the time created to by pass our taste. 

That's why MC Donald is huge, it's taste nice but it's garbage in a nutshell. And all other material objects, houses or even cars, are nothing more than a interpretation on that moment. 

Today something is very nice, and three months later it's boring.
But the ones who "knows" could not be misled by fancy cloths, big cars, houses or vacation. 

And rather use money to enlighten them selves or to help other people.
That saying what ever someone does with his money will also reveal his true intention and his level of ignorance or knowledge!

So the root of all evil is the ignorance to understand the right interpretation of the reality what can be sensed, which lead to misunderstanding and negative thoughts and on the end to anger, hatred and selfish actions or evil actions! 


It's not money but greed that's the problem. Because money is only a way to exchange value with each other. People don't want money but the things they can do with the money. 

I think it is a bit exaggerated to say greed is the root of all evil. Because sometimes people do evil things out of necessity. For example steal a bread when you are hungry, that's not something you would do out of greed but because you need to eat. 

Some people will treat other people bad because of their own greed. So greed can be an evil emotion. But that's not always the case. It's not wrong to be greedy it's only bad when you screw other people for your own advantage. I think most people are greedy because almost everyone want nice things in life. But there are levels to it. As long as you treat other people good there is nothing wrong with being greedy. It's nice to have a lot of money and provide good for yourself. What's wrong with that?


Money is not evil and doesn't cause evil. Money is good and it gives comfort. What causes evil is the love of money. The love of money is simply placing the desire for money above everything else that you wouldn't mind doing anything in order to have money or preserve

The love of money is the cause of most crimes against man and the society in the world. People that love money value it more than their own lives and can do anything to get it. This is the root of evil; not money itself


Greed and the love of money are the root of all evils. It's only when a man is greedy and loves money more than people that he/she will willingly do anything in order to get money. money is good, but the love of money is dangerous and makes people do evil


It surely is and the people of the world needs money to live.

It being used as a mode of exchange from and to commodities and goods creates a value to it. Meaning, we need it in our day to day lives.

And so since we need it, it became a reason for us to strive hard to get it. The people who hold bags of it has the capability and "power" to buy whatever they want and do whatever they want. So that was the reason why we become evil - Money creates power. You can do whatever you want - eat, kill people, destroy people, or simply you become powerful.


money is a valid exchange rate in every country, money can make someone a king, and money can also control everything to make someone's wish come true ... even though we have to believe that money is not everything, even though everything needs money ... if it is associated with crime, money is not necessarily the root, but we need to look back at the man himself. crime usually occurs because of an opportunity. if someone commits a crime does not have to be due to money, then the crime rate needs to be re-examined, indeed most crimes occur because of the background of money. but we must also see that the state system is mainly concerned with security, social conditions and the level of economic prosperity of the local community. if this is not guaranteed, crime will have a chance to occur.


Money is actually one of mens best inventions. Centralised banks in the other hand is a whole other evil. The way you manage money is the key.


Evil predates money.I find it ludicrous when some one says "money is the root of all evil". Yes Money has contributed to most of the evil the world has experienced,still continues to experience and will continue to experience but it is also a force for good.

Money is power. In the wrong hands it destroys everything it touches but in the right hands it makes everything right.

It is true to a certain extent that those with unlimited access to wealth have a propensity to commit evil because wealth like absolute power corrupts but it also works the same for those with no access to wealth because when a man or woman is pushed to the edge of desperation and there is trade to be made "Say selling their morals or conscience to save their loved ones" they would jump at the chance without much thought.

So to answer your question.Money is not the root of evil.The heart of man is where all evil or good originates.Money is just magnifier of it.