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What do you think about online dating?
To many scams, right?

I think it has its advantages and disadvantages. We should start by saying that a person seeking to find a partner in this way is because he has tried the other traditional ways and has failed, because he does not have time or because he simply wants to have only one adventure and does not want greater commitment. In any case, let's talk about the first ones!

Online dating can give you the advantage of leaving your anonymity whenever you want. If this person doesn't meet your expectations, you won't have a bad conscience about rejecting him, since there is no direct contact with that person. Similarly, the first stage of falling in love can be done via chat and not only will there be no financial costs to regret if the relationship does not work, but some may skip some social elements that must exist in the first appointments. In this case we could consider the surprise factor as something positive, although it could also be negative in some cases. Surely if a person makes an appointment online is because he has seen qualities in the other person that please him. An online date is not a blind date, on the contrary, it may be that before the time comes to meet personally, people have talked and related more than any other couple. 

But not everything is positive, there are also negative things, and among the negative things there is just the surprise factor. Online anyone can mount a photo of another person, data of another person, and pretend to be another person. This is serious and dangerous! not only because you can maintain a relationship with someone who may be someone else, but behind many of these people there are networks of trafficking in women or pedophilia. 

A person who comes to have an online date should be aware of finding out very well who is the other person he is talking to and not give him further personal data. Being cautious and not going crazy is a good choice! 


I think it's one of those things that work for some people and don't work for others.

I've never tried it because I don't see the appeal in it. I prefer to meet a guy in person and have an honest interaction. That way, I would know whether I like him or not.

With online dating, I don't get to meet him personally, look into his eyes and get a personal feel. I would always feel like he's hiding something

That said, I know girls who enjoy internet dating. They have so much fun from it. Someone of them even find long-term relationships through online dating.

Like I said, it works for some and doesn't for others. If you're curious, you can give it a trial


I've never tried it but I have some points of view about it and the first that comes to my mind is that it is a fake world. Online dating is like Facebook and Instagram where everybody is happy and everybody's life is like a fairy tale 24/7. 

Moreover as you mentioned also in your thread there are users who are not completely honest or are even scammers trying to get some money from you. Coming with all sort of stories that they need to divorce their current spouse for now and then they will engage in a relationship with you and of course they live in another country and they need some money for the divorce and so on. 

These are the general scenarios that I am aware of about online dating and some people got scammed by such women, because there are generally women, asking for money for these reasons. On the "real side" of online dating I can say that in my opinion people put very often photoshoped pics that are far from reality and also write all sort of things about themselves that are not real. In some case this type of sites might lead to actual dates and relationships but in a small percentage. 

I think that the most are just "hooks" and the best way to date someone is ti actually meet that person in real life and have an eye to eye talk. There's much more to a date than just an exchange of lines and looks. There is body language, there are smiles, reactions and so on. Things that online dating can't offer. I can't say that online dating is full of scams but it's neither an ideal way of finding a partner. 


It can come in handy as an additional method for finding people to date outside of one's regular circles. It has some problems, though. When a woman posts an ad, she is likely to receive a ton of replies. If her goal is not to just sleep with a 1000 guys, most of those replies will lead nowhere. If a man posts an ad, he is unlikely to get any replies. Men are equally likely to get few to no replies when they reply to women's ads, which is why many of them write spam replies to a large number of women who fit their criteria. 

The huge discrepancy in volumes leads to a very misleading view of the actual market situation if the goal is a relationship and not just hooking up. Online, the most attractive guys can have a pretty large number of women available to them for sex if they are willing to slum it or deceive the women they date. Swamped by the volume, some women may think more highly of their market value as relationship partners than they should. None of the dates I used to go on with women I met through online ads led to anything but a couple of short-term relationships or hookups. Online dating is fine as long as you don't take it too seriously. I have never actually tried Tinder but from what I've heard, it's even worse than answering to ads posted on websites.


This is probably the only kind of dating I will never do.

Listen to me for a second. We live in a society where men are almost always supposed to take the first step.

But it is extremely easy to qualify as a poor guy when your advances are not appreciated. And the idea that I can bore someone who does not want to be bored is mortifying me.

Conversely, on a dating site, everyone says roughly: "Hey, I'm available! Talk to me."

And if a woman is not interested in me, I know at least that I do not mind her when she is just trying to spend an evening with someone.

There are of course disadvantages.

You can not know in advance if there will be chemistry between you when you are face to face. There are people you would never have dredged if you had met them in real life. There will be no clicks, and there may never be any. But you could have liked their profile online. Afterwards, if you meet them, you know in less than 3 seconds that nothing will happen. You must even stay politely with them or they must stay with you when you both know that it is already folded at that time.

Because it's more impersonal, the ghost profile rate is high. There are a million fish in the sea. When people lose interest in you, it's easy for them to stop talking and let things go.

The profiles are also very well constructed and often misleading. People are afraid that their true selves will keep others away. And so, they lie, directly or by omission. But this is not exclusive to online dating.

However overall, I still find online dating preferable to others.


i Regard online dating as one of a few, brilliant choices to meet individuals who could be potential sentimental accomplices. I comprehend that some still have a couple of worries about cyberdating, and those are unquestionably legitimate, as — 

Will you be judged fundamentally for your looks? Obviously not! Be that as it may, you do need to transfer no less than a few photographs in your most complimenting points. This online dating website I once joined even cautioned individuals against setting up photographs that are "excessively suggestive" or "sexual," as that is one of the surefire approach to keep the undesirable or wrong sort of consideration regarding a base. 

A perfect arrangement of photographs would be two or three solo shots and those that indicate you doing exercises you appreciate, similar to a climb with companions, playing a melodic instrument, or going to a workmanship show. Why? You need to ensure that you look engaging or sufficiently alluring to the gathering of men or ladies out there who share your way of life inclinations/rehearses. 

Is online dating safe? It is, all in all, yet it's dependent upon you to set certain "channels," or moderate your record, to weed out those clients whose expectations may not be true. 

For instance, in this specific site I joined previously, I set my confinements to channel any messages with "three words or less." That implies folks would need to work up the bravery to state more than a "Hello!" or "Greetings!" in their messages to me. 

Additionally, an unwritten/implicit standard in online dating destinations is, there ought to be a decent measure of forward and backward trades of messages on the website itself, and afterward step by step proceed onward to different methods for imparting (private errand person on Facebook, email, Skype, and so on.). And after that, mastermind a get together with the individual, ideally in an open place (e.g. bistro, stop, or mall). 

Exercise a decent measure of alert while talking individuals up. On the off chance that they begin requesting pictures of you in express postures or cash, consider this to be a warning and square that individual quickly.


Well, it is undeniable that online dating applications / networks have too many scams and made other people deceived. But for many cases, this kind of application / network can help people find their best partner, especially for family life. 


Internet dating is cool alternative for the present days . 

Also, its not critical that forever accomplices u dependably visit to match.com or any match making destinations. 

What I think . These match making site in it . Individuals shroud their actual character and in the wake of wedding we see genuine nature. 

Yet, open dating locales. Individuals they are open for anything. Well not all are their for looking perfect partner, 

Individuals are their for dating rather than a relationship objective. 

Individuals they simply need to joint with new individuals. What's more, appreciate the life. 

So I believe how about we do predetermination function . With whom we met . Furthermore, where we met our life accomplices , what sort of the conditions. Fate will choose with whom we met and why we met . Its an exercise or love or only a decent kinship. 

So appreciate all internet dating and 

Note : 1.don't believe effortlessly internet dating individuals 

2.please remain sheltered and secure, 

3.Whenever u go for a date . As a matter of first importance sent ur area to your dearest companions before ur date individual and let him know or her . I sent my area to my companions for my security. 

4.Don't hotshot excessively 

5. Offer your bill. 

6. Try not to share your own subtle elements a lot until the point that u get them full reliable. 

7. Talk less and listen more 

8. Be straightforward for whatever you need. 

9. Proceed onward quick on the off chance that he or she isn't ur type. Coz u r not here for wedding. 

10, dependably keeps in this your head that your family is sitting tight for you in home ., they are just individuals who cherishes you genuinely with no desires.