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Why number of questions is decreasing on Musing daily?
each day less questions are here , is it because people are not happy with crypto prices?

That might be a reason for that but not only. I think that the curators of musing have cleaned up a bit the platform by skipping spam questions from upvotes and other musing users done that also by not answering anymore such questions. Thus we have less and less questions. I also believe that some people who were accustomed with getting juicy upvotes and not getting them anymore due to the low price of Steem have also paused their activity in here. Those are the ones that generally ask and answer so they have affected the traffic both ways. Overall questions on musing are upvoted with less Steem power than answers and some of the usual people that ask questions might not be satisfied with that and simply quit the platform for a while. There is also the depressive sentiment that the current market is transmitting and somehow it cuts off inspiration and the desire to be active. These are the reasons that I believe might the cause for such a low activity on musing especially on the questions side but there might be some others also. I believe that as soon as the prices will go up again people will be enthusiastic again and inspiration and curiosity will strike them again to come back on musing. The current crypto markets situation haven't affected me though. 


A lot of users are abandoning steemit because the upvote rates has terribly reduced people who may be utilising busy.org in the past in order to post and earn no longer do this because the updates from this decentralized apps I'm no longer worth much because of the market rate so automatically if people do not log on to steemit.com then they actually not come to musing in order to ask or answer questions so however it affects musing it's also affecting steemit so generally the price rate and the total deduction in the past of oats is a very big reason for this

It's no longer news that lately a lot of questions haven't been getting attentions especially the spammy questions also there's been changes to the way the platform curate questions and answers even this affected contributors as well that's why you will see that's some regular spammy questions are no longer in play although they're still there but there are some users who constitutes spamming questions and as a result of this curative changes the question has definitely reduced.

Another reason is that the questions reduced because some of these questions that were reduced hardly got any answers like for example a question asking how do I eat we definitely get no answers or attention because it is business so this kind of questions are being curbed one way or another the system is being purified for more quality users to come in


There are two main reasons I would think that the number of questions on Musing is decreasing daily instead of increasing.

  • First is probably because Musing upvotes questions with a lesser percentage than answers or most times, they don't upvote the questions at all. This discourages most Musing users from asking questions as they feel their efforts would not be rewarded.
  • A lot of Steemians are discouraged. WIth the recent happenings in the cryptoverse, a lot of people of people have given up on cryptocurrency and are looking for other means to make ends meet. In the last couple of days, Steem has gone so low and that of course has made a lot of people withdraw from utilizing the Steem blockchain.

Frankly speaking I just joined musing couple of days ago so I don't know about the decreasing of question.

One of the major reason of decreasing trend is low price of steem made people least interested. It is a bitter truth that sweet fruit tree attracts more birds. Although musing is a sweet tree which offers delicious fruit in terms of reward but few people expectation are more high than what the musing is offering so they stopped posting. In my thinking it's better to be intact with the platform and remain thankful what you get from the forum. Beside reward you also get diversified idea and knowledge.


I think that it is a combination of a few things.

Firstly i think spamming has dropped over the last few weeks to much better curation by the musing team. The users that were doing it are being ignored so they have stopped now.

The other reason is the price of Steem went down and these users don't think its worth there while to be around whilst the price is low. Whoever is here now enjoys musing and doesn't really care about the price.

The users here now will ignore stupid questions and only choose the better questions. I think this has helped by filtering out the ones who were not taking anything seriously.


I guess it is a combination of several factors. I think musing greatly improved choosing on whom to upvote and not upvote spammers and people who only want upvotes.

Also, the crypto prices plummeted, and with them, our upvote values did. That means, that @musing has lost a lot of their upvote value as well. 

Those two factors are major causes for the drop in questions I believe


a single individual can only come up with so many good questions every day, that's even assuming that all questions here were good to begin with.

If you find yourself unable to find a question you wanna ask, you might find yourself among the majority of people on Musing.

It's only natural that with no influx of new people, a number of questions would decrease.

And sure, maybe some people do get disinterested with the platform if the token price is low. 

However, that's not the kind of people you want here anyway.


It seems logical to assume the drop in activity would be due to the recent extreme drops in the crypto market. 

These types that leave were only in it for the money to begin with , but in my opinion, Steem will likely rise in value, and we will see another surge of users like many times before. 

I would try to remain positive during the fall, and patient, while taking the advantage of a prime opportunity to accumulate nice amounts of Steem by way of rewards for staying active on the blockchain.