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How to create a healthy working environment?


It's totally depend upon how much powerful management you have. Give some benefit against their work. Give some Bounce against their good work. Show how much you loyal with your others. it's very helpful to build a good relation and trust. Spread happiness in  environment in which you live. Always motivate other. When you get some achievements you need to celebrate with others. Always encourage positive thinking this is become productive thinking. Always be polite and respond very positively. These all factors increase you are working environment for healthy.


A third of the day we are in a work environment and of course this is very influential for our health. A good work environment will ensure we remain in good condition both physically and spiritually. Healthy work is not only supported by a healthy body, but also a healthy office environment. By creating a healthy office environment, we will also be enthusiastic in working. Here are some ways to create a healthy work environment:

1. Placing several plants in the office environment

It is important to create a healthy office environment by putting live plants in several corners of the workspace. Plants can absorb the toxins produced by the use of machines in the office and replace them with oxygen. This can create cleaner and fresher air quality. Some types of plants that have been proven to have functions to clean the air include: Areca palm, Dracaena and Bamboo palm.

2. Maximize natural lighting

Choose a large glass to maximize the incoming light. Studies show that natural and natural light can increase productivity and can reduce stress, and can minimize fatigue in the eye. This level of light certainly must be bright enough so that it does not cause eye strain.


Experts have warned of the dangers of sitting with a long duration, but that cannot be avoided so choose a seat that can create comfort.

4. Take a short break

A short break in the middle of busyness is a good way to rest your mind for a while. Working too hard can only result in stress and fatigue. A short break can be useful in doing work tasks that require a long time because it can restore concentration and motivation to the job. Taking a nap is also a good choice after a long time doing work.

5. Good air quality

Fresh air content must be sufficient and free from all pollution including dust or steam. The existence of windows that can be opened and closed must also be considered. Applying the prohibited smoking rules in the work environment is highly recommended because this is not only dangerous in terms of smokers but also dangerous for passive smokers or to avoid the dangers of passive smoking make a special room for smoking.

6. Always maintain cleanliness

A healthy office environment is a clean office environment. Make sure every employee can maintain cleanliness in each workspace. Especially the part of the work desk which is certainly a place to work. Make sure there is no pile of garbage and dust that makes the office environment unhealthy.

7. Ensure the size of each workspace in the field office

The spaciousness of the office work space will make the office environment healthy because the air in the room can move freely. If the work space is not spacious, the room will be very stuffy and clearly unhealthy. When the size of the work space is adjusted to the number of employees who will occupy the room, then the office environment will be healthy and every employee will be able to work well with a comfortable office environment. Ideally everyone has a volume of 11 square meters of work space.


The balance between work and personal life is very important. Dedication to a job is something that should get encouragement and appreciation, but not at the expense of employee welfare, so use the best possible leave of absence.