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Do you think, the price of steem will be about 1$ or more, and what about price of bitcoin ?
I believe that steem price will be bigger. What Do you think ?

At first I would say that I must believe that it will soon be worth more than 1 dollar. Actually, we all know that the price of many good coins has gone down now. We have seen that the price of all good coins increases when the price of Bitcoin increases. Again, when prices of Bitcoin decrease, prices of all good coins decreased. The prices of these coins have dropped due to the decrease in bitcoin prices today. I hope that soon it will be 1 dollar more

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There are a few reasons behind the increase in the price of steem coins

SMT is going to lunch very soon

This coin has its own platform

Many people are now purchasing this coin for the growth of STEEMPOWER. That is why the price of these coins is going to increase soon.

It is not possible to say exactly how much Bitcoin will be. But I can say that the price of Bitcoin is going to increase soon and I think that Bitcoin will soon be worth $ 10,000


I am quite optimistic that the price of Steem will grow again even up to $10, yet there are prerequisites to this:

  • Users must step up their level of interaction  on the blockchain
  • Users must invest on Steem 
  • Promotion of the blockchain should be enhanced for mass adoption
  • We should consider creating more use cases for steem  so that demand for steem may increase.

Yeap. I think. It could get there. Now is a good time to just keep investing in. I guess we have to wait for the longer term and wait for things to go uptrend. It takes a lot of time.. And we have to look deep into the distant future for things to rise. I am sure that more and more people would be interested in cryptocurrencies sooner or later.

There are still many who haven't understood cryptos fully yet so it would be great to know that there is still a huge potential in this market. If everyone knew about it, then there are still potential market as the population grows. Demand and supply would usually determine the prices. Maybe when smart media tokens come into the market next year, there would a spike in interest for those who want to invest into Steem and participate into Steemit and the dapps built around by Steem. Well, there is still lots of potential going on with this technology.

At the moment, even when there isn't a huge publicity going on, Steem is going strong and with a plunge in price from the prior high of usd 8 to now 27 cents on average at this time, there are still lots of users that are participating here daily and also lots of new users even with the two weeks wait. When steem really goes public, I believe the price is gonna rise a lot. I won't say it would sky rocket to the moon like what btc did but it is good enough for us to at least buy a ticket to the US. Hahaha...

As for btc, there is a price that it needs to head above which is 4900. If it can go above this price, it can go to 6500 roughly there. At the meantime, do watch ethereum, it's making quite good returns. I invested my Steem there and saw the price doing quite well. It was around 85 weeks ago and now 151, last week it went down to 116 and back up again. I haven been able to get a grip of why it's rising higher than the other cryptos but it is currently giving the best returns.


Oh dear, I do not think the price of steem and bitcoin will go higher... I KNOW THE PRICES WILL BE HIGHER.

Look at the history of bitcoin and it's rise to glory... Bitcoin price was actually regarded as a *bubble* as it bounced around up and down. As at Feb 2011 1 bitcoin was priced at $1.00 Just imagine, the price a steem used to be severel months ago. And it rose to $31 July 2011. Talk about a bubbly price. Now look at bitcoin... I just checked my Imtoken wallet and it's priced at $3858.97 just imagine the bubble it had to jump to get to that price... I have experienced steem at more than 2$ and you should know that as bitcoin rises, it also has its effect on the price of steem and other cryptos. To answer your question plainly, I believe that there is light at the end of every tunnel and every cloud has a silver lining. Following the rule of wall street which says "buy low, sell high" I advise you should do that too. Accumulate or buy steem and bitcoin now that it's low as bitcoin has been predicted to rise to $200,000. This dip in the prices if looked at optimistically, is a blessing in disguise. But only those with the investor mindset would see this blessing. I may not have funds to buy bitcoin or the steem, but I am using musing as a way to accumulate more and accumulating other cryptocurrency because j see the greatness in the blockchain. Keep accumulating steem, bitcoin and others you can.lay hands on. It's my advise to you. The market would definitely rise. That I am optimistic about. But for the creators of this blockchain would never venture into something that would be a loss to them. They always indulge in a venture that would be a lifetime supply of funds to their accounts..