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Have you ever felt that age 22 is the hardest one?
I ask this question because this is my feeling that its the time when you will graduate from the University, you have no job no income, not enough experience for starting a new business , so always you think about work or masters or anything that you have to choose and will be effecting the rest of your life

It's been ten years since I left behind the age of 22 and I can say that although it is a point when you need to become stable and to choose a path in your life it is not the hardest age to live. Or at least it wasn't for me. I've had even harder periods of time than that and I believe that once in a while we need to go through such challenges. It feels unique though the age of 22 because you jump into a different world. Now everything depends entirely on you and it's only you there to make it happen. You won't rely on your parents anymore and you won't be able to start over as many times as you did in childhood and teenage years. At 22 it feels like a new era is opening in front of your eyes, but I will say that it's not the hardest one. It's just that it is unique and it is totally different than the experiences from childhood and teenage but there might be coming some even hardest time after 22. If I could go back in time to when I was 22 I would definitely change something that would affect the current me. I would do that for sure.


Trust me if that is what you call hard then you will be in for some shocks in life.

You don't have a family and the responsibility yet. You are only feeding your own mouth and worrying about your self. When you have a wife and children then you will see lots more stressful times ahead.

What you have listed a s stressful are not overly hard decisions and you will choose the right path. I can remember moving countries with a  young family and having to provide for them. No one knows what tomorrow will bring and certain decisions in life are really hard.

Some you will get wrong but it is a matter of working through them and learning why they were wrong.If I could turn back the clock on some of the things I did I would but you can't. the days of being 22 and the world at your feet sounds like heaven.


 I'm gonna 22 age, and I have some goals of my life and I'm trying to fulfill in future. I struggled hard passes day by day. At that time I still need a good friend to support me in every situation of life. I choose my different goals of life that I want to achieve in the future. I have completed my graduation last year and I choose a perfect field for me. I want to become a Makeup artist that's my biggest dream.

I that time of my life I want to have a friend who supports me and help me to take the right decision of life. Well, my dad is always with me to support. I 'm very glad to the time of my this age. In this age, I need to understand the things how to be strong women on the passes of time.

In that age I feel like I starting my new life like I trying to achieve my life goal. I want to be a successful girl. So I prefer to stay close to the life goal that makes me a successful girl. So I really work hard, I never pass my time in leisure time. Sometimes I feel hard for me to understand the situation of life when I thinking about the talk with my friends. So that's a good option in your life to have a good partner in life they always with you.  


Wair until you reach 37


I think this largely depends on the environment where you are growing up. Life's pressure start building during the teenage years. However, it is always rock and roll till you reach 20s and society starts making demands on you. This is where the society comes in. But generally speaking, any age between 20 and 30 could be the hardest especially for those that are still struggling to achieve good things of life.

Early 20s are usually filled with questions about which direction and shape your life would take while late 20s is either filled with intense pressure to achieve life's goals or filled with fun if you have been able to achieve the goals you set in the early 20s.